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Did You Call Me Last Night Just Cus' You Couldn't Get Laid?

Chapter Twelve

“WARPED TOUR, WARPED TOUR, WARPED TOUR!” We all cheered as we pulled into the Warped Tour bus parking lot, beers and ciders in our hands. The band had been given a band wagon bus for warped, so Louis and I were sharing with them, their drum tech, guitar tech and tour manager.

“We’re here motherfuckeeeeeers!” Austin jeered, running to me and kissing my cheek before jumping on Phil.

“Ged off me ya freak!” Phil joked, swatting Austin away and miming kicking him in the balls.

We’d had a long, boring drive to Seattle, and to make it a bit more fun we’d gotten the alcohol out, meaning that the majority of the lads were in “better form”. The alcohol consumption was made more obvious when everyone piled out of the bus, a few people stumbling and falling down the stairs. Louis and I looked at each other, laughing at what lightweights our friends were.

“You guys can go look around, we won’t need you till a bit later, get your table set up around 12 or something,” Rob, Of Mice and Men’s tour manager told me and Louis.

“Cheers rob,” Louis told him, patting him on the back and calling him a legend.

“So, what you wanna do?” Louis asked me,

“I dunno, nothing’s really set up yet, we can go see what bands play when?” I replied.

“I know what you really wanna do Lask, go find him, I’ll chill with the lads and see you later,” Louis beamed at me, nudging me in the side.

“Thanks LouLou!” I said smiling, running off to find Mike.

“USE A CONDOM!” He shouted after me, winking at me when I turned around a flipped him off.

Pierce the Veils bus wasn’t very hard to find considering it was bright green, Mike had told me they’d nicknamed it “the booger”. I leant against the bus, it was only 9am and the sun hadn’t bothered to come out yet. I sighed, taking my bag off one shoulder and taking it around to my front so I could reach inside it. I pulled out a crew neck and threw it on before checking my outfit and smoothing it down. After I was satisfied with my outfit I took my phone out of my pocket and switched it to front camera, making sure that my makeup still looked good. I was pretty happy with how I looked today, I’d made a special effort as I’d known I was going to be seeing Mike, even wearing shorts to show off my new thigh tattoo as I knew how much he loved tats.

I selected Mikes number on my phone and rang it, he answered fairly quickly, on the third or the forth tone.

“Hey kiddo, where you at, come see me?” He said cheerily.

“I’m outside your bus, at least I think it’s your bus,” I said, laughing nervously and biting my lip.
“I’ll be out in a sec, you should’ve told me you were here silly, I would’ve come to you!” He told me before hanging up.

I stayed lent against the bus, opening up doodle jump on my phone so I had something to do whilst I was waiting, god I was addicted to that game.

“You not gonna come give me a hug?” I heard Mikes voice say, distracting me from my game.

“Not now, you made me loose!” I replied, throwing him daggers.

“Aw, please?” He pouted at me, making me give in and walk over to him. When I was close
enough he extended his tattooed arms and pulled me into a tight embrace.

“I missed you Alaska,” he told me, kissing the top of my head.

“I missed you too,” I replied, meaning every word, “So where your band at? I came here to see them as well you know!”

“They’ve just left for this photo shoot thing, where I should probably be, but I looked like shit today, so I didn’t want to go,” He laughed, running his fingers through his bed hair.

“You always look sexy Michael,” I whispered seductively in his ear, before bursting into laughter at my own joke.

“Fuck off,” he muttered “I should probably go anyway before everyone starts calling me a diva, fancy walking me there?”

“I’ll think about it,” I joked, “I’m very busy you see,”

“Sure you are, merch girl, come on,” he said, tugging at my arm.

Before long I was walking along side him, having to take extra steps every now and again to keep up with his stride.

“Hey, is that a tattoo?” He asked me, pointing at my thigh.

“Yeah, I got it a few weeks back, it symbolises the fact that I’m always travelling like a bird, but I’m also waiting for the right time to go home.” I told him. Mike knew about my hard childhood, I wasn’t really attached to where I was from, but I really wanted to settle down one day. He nodded before speaking.

“That’s beautiful Alaska, I love it,” he grinned, his little teeth showing. “The shoots just over there,” he pointed over to one of the tents, “I best get going, we’re all going down to the bar down the street later, Vic, Jaime and Tony will be there, join us?” He asked, smiling at me.

“Sure, which bar?” I asked, taking out my phone to write it down.

“It’s called Avenue, big blue sign, you can’t miss it, be there around 9?”

“Sure thing,” I gave him one last hug and he pecked me on the cheek before going into the tent.


This chapter was a little longer for you I think, sorry I haven't updated in so long.
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If you missed the links
OUTFIT http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_12/set?id=93246052
TATTOO http://bellefantaisie.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/bird-and-pocket-watch.jpg
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Love the story. Update soon

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I like how Mike seems to be bit of a dominant..
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