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Did You Call Me Last Night Just Cus' You Couldn't Get Laid?

Chapter Eighteen

When I woke up I was still lying in Mike’s arms.

“Morning sweetheart,” he said, letting out a slight yawn.

“Morning,” I replied, stretching out my arms before getting up to go get dressed for the day. It was 10am and I had the day off, so I was planning to just laze about and watch some films with the guys.

“I have to go, I’ve got an interview in an hour,” Mike told me just as I was about to leave the room. I nodded at him and he came and pulled me into a hug. “I’ll call you later,” He said, kissing my head lightly.

I went and pulled some clothes out of my drawer and got changed into them, choosing to wear something comfy but nice, just in case we decided to go out. I brushed my hair and threw it into a messy bun on top of my head. The red was starting to fade out of my hair, making it look more of a browny colour, so I told myself to pick up some dye the next time I was at the store. I applied minimal makeup and headed out to make some breakfast.

After I’d finish eating my usual toast and coffee I headed back to the longue, selecting a movie on sky anytime and deciding to watch it until the boys woke up.

Half way through the movie my phone started to ring, I presumed it was Mike as he always seemed to call me at the most random times.

When I looked at my phone screen I saw that the number that was calling wasn’t saved, which was unusual as I hadn’t changed my phone in ages and had everyone’s number.


“Hello, am I speaking to Alaska Reid?” The woman on the other end of the phone sounded professional, which confused me slightly. I only ever had phone calls from my friends.

“Yes, that’s me,”

“Hello Alaska, My names June Walters, I’m calling from Children’s social service department in Connecticut. You’re the niece of Jeremiah and Felicity Reid, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” I gulped slightly, immediately thinking the worst. What if they’d hurt a child and she was looking for evidence?

“Are you aware of the fact that they were involved in a car accident just over a week ago where the both unfortunately passed away?”

This shocked me slightly. Both my parents had passed away when I was a child, my mother when I was 4 and my father when I was 8, both due to cancer. My grandmother had brought me up but she had also passed away just over a year ago. Though it saddened me that I didn’t have any family I was close to it had never really affected me in a bad way, I’d never gone off the rails or become depressed or anything like that, although I’d had my bad moments. I was a pretty strong person.

“No, I haven’t spoken to or seen them since before my Father passed away when I was 8 years old,” I told the lady, slightly sceptical about giving away such personal information.

“Oh I see, so are you aware that they have a 7 year old daughter, Destiny Rosa Reid?”

“No, I didn’t know,” They hadn’t even told me that I had a baby cousin? What the fuck.

“Well Alaska, the issue is that now that Jeremiah and Felicity have passed, Destiny has no other family except for you. It seems that the family were very secluded, lived very far away from anyone or anything. We can’t find any family friends that Destiny could go and live with and unfortunately if we can’t find her somewhere to stay she’ll have to be adopted, and it’s extremely difficult to get any child older than three adopted.”

“So you want me to take her? Is that what you’re saying?” I said, slight annoyance in my voice. If she wanted me to take her why didn’t she just say?

“Ultimately, that is what we are asking of you, yes. But I will have to come and meet you, and run some checks. You will have to prove that you have a stable income and household. Normally children do a lot better with family than they do with being adopted, even if they’ve never met the family member before.”

I took a deep breath in, my job meant that I had to be on tour constantly, I wasn’t in any position to take in a child. Deep down I knew that I could stop touring if I wanted to and have her live in the flat with me, I could get a job pretty easily and if I was ever short of money I knew Austin would provide. But still, was I really prepared to give up my whole life.

“My job means I have to travel a lot, I sell merchandise for bands, and I’m travelling 11 months out of 12. Would that be an issue?”

“Unfortunately, yes. A child needs stable home environment and schooling tends to be very difficult when a child is constantly moving about. Would you be willing to consider changing your situation?”

“I think I would be, it’d be kind of selfish not to. I’m willing to meet up with you and talk about it at least, I’m in Connecticut on the 14th, would you be able to come and see me then? Seeing as I’m always on the move.”

“That’s fine, what time suits you, and can you give me the address?”

“Would 10am be alright for you? And it’s Hartford, The Comcast Theatre. I’ll have to come outside and meet you to take you to the bus, but just call me on this number.”

“Okay, that’s fine, will there be somewhere for Destiny to sit whilst we talk? They’ll be another social worker with me to look after her. The sooner you meet her the better it will be for us and for you.”

“We have a front and a back longue, so it should be fine. I’ll just have to make sure no one else is there but that shouldn’t be a problem. Is it okay if I bring a friend to support me?”

“That’s fine, I’ll see you on the 14th.”

“Okay, Bye,”

As I hung up the phone I felt myself break down into tears, had I really just agreed to take in a 7 year old child? I could barely look after myself, my life wasn’t stable, it was a rollercoaster, that was how I liked it, I wasn’t ready to settle down yet. I cried my eyes out, long, silent sobs that made my whole body shake.

I was going to look out for Destiny no matter what. She was the only flesh and blood I had left. Who would I be if I didn’t take her in? Who would I be if I let some stranger bring her up?

Eventually I cried myself to sleep, thoughts of this little girl that was going to change my life littering my head.

Time to grow up Alaska.

Time to grow up.


What do you guys think of this? let me know in the comments!
What do you think Destiny will be like? do you think Alaska will do a good job of looking after her?
incase you missed the link http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=94072275


Love the story. Update soon

HeatherMiller HeatherMiller
omg, love it!
I like how Mike seems to be bit of a dominant..
ugh i love this already haha.
alyssaugh alyssaugh
I can't wait to see how this pans out. I like Destiny, I hope Mike sticks by Alaska through all of this.
KealieghRachel KealieghRachel