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Who Are You?


“Brandon Thomas, who could that be?” Savannah said as she paced my room in search of some answers in her head.
“Maybe he’s a family member or maybe your husband?”
“I was married?” I see a smile on her lips appear at the possibility.
“Let’s find out, there’s a number on here.”
“Wait.” She stops as she hurries over to my side and sits down on the bed next to me. “Does this mean you’re going to help me?” I turn my head and look into her stormy blue eyes before smiling and nodding at her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She says flinging her arms around me for a hug. I expected her to pass through me but just like the first time I felt a cold shock from her skin. I put my arms over hers as she continued to hug me and for a moment I felt the coldness in her skin melt and warm up as if she was actually there, holding me in her arms as I held her onto her. “So uh- that number.” She said a moment later, breaking the silence.
“Oh right.” I quickly let go of her arms and searched for the piece of paper as I tried to hide my embarrassment. I picked up the paper and my phone and started to dial the number. I brought the phone to my ear and heard it ring as Savannah wandered around my room. The phone continued to ring and ring but no answer, I slumped down in my seat in disappointed and waited for the answering machine.
“Hi Brandon? My name is Vic and I’m calling to ask you a few questions on a Savannah Thomas. If you can call me or message me at this number it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”
“Now we wait?”
“Yes, now we wait.”
“Hopefully this gets us somewhere.”
“Have a little bit of faith; I’m sure I will get a call back today. In the meantime if you don’t mind, I could really use a shower.”
“Oh! Yeah, sorry. Go ahead, I’ll just uh- wait out here.” She said before disappearing from my room.
As soon as I turned the water off in the shower I heard my phone start to ring. I grabbed the towel off the rack and wrapped it around my waist before running to my room to pick up the phone. I grabbed my cell phone off the bed but was too late to answer the call. I let out a sigh and unlocked my phone to find that I had a new text message not a missed call like I had expected.
[i]’ Sorry I couldn’t answer your call. I just got on my lunch break, can you meet me? We can talk there.’[/i]
I responded to Brandon’s message and within minutes I got a response with an address on where he wanted to meet. I better hurry up if I want to meet this guy. I tossed my phone back on the bad and made my way to my closet. I grabbed a pair of boxers, a random t-shirt and a pair of shorts and quickly put them on. I slipped on my vans and put on one of my hats before heading out.
“Did he call back?” Savannah asked as soon as she saw me in the living room.
“Yes he just messaged me to meet him. Where’s Mike?”
“He left not so long ago. You sure he doesn’t know anything?”
“I don’t know, why?”
“I can’t seem to shake this feeling off that I might know him. Then before he left he stopped to stare at that door. Why can’t you open it?”
“I don’t know. It’s always been locked ever since I could remember. I think the previous owners broke it or something.”
“Hm ok. Well are you ready to meet this guy?”
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I grabbed my keys off the table and led Savannah to the truck. I opened the door for her and waited till she got in before closing it and making my way around the driver’s side and jumping in. I put the address in the GPS on my phone as the car turned on and backed out of the garage.
About ten minutes later I noticed us getting close to our destination and for some reason I started to get nervous. I turned to look at Savannah and I could tell by the way she gripped her hands that she was nervous as well. I followed the rest of the directions on the left and pulled up to the first parking lot I found to make sure I went the right way.
“Is that a hospital?” Savannah said, thinking the same thing I was. “Is this the right address?”
“Yes, maybe he works here? He did say he was on his lunch break, let me call him.” I pressed the phone icon on my screen and called the first number on my resents. The dial tone rang and rang and just as I was about to hang up I heard him pick up.
“Yeah, Brandon? I think I took the wrong turn, I’m outside the hospital.”
“No you’re in the right place. I’m in the picnic table right across from it.”
“Ok, I’ll see you in a little then.” I hung up the phone and turned to Savannah but she was busy staring at the hospital.
“Savi?” I said softly and notice her flinch at the name.
“What did you call me?”
“Sorry, I don’t know why I said that.”
“No, it’s ok. My body just confused me with different emotions with that name. I don’t know why.”
“So let’s go get some answers.” She smiled at me and I returned it before opening the car door. I saw her right behind me and started walking to where Brandon said he was at.
When we saw the picnic table up ahead I felt Savannah’s hand slip into mine making me sense all her nerves.
“It’s going to be ok.” I told her as I approached the table.
“Vic?” A stocky man said as he stood up from his seat and extended his hand out for a shake.
“You must be Brandon.”
“Yes, please take a seat. I returned the hand shake and sat across from him as I thought of how to start.
“Why do you want to know about Savannah.” He said cutting to the chase.
“I’m sorry you probably don’t want to talk to some stranger about your wife but-“
“Wait,what? Savannah wasn’t married, come to think of it I don’t think she even had a boyfriend. She’s my little sister.”
“Oh my mistake. But like I was saying before I have been uh- sensing her presence for the past two days. I didn’t understand or know who she was for that matter until I found a hospital bracelet with her name and just earlier I found a piece of paper with your info, that’s how I found you.”
“That’s really strange.”
“Believe me I know.”
“But why you? Did you even know her?”
“No, I don’t think I do.”
“Wait, aren’t you that musician from that band um- PTV?”
“Yes, Pierce the Veil. I’m the singer”
“I thought I recognized you! Savannah always wanted me to check you guys out. She really looked up to you guys, you in particular.”
“Yeah. She’s a writer and I guess your lyrics really got to her.”
“Wow, do you think maybe that’s why I feel her presence?”
“It could be a possibility.” I turned to look at Savannah but she just sat in silence staring at her brother. When I looked back at Brandon I noticed a backpack now on the table between us as he searched for something inside. “Now I won’t feel so weird giving you this.” He said taking out a notebook, tied up with rope to hold in the loose papers. “She always carried this with her as she was always writing. Maybe this could help you.”
“I can’t take this. I’m practically a stranger and these look personal, she was your sister. You keep it.”
“I know I should but after you called me something told me that I needed to give this to you. No one has asked for Savannah for some time now and when you did I just knew that there was something special about you especially if you can sense her. She’s with you for a reason.” I looked down at the notebook as he pushed it into my hands and took in his words. Maybe I had to face the facts that this was happening for some sort of reason, she wasn’t just here with me out of random. Maybe I helped her in some way in her past life and I didn’t know it.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure if Savannah knew she would be happy that it’s in your hands now.”
“Thank you I will take care of this with my life.” I saw him look down at his watch and figured he probably had to leave sometime soon. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did your sister die?”
“Die? She’s not dead Vic. She’s in there.” He said pointing at the hospital behind me. “She’s been in there these past three months in a coma after her crash.” I stared at Brandon in disbelief as I took in the new information.
“I’m alive?”


Yay :)
clairephernelia clairephernelia
I'm glad you liked it! :) The story is still going to continue
neverendinghope neverendinghope
I loved this. Short & sweet <3
clairephernelia clairephernelia
yes yes please!!!!
Seexxiccaan Seexxiccaan
nope one more chapter but a sequel is in the thought process if you guys want one
neverendinghope neverendinghope