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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 18

-Skylie's pov-

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, putting things into my clutch when I hear my doorbell ring. I quickly throw in my phone and keys before going to greet the Mexicans behind my door. I turn the knob and open the door to see my best friend and Jaime waiting patiently. Jaime's wearing his all black tux with a tie in a colour that's almost identical to the red of my dress and a grey, medium coat. Tone on the other hand is wearing a simple tux with a navy bow tie and a hoodie.

“Well you guys sure clean up well” I joke and I notice a blush rise to Hime's cheeks whereas Tone just thanks me before complimenting me as well.

“So are you ready to go party?” Tony asks me enthusiastically. I nod and almost immediately pulled into the slightly snowy yard. I am pulled to Jaime's escalade and am soon left alone with the car owner as Tony leaves to join the Fuentes brothers in the car behind the black escalade. Jaime opens my door and I thank him by pressing my soft, and red lipstick covered lips t his smooth cheek before sitting in the passenger seat.

“So how was it?” Jaime asks when we're about halfway to Mami's place.

“Eh, I kinda missed the tou--” I start but am cut off by the voice I love so much.

“Not like that. I mean in high school. You know, we never really hung out or anything after we um, started the band and we started getting gigs and all. How was it without us?” He sighed.

“It was horrible. I absolutely hated having to be without you guys. But it's all ok because look how far you guys have come. You guys are doing what you love, with the people you love. You guys are happy. And trust me, seeing you guys happy was worth about a ear of torture.” I smile and rub his knee sweetly.

“Did you ever get back with David after we left?” Jaime asks the one question I rather not have to answer but, I can't let myself lie to him.

“Unfortunately. A couple of weeks after you guys left for your first 3 month tour he came over and basically begged for forgiveness and was telling me how much he loved me and I... I fell for it. And then one weekend, we went to this party and he uh. Yeah, he cheated on me. Right in front of me. And then later introduced her to me as his girlfriend before he even broke up with. But it's ok. I've gotten used to it.” I pause and wait for any comments before continuing. “I really thought he was the love of my life. That he'd be the one i'd marry and have my first child with. Boy was I wrong.”

“I'm really sorry for not being there for you.” I hear him whisper. I can't help but comfort my future baby's father.

“It's ok.” I say and wait a few moments before talking again. “So when are you guys going back on tour? I ask genuinely.

“Two days.” He says simply. “Can you come back with us?” Hime asks abruptly.

“I don't know, i'm definitely going to have to think about it.” I say and subtly put my hand to my very very slightly grown tummy. “How much longer would the tour be?” I ask thinking that everything can work out until April.

“It goes until a week into March.Why?” He cocks his head slightly.

“Just wondering.” I mumble as we pull onto the street that Mami's house is on.

After we pull into the drive we walk on the pavement path to her door. I bring my fist up to knock but Jaime pushes it away and walks right in. I blush and follow close behind as I am quite nervous knowing that I am carrying his mother's first grandchild.

“Jaime baby, is that you? I'm in the kitchen!” I hear Mami yell in her heavily accented voice. I smile widely and follow him to their large kitchen. “Jaime Alberto! I missed you so much baby, come give me a hug.” Jaime blushes and goes to give her a hug and I awe internally.

They pull away and then she notices me. “This isn't... Is it? Skylie! Get over here! I missed you so much bella!” She says and opens her arms to me. It's now my turn to blush. I gladly except her embrace and cuddle into her. “Wow, you've grown so much. You're so beautiful.” She says and I blush harder. I mumble a thank you. “So are you two, you know, together?” She asks and Jaime chuckles.

“Nah Mami. We're friends.” He moves slightly closer and I smile.

“Oh, i'm sorry. You guys seem so comfortable and you're even matching tonight. Well, my bad.”

“So what do you need help with?” I ask trying to reduce the awkwardness.

“Actually, everything's just about ready so I told the others to just chill. I think they're in the basement but they could be in your old room. I'll call to you guys when everything's done.” She smiled at us before shooing us away.

“Your room?” I ask hopefully.

“Of course.” I smile at his response as he leads me to his old habitat and opens the door to the memories. “Home sweet home.” I smile and plop down on the semi bouncy mattress.

“Wow I missed you.” I blurt out staring at Jaime. “I mean, I miss this.” I sigh and turn to face the other way.”Can I stay the night?” I ask after a while of silence. “I understand if you're not staying or aren't comfortable with it or--” I say but I get cut off by Jaime's lips to mine. Not gently, but not rough. Just.. perfect. In one short, simple kiss, all of his love is transferred to me and I smile into it.

“Of course you can.” He says as he pulls away. I blush and smooth out my dress. “So want to watch some movies or tv or something?” he says becoming shy as his cheeks turn a bright red color.

“Elf?” I ask and he grins enormously before jumping off his bed and running to his dvd collection. I take in his features as he searches for the christmas movie and adjust so I am lying on my tummy, under the blankets on one side, leaving the other space for Hime. He suddenly turns to his tv and inserts the dvd before grabbing the remote and sliding in beside me. I smile and move a tad bit closer as the previews start. Just like old times. Except this time, i'm pregnant and he's wishing I was someone else.

-Jaime's pov-

“Jaime! Dinner's ready!” I hear my Mami yell from downstairs. I turn to Sky who has now changed from her shoes to a pair of our old slippers.

“Race yah!” I yell, jump from the bed and run in the direction of the stairs that lead to our stairs. I hear her chase after me but don't turn back to look for the distance. I'm about 10 feet from the doorway to the dining room when I feel someone tackle me to the ground. I flip over while being held captive by their legs and I see Sky sitting on me. “Come on, let's eat.” I say and wrap my arms around her waist before standing up. I peck her nose before releasing her and entering the room filled with people and food.

After dinner, we're all excused to go off and leave or do our own thing. I look to Sky and grab her hand before leading her back up to my room. “So first things first, I need sweat and a t-shirt.” Skylie says and I laugh, moving towards my old wardrobe which still contains some of the clothes from our high school years. I toss her a quick outfit and move on to my attire. I pick out some basketball shorts and a t-shirt along with a green beanie.

Now to spend a night with the girl of my dreams.


Omg so i am so so so sorry that it's so short. It's just a filler but i'll get another chapter in as soon as i can. Ok, love you darlings <3

Oh and Sky's wearing this btdubs c:


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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It's nice. :)

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