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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 17

-Skylie's pov-
-Noonish the next day-

“Don't you guys want to go home soon? Spend Christmas with your families?” I ask in the middle of our lunch in my kitchen. The boys and I ended up falling asleep across my living room after the first movie, with me in Jaime's arms.

“Kinda, but we're just having a 3 family dinner at Mami's.” Jaime informs me, using the name I used to use for his mother back in high school.

“Oh, sorry to keep you guys. You should really go and get ready then, shouldn't you?” I say politely.

“It's fine Sky.” Tony says as he takes some of the dishes to the sink. “So what are your Christmas plans?” He says trying to make conversation.

“Uhm, not much. Just visiting my parents and then sulking around to Christmas music.” I laugh even though I am rather uncomfortable talking about my parents. They died in a plane crash the day before my graduation. But i've accepted the fact and know that they wouldn't want me to be sad.

“Your parents um.. You want us to come with?” Jaime asks and rubs small circles into my back. I calm down a considerable amount and turn to him.

“That'd be nice. Thanks.” I say. “What time is your guys' family dinner?” I ask no one in particular.

“Well it starts at 6 but we're going t 4:30 to help prepare and all that.” Mike says.

“Ok, is it ok if we visit my parents around 2?” I ask and take my plate to the sink. “I want to make sure you guys have time to get ready” I smile and then Vic finally speaks.

“Sure, and um Skylie?” I let out a noise that gestures him to continue. “You wanna come to the dinner with us?” He finishes and I face the band of mexicans again.

“I don't want to intrude.” I say quietly. It's true but not completely. I don't want to intrude but I also don't know how Mami will treat me nowadays. Also, I would probably just ruin the entire thing.

“You wouldn't be intruding, Skylie. Mami loves you. Plus, it's a family dinner and you,” Jaime points at me and then continues “are a member of our family. No matter what. Even when you have a family of your own, you'll still be a part of ours.” I shoot Vic a look asking if he told Jaime about our mini family of our own. He gives a slight 'no' shake and I turn back to Himes.

“Are you sure it'd be ok?” I ask possibly looking extremely nervous. I get nods and yeses and of courses from my four friends and I sigh in defeat. “Ok, formal or casual?”

“Yay! It's going to be so much better with you there!” Tony says and engulfs me in his tattooed arms and I smile. “And formal. Definitely formal.” I murmur a sign of dislike and then turn to the boys.

“Well how about I go to get ready for my parents and the we can do that and afterwards you guys can go and get ready for the dinner while I do the same?” I smile and they show signals of happiness. “Ok, be right back.” I say before running upstairs to change into my dark wash jeans, red and black vans, my white beanie beret thing, and a t-shirt my father got me for my last birthday with them. After doing casual makeup, I put on my beanie deciding to leave my hair natural. I put a few squirts of my favorite perfume before grabbing a light jacket and running downstairs. I grab my keys and phone as we go out to the car.

“We're here.” I hear Vic say quietly from the front seat and I just murmur ok before getting out of the car and walking to the simple gravestones.

“Tony, can you come with me? You knew them the most.” I basically whisper. He just nods and the others walk back to the car. I crouch beside them and soon forget about Tony's presence as I begin to talk to the stones.

“Hey Mom and Dad. I just wanted to come by and wish you guys a merry Christmas, I know it's a day early but I couldn't wait. I miss you guys. Like a lot. I just wish you guys were still here. If you were today i'd be home with you guys and then after I get settled in for the week and while we're sipping hot cocoa by the blue floral patterned sofa i'd look to you guys and tell you guys the great news but I guess this will have to do. Um, Mom, Dad. You're going to be grandparents. I'm sorry you're not here to celeb-” I cut myself off remembering Tony is about 3 feet away. I turn my head to see him staring at me wide eyed.

“Skylie, are you really..?” He asks and I just nod. He comes closer. “Who? The father, who's the father?” More tears spurt from my eyes.

“Jaime.” I barely get out. Tony turns angrily to face the car and begins to stand but I stop him by grabbing his wrist and bringing him back. “Don't. He doesn't know. Only Vic knows, well and now you. I don't want him to know. I don't want to burden hime with my mistakes.” I sob into his chest as he rubs my arms.

“You can't keep this from him forever you know. In months he'll know.” Tony murmurs into my hair.

“I know but I don't want him to know yet, Please don't tell him. Please.” I beg and he just sighs before 'ok'ing.

“Thank you, thank you so so much Tone.” I say and pull him in for a long hug. “Don't be angry with him. Please. He didn't mean to.”

“Well I want to be ok with this but it's hard Sky. You're basically my sister and I can't stand knowing that he caused this major shift in you're life. And that time at the hotel, I told him if he were to uhm..” Tony swallowed hard against my shoulder as we continued hugging. “Do this to you, i'd chop off his genitals.” He said and I could feel him smile slightly. I let out a small laugh and then gave him one last squeeze before letting go.

“Thanks for the concern but i'll be ok. I think i'm ready to go home though.” I say and stand. I grab his hands and help him up before letting go and going back to the other boys. They drop me off at my place and then leave me to get ready for the next step of my Christmas eve celebrations.

-Tony's pov-

“Hey Himes.” I say walking into his room at our house. “Do you have a dark blue tie I can wear?” I casually ask and notice that Jaime is debating between a crimson tie and a burgundy bow tie. “Jaime?” I ask a bit louder.

He jumps a little and then faces me, forgetting about the challenge of picking a tie. “Oh, hey Tone. Whatchya need?” He asks casually.

“I was just wondering if you had a dark blue tie I could wear for tonight.” I respond and he nods, turning to his dresser and getting out a navy tie for me. “Thanks dude, you're a life saver!” I say and then turn out of the dim and messy room to finish dressing for the dinner.

“Wait, can you help me pick which tie to wear?” He asks and I turn to my spiky haired friend.

I nod and walk to stand beside him and decide on the tie. “Jaime, their basically the same thing but one's a bow tie and the other's a long tie.

“Yeah, I know but I want it to be perfect for tonight. Remember, Sky's going to be there."

“Oh. Well in that case, which suit are you going to wear?” I ask and he points to the suit covered in a clothes cover that's hanging on his closet door. It was his sleek, all black tux, complete with shoes to match.

“Hmm. I dunno, I think that the long red tie would look better with the black.” I say and then add “And by the way, Sky loves that suit on you.” I wink and he laughs at my gesture.

“Thanks Tone” he says and I leave after telling him that he's welcomed.

-Skylie's pov-

The boys should be here any minute now.


So this took a while, sorry guys. I lost the files on my laptop so i had to redo but you know. Anywhore, so now Tony knows, you found out some stuff about her parents, Himes is planning on asking her out, and they have a dinner to go to. Comment if you want. Love you babess. <3

Oh and btdubs, if you guys ever have any ideas just message me the idea and if i use it i'll link you in my notes and give you credit for the idea and such.

btdubs 2: Usually i try to get almost 3 pages of text up per chapter [the number of pages is based on what the program i use says but it could be like two or four on others] But anyway, i think i'm going to start trying to do 4 pages and yeah. lemme know if i should or if this is good enough and all that. Okai. Now i'm done for tonight so bye. <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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