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Maybe we're just having too much fun.

Chapter 15

-Jaime's pov-

“Guys, I uh. I need to go back to the bus.” I say to Shelby, Casey, Vic, Mike and Tony. I need to go back and make sure she's ok. I never should've slapped her. I never should've hurt her.

“Actually, we were all just getting ready to head back. This club sucks” Vic says and stands before leading us all to the exit.

“Hey.” Tony says sadly from beside me.

“Hey, what's up?” I ask wanting to know why he's in this kind of mood.

“Not much. I got a text from Sky a few minutes ago though.” I tense up.

“And what'd say?”

“All it says is 'it's not his fault.' and that's it. I'm worried about her Himes.”

“It's probably all good. Look, let's just hurry to the bus and ask her about it then. Ok?” I say and Tony nods. We rush to the bus and open the door.

“Skylar?” I yell out. No response. “Skylar, you here?” Still nothing. “Sky?!” I yell even louder as I run to the bathroom. No one. Her bunk. No one. But there are 4 presents, 5 letters, and nothing else. I begin to cry uncontrollably and the guys come to see what's going on.

“She's gone. She's gone and it's all my fault.” I sob out as the guys sort out the things in her bunk. There's a letter and present for Vic, mike, Tony and I along with a letter for Casey and a letter for Shelbs.

“'It's not his fault.'” I hear Tony quote the text through tears. By now, all of us but Shelby are crying. “Jaime, why would you think this was your fault?” Tony asks.

“I didn't want to hurt her. I really didn't. So I bullied her. I called her fat and worthless and so many other things and that she could just die without us caring. I didn't want her to be hurt by Shelby and I's relationship. And tonight, after you guys left for the club she came out into the lounge. She cried at the sight of me. I told her to stop. I just told her but she didn't. And I-” I pause as I choke on my tears. “I hit her. I hurt her. Now she's gone. And it's all my fault.” I continue to cry.

“Honestly, it's probably mine” Shelby says with a smirk. “I saw her walking away from the bus and I walked up to her and told her to back of my man. And then yelled at her for stealing him from me at prom. And then she said something about how she wishes that you wouldn't have helped her that night because she'd already be dead and that's all she wants to be now. Like drama queen much?” She finishes and I swear steam came out of my ears.

“Get out.” I say. She just gives me a quizzical look. “I said get out! We're over!” I yell ending all sound as she leaves for good.

“The letter.” I stutter. “I need my letter.” I sob and tony hands me a thin envelope. I take it out and begin to read...

'Dear Jaime, by the time you read this i'll be gone. Not dead but gone. I couldn't handle it anymore. Being on a bus where everyone hates me. I'm sorry you had to see me. With my face and all of that fat. I'm sorry. I wish I was good enough for you. I can never see you again. I'm sorry. Please continue life with Shelby. Get married, have kids, grow old together. It doesn't matter to me as long as you're happy. You'll probably never see me again. I'm so sorry, Jaime. I understand why you chose Shelby. I understand completely. And I know you don't really care but I just thought i'd tell you that I love you. I, Skylar Martinez, am in love with you, Jaime Preciado. Well I guess that's it. So I mean, bye. I love you.'

“Jaime! Jaime! Hello?” I hear someone yelling at me and I come out of space to see Tony handing me my gift. I open the box lightly to see my old Pantera shirt.

“What's that?” Vic asks me after opening his gift to a Caroline doll and a new book to write lyrics in.

“This is my Pantera shirt. Prom night when she stayed, I let her wear it and then decided that I liked it on her so much she could just keep it. She said she'd keep it forever. It made her feel better whenever she was sad. It was her favorite shirt.” I say as tears start to cascade down my face while I slide down the wall and sit against it. I don't know what to do.

-Skylie's pov-

So there's another reason I left too. I don't really know what to do but I do know that I don't want this reason to hold Himes back. I'm pregnant and Jaime's the father. I know, stupid reason to run huh? But anyway, for housing I actually bought a small house about a block away from the guys and that's where i'm now living. It's two bedrooms. One for me and one for my future child. I've picked up eating again just for the baby. I'm never going to tell Jaime about it though.

Jaime deserves to be happy without worrying about me and my burdens.

-3 weeks later (sorry for all the time skips guys!)-
-Tony's pov-

It's been three weeks since Sky left and trust me, it's been hell. We're almost always silent except when we're on stage, doing interviews, and when we're with our fans and such. Except Jaime. He hardly ever eats anymore. He hasn't smiled and spends about 90% of his time crying. He doesn't even play the shows with us anymore, his bass tech does. He's broken. He doesn't get much sleep much and has only left the bus twice since she left. He's worried as fuck about her; we all are. But he's been effected the most. I think he started cutting again and he's also taken an interest to alcohol. He has breakdowns daily and I don't know how much longer he's going to make it if we don't find her soon.

Hell, I mean. She is my best friend and if anything happened to her I don't know if I could do it anymore. Vic doesn't seem himself anymore and Mike hasn't gotten drunk nor high since she left. She had always wanted him to stop. Even Casey's been hurt since she left. He doesn't function as he normally does.

We're going back to San Diego soon though so i'm hoping we find her. We already have a plan where we check our block, the 4 blocks surrounding us, the treehouse, Caleb's, and anywhere else she might be. Jaime wants her. No, he needs her. We all do.

So we're on our way back to San Diego right now for our winter break from tour and its the 23rd. “Can we stop for a few minutes?” I hear Jaime ask softly.

“Uh, sure.” I say and go to Casey and have him stop. Jaime walks off the bus and I look out the bus door to see him in the empty field beside s crying into nothing and running his hands through his now always curly hair. I sigh and walk to him.

“We'll find her. I swear to god, we will find her.” I pause and pat his back. “Ok?” He just nods and I leave him be for the next 5 minutes as he calms down before he gets back on the bus and we continue to SD. After about 2 hours we're almost home, Vic orders us to stop. Not asks us, but order us. Casey pulls into the parking lot of a gas station and Vic runs towards the door. We park as Vic jumps out and yells. “SKY!!”

Jaime jumps up faster than I and we all run out side to see Vic running towards the girl we all know and love, Skylie Martinez. Jaime's adrenaline pumps up and he runs faster than all of us to tackle her in a hug. I see them both crying tears of joy. Soon but not very soon, they pull away and Skylie runs to me. I pull her into a hug immediately. God, I missed her. Eventually we all get hugs and I notice she's gained her weight back finally. But then I see her wrists and my excitement fades. I don't say anything knowing she doesn't want the attention.

“Sky... why?” Jaime asks once we've all calmed down a little.

“I was just getting really stressed with the tour and all.” She says and then looks at the 4 of us. “Where's Shelby?”

“Oh, she's um. Out of our lives.” Jaime looks down at his red vans as he speaks.

“Sorry Himes. I know how much you loved her.” Skylie says and I just shake my head.

“So where you headed?” I ask her and she shrugs.

“Home, why?” I grab her hand and start walking to the bus.

“We'll give you a ride.”

“Ok.” She sighs and we enter the vehicle of the past memories.


NEW CHAPTER LIKE HEY. Omg guys. I don't know why I even try to update on time anymore. I'm sorry guys. I might start on the next chapter tomorrow. </3

BUT ANYWHORE. Shoutout to this chick for giving me the extra motivation to finish this chapter. Merry Christmas, Miranda. <3


Okay. I love this. UPDATE SOON PWEEZ!!!

At chapter ten; I almost cried! Like, THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, JAIME?! aghhhh okay anyways I love this story and imma read the rest now


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i love this so much :D

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