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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 4

could hear the worried whispering as i attempted to open my eyes.in the second i managed to do this, i saw - or more felt i was not on the floor - probably the sofa as they would struggle to get me up the stairs. from what i could hear; Harriet was crying, James (her boyfriend) was trying to calm her down, Lucy (another one of my closest friends) was trying her best to sort out her boyfriend -Dan- who was in a state of shock. puzzled at why he was in shock, im nothing special after all, just his girlfriends best mate? no one really cared about me really, i can easily be replaced as a friend and my lack of boyfriend shows how repulsive i really am... suddenly i felt cold. cold and wet. why am i cold and wet, i swear i got in the house before i passed out? as he second lot hit me, i felt not as dead, managing to sit up onto my elbows.

once again all eyes were on me, i saw Harriet looking knowingly at me, she knew why i passed out, probably when they lifted my whale of a body, i decided to ignore her knowing looks as i made my way off the sofa, and over to her to give her a huge hug. we were sisters, not by blood, but the fact she was always here for me whenever was family enough to me, we could hug for hours and not feel uncomfortable. as i looked over her shoulder i saw James looking the happiest ive ever seen him, smiling as i went to him to give him a brief hug. we weren't very close and although Harriet my sister, i don't want her to ever think i have other feelings other than my best-friends boyfriend. as i looked up and around the room, i noticed Dan was looking slightly better, still wrapped in his girlfriends arms. the both of them staring at my legs, following their gaze i notice that im only in my underwear. probably to look for any signs of wounds, shit my legs, i forgot about those -fuck- Dan never knew about my self harm. we were always were close but i never thought i meant that much to him he would be so torn up about me, it was clear he was
crying with how red his eyes were, not bothering to look for my clothes i hurried over to Dan to hug his small thin frame, not a brief hug like i gave James, but a tight hug to tell him i will be okay. i feel for Dan, out of the lot of us, he has it the worst. we both has similar family problems,i felt so bad for him, he was truly an awesome guy.

*end flashback dream thing*

i awoke to the sound of voices in the kitchen, pulling on my bed shorts on over my underwear, i wandered off downstairs and into the kitchen, thats where i saw a small ish very tanned boy. he had shoulder length dark brown hair with eyes to match, they were easily the most beautiful eyes id ever seen, you could get lost in them. i wouldn't have given him another look though, until i noticed his top. it was black with the words BRING ME THE HORIZON PRINTED in white on the front. he must have noticed me staring at his top as when i looked back at his face he smiled, a sweet toothy grin. before i could begin to wonder even why this guy i had never seen before was in my house he answered, like he was reading my mind.

"im Vic, im here to babysit Freddie and Anna, your Beth right?" his voice was soft and welcoming, a nice thing to hear when you first wake up

"that be me," as i held out my hand for him to shake "i like your top by the way, oli can get in my bed any day" i winked at him before wandering off to make my morning cup of tea and collapsing onto the sofa.

*vics pov*

i looked up at the stairs as i saw a rather tall -for a girl- make her way down the stairs. that must be Beth, ive heard a few things about her: she got sent here all the way from England, and according to Freddie she skateboards and swears alot. she was mixed race, with dark -almost black layers hair that reached her collarbones. her fringe looked like it covered most of her face however after sleeping, it defied gravity, sticking up every way thought humanly possible. her eyes were about as dark as her hair, big round but looked dark for a different reason too, she had something behind them anyway. i stopped taking notice to her face when i noticed her clothes, her top i guess she slept in was rather thin and white with rather faded letters that said 'book worm' i also noted rather quickly that she wasn't wearing a bra, damn. i looked at her face, i think just as she looked up from my shirt, bring me the horizon was one of my favorite bands at the moment, shes probably never even heard of them and loves one direction or some shit like that -i inwardly shivered. i bet shes wondering who i am,shit. as i introduced myself it turns out she really likes bring me too, we sat on the sofa together talking for a while, her sipping her tea and me a can of diet coke- the weirdos only have diet. turns out 'hospital for souls' and 'snakes start to sing' are her favorite songs at the minuet however one of her all time favorite bands are called asking Alexandria. ive never heard of them but i sure as hell am googleing them tonight! she recommended the older stuff if you like heavier stuff, or the new stuff for some softer stuff, cleaner vocals and some pretty hopeful songs. she recommended 'to the stage', 'not the american average ', 'killing you',and 'someone somewhere' as they are her favorite songs.turns out she had a pretty hardcore life when he was in England, she didn't go into much but there were lots of parties, drugs and sex. she would undoubtedly love my brother, mike, as that's his personality to a T. but Beth has a rather dry sense of humor im not sure if he would get on with.

*Beths pov*

vic is such a cool guy, for the first person ive talked to out here, hes okay. hes into my music loving bring me the horizon is awesome, he loves 'it never ends', and 'sleepwalking' that was the first song i ever heard by them and it gave me a headache, we had a laugh- once he got his head round my dry sarcastic sense of humor, i could get him crying with laughter which is always a good thing. he has never heard one of my favorite bands (asking Alexandria) but im making sure he does if he ever wants to talk to me again. i noticed hes got his nose pierced, which i thinks cool, ive always wanted my nose pierced and hes rather small for a 18 year old guy, or i might be tall for a 17 year old girl as im about half an inch taller than him. ive figured out why his voice is so smooth, he can sing. de dreams of being in a band but he doesnt know how it would work or anyhting, this kid clearly has always done as hes told, never thought out of the box or broken the rules. thats why hes going to college and probably moving into a dead end job when hes older. thats shit, hes capable of so much more if he broke the rules and did somthing out of his comfart zone.


number 1: i am so sorry, this was supposed to be up like 2 days ago now so sorry and all V.V
number 2:holy shit 214 views? fuck
number 3: ive done a new pov wooo! think this one is longer? i dont know tell me what you think below:) comment, rate , subscribe for a free unicorn(when i find them), love you lots and thanks for reading ^.^


I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

ptvmaddie_ ptvmaddie_