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A friend of a friend, these strangers at the party never paid

chapter 3

turns out there's a skate shop at the mall. i only noticed this as i beautiful long-board caught my eye while talking to Freddie about England. i swear i nearly licked the window and insisted that i went in to see before my ovaries exploded. this is so over-dramatic but this truly is my passion and its one of the few things i really enjoy.

walking inside i saw that this shop catered for all skating, skateboards, ice skating, roller blades etc. i may have even seen some scooters and bikes in the back too. looking round the skateboard section i noticed there was a wall of skateboard decks with designs on. i was stood there for a while, when i noticed Freddie looking at them too. on the way here he said that his birthday was in a couple days and he was exited to be 14. i knew he wanted one but he was to shy to ask and i didn't want to make things obvious what i was doing.

"that" pointing at a random design "is so cool, easily my favorite." i said, it was quite girly and i knew he would disagree, which he did when he replied.

"nah" pointing at a green and black design "is so much better than the one you like, i mean just look at the detail!"

"that's true, but this" pointing at a blue design "but that's cool too, don't you think?"

"that's cool, if your gay or a girl" he Snickered

"gay is a homophobic word" i heard myself say automatically. i have loads of gay and bi friends back home and Harriet always said that if she heard someone say the word gay.. i miss her so much its un believable thoughts once again were interrupted. not Freddie this time, but a tall tanned guy and i guess by his uniform who i guess worked at this shop. his hair was grown long to just above his shoulders with one side shaved off, he had tattoos littering his arms. all in all rather attractive in my opinion, so i mentally forgave him for interrupting my silent reminiscing.

"you okay there dollface?" he asked while flashing a cheeky smile, he was flirty, probably lots of girlfriends and liked being the center of attention. yes, i did just figure this out as ive spent the past 5 years of my life reading people..

"yeah im good, could you tell me where the wheels are, mine are shit"

"sure, ill show you" before walking in the direction of accessories

"why would you keep wheels near assessors, there like the most important thing on a board?"

"no idea, i asked that same question when i first started working here" he smiled

"hmm thanks for showing me" i mumbled as i bent slightly to look at wheels at the bottom of the display

"well shout if you need me" he said as he walked away from me and Freddie who was looking at a purple design with a yellow dragon type thing that would look like it was eating its self when you skated.i smirked to myself as i decided on a simple black wheel, they were cheaper and to be honest i need to test the wear on them. fuck spending a fortune on shit wheels, i thought to myself as we found our way to the till to pay for my wheels.

"you find everything you need then?" he asked as he totaled up my wheels.

"yeah, well after you helped me find the wheels anyway"

"that'll be $19.99, glad i could help. where your you from then, your not american i can tell that much"

"im from England, went from always raining to never raining" i smiled as i gave him the money

"well im mike, and welcome to america" he smiled at me

"Beth, anyway were off, bye" i replied as we exited the shops.

turns out we spent over an hour drooling at all the cool boards in the shop, so by the time we were home it was gone 5pm . we were met at the door with a rather irritated Jane asking where we had been, as i only expected to me an hour tops. i showed her my wheels , gave her my most innocent smile and snook off upstairs before she spoke more to me. i was rediciously tired, still from jet lag i guess as i crawled into bed and quickly fell asleep.

*flashback dream thing*

i awoke to a bright light. fuck. i must have fallen asleep last night, the rest of them must be shitting themselves. they knew that the plan could go wrong at so many points and the fact that they could have killed me at any second.. shit they must think im
dead, actually i think they will kill me when i get back to them i groaned as i made my way over the old wall and not falling over when i landed. i dont even know what time it is because i left my phone with the rest of them, i remembered as i felt in my pockets for my iphone, but feeling something else, a smooth rounded shape, the only thing in my tight jean pockets, the thing we had been trying to get for months, the thing i got caught stealing. i walked to harrys house, where everyone would be and it was convenientky the closest house to me, i thought thanked my luccky stars for that as a sudden wave of dizzyness hit me. i held on to his fence and steadied myself as i walked through the door, as 9 worried heads snapped to look at me you could see the relief kick in. harriet stood, clear that she had feared the worst because of her red eyes and mascara halfway down her face, getting ready to hug me. she got about one step away when it hit. the worst dizzy spell id ever had, as all i saw was black and i could hear screams before nothing..


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I really liked the explanation of the organization and wow beth is a bad ass.

piercingirisash piercingirisash

I really like this. I'm like captivated by the story, it's so cool!

piercingirisash piercingirisash

please update this!

Please update

that was a very interesting flashback ! i did not see that coming xD wow ... must be awkward for them at times

ptvmaddie_ ptvmaddie_