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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 2

*beths pov*

seeing the people who i will be living with for the next few years was surprisingly nice. jane, my uncles girlfriend of like 7 years is still as lovely as i last saw her and they now have two children. Freddie and Annabel wright. the house was nice and homely with the slightly rustic look as they arn't into modern things and i was so happy to see they had enough tea bags to sink a battleship, being British means i have to drink at least 8 cups of tea day. catching up was cool too, they commented how long my hair had gotten and asked me if i still liked heavy metal - which i do and paul was imitating Danny worsnop's growling. this was all cut short when there was a knock at the door.

jane was the one to answer it, a couple minuets later bringing in a oldish looking couple - who introduced themselves as vincent and vivian. Turns out they have two sons, one my age and the other only one year older. they were truly lovely people who turned out to be close friends with my uncle and auntie as vivian babysits the children if paul and jane go out. i was non stop yawning by 9pm so i excused myself to go to bed, quickly replying to all the messages id gotten and posting on my twitter saying that im still alive and going through my instagram and tumblr feeds, ill pack my things away tomorrow i decided taking my trousers and bra off, plugging m phone into its charger and turning out the light and falling asleep quicker than i thought.

*flashback dream type thing*
i could feel the adrenalin pumping through me as i practically flew though the back allys of the city, dim lights showing my staggering feet where to go, dodging bins and other objects i dont even know in the poor light. if harry told me right, and i take a left jump the wall and hide behind it, they wont catch me. shit. i could hear them catching up with me, why did i agree to do this - the one job that isn't mine i decide to do I'm so stupid. fuck their close now, i can hear their footsteps behind me. if a wall could be Jesus, it would be this wall, making light work of the shitty brick wall ad hiding under a conveniently placed rotting mattress i held me breath. i could hear the ragged breathing of the people chasing me, then silence. i thought for a minuet that they had sussed out where id hidden, i was luckily probed wrong as i heard their slow heavy footed steps turning out of the ally id once, seconds ago been in. when i next see harry i owe him beg time for this escape. i leaned my head against the cool wall, beads of sweat no doubt running down my face as i closed my eyes...
I could hear voices and someone shaking me.
"BOOBOO" i heard as the voiced got louder
*end flashback dream thing*
i heard someone calling me "time to wake up you bellend" i grumbeled and turned over, it cant be morning already? right? "bethanieeeee" as i felt something poke me in the ribs, i caught his finger and sat up.

"call me that again and ill pull your finger off" i informed my 13 year old cousin, i grinned at his smiling face, how can someone be so happy so early in the morning?
my thoughts were once again interrupted as he told me that it was one in the after nood, and paul was going to kick my arse if i didn't get up, i laughed as i pulled my legs out of bed, pulling my disregarded jeans on as i didn't think walking around a new house in only a top and underwear would be appropriate.not caring about a bra or anything i wandered downstairs to see everyone gathered around a table eating a sandwich. i sat down making myself the first cup of tea for the day and joining them. they didn't notice i didn't have anything to eat, they must think its jet lag - which it partly is, and the fact that I'm too fat for food anyway. they asked me how i slept, i didn't tell them about my dream but nonetheless i slept rather well last night, dream or no dream. Freddie then offered to show me round the neighborhood and there's even a mall(i don't think ill ever get the hand of american words) near by and t=said that he'd take me if i let him on my skateboard. i shot a dirty look at my uncle for telling him i had a board but agreed and said id teach him - i need to get to know the area somehow and i need to spend some time with my cousin after all, i hardly know him.

we decided to go out for 2, giving me time to shower, get dressed and csort out my hair and face, at 2:15 i was finding my skateboard out on one of the bags i shoved it in at about 2:20 we i was skating along the smooth tarmac or the road just getting to feel the wind in my hair and being on a skateboard made me feel truly infinite. this was cut short once again my freddie shouting after me telling me to teach him.

i spent the next half an our showing him how to stand properly, how to tilt the deck and simple tricks that looked harder than they are. we set of around three to the mall, me carrying the my baby while we chatted and got to know each other. he tried to do a British accent while i attempted an american one, both were terrible to say the least and had us about crying with laughter.


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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

ptvmaddie_ ptvmaddie_