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Danced on the Edge


-- TONY'S PO.V.--

"im preg.."


and its slient for 2 mins till i hear alyxx screaming
"ALE?!?! MIKE CALL 911!!!" i get up on my feet and run to where ale was. i stop.
Boom, my world stops.

Ale is on the floor with a cut in her forehead and a gunshot in her back.
"Tony help me!!" exclaimed Jaime.
i run over to my best friend seeing that a glass cut his leg.
the abumlance comes 10 mins later carrying Ale and Jaime to seprate ones and heads off.
"ANYONE GOING COME WITH ME." i yelled and Vic, Mike and Alyxx came running to me. we hop in my car and we rushed to the hospital.

"Babe what were you going to tell me?"
"*sigh* babe im pregnant." she begins to cry.
"Hey Aly dont cry, be strong. ill be here with you through the whole time."

we arrive the hospital and we rush inside.
"Alejandra Cortez and Jaime Preciado." i quickly say.
"relationship to the patients."
"Brothers and Sister." she clicks something on the computer and hands us the passes
"Jaime Preciado second floor. Alejandra is in surgery."
WE rush to the second floor and find Jaime's room
"HEy!!" he said like nothing had happened to him
"You k?"
"yeah i had some glass in my leg and now its gauzed up i get to leave in the morning. where's Ale?"
"well shit."

The doctors come to check on Jaime and its 12 in the morning.
"are you here for Alejandra cortez?" the nurse asked.
"yes im her boyfriend and we're her best friends."
"well nice to meet you guys im Nancy. Alejandra and daniel's younger cousin."
shit i forgot to tell Daniel. "ill be right back"
I call Danny.
"Hey dan its tony"
"oh hey whats sup?"
"umm in the hospital."
"Its ale."
"you have a cousin here nancy?"
"i know where dont go anywhere!" he hangs up.
"So nancy how Alejandra?"
"she's in a room right now but you guys cant go in. she got stitches in her forehead and the bullet got removed, it wasnt so deep as she trip and thats what caused the cut. but she fine. you guys can go in the morning and shell be able to leave tomorrow, which is today."she smiles weakly.
"Thanks Nancy."
"now jaime you can leave in the early morning but you have to come back so i can check your leg."
"yes ma'mam!"
she leaves giving a wink to vic and he blushes.
"DAmn vic got yourself a lover" mike said

i smack him in the head
"stupid idiot."


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!