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Danced on the Edge


Ale's p.o.v.

I wake up to the sunray hitting my eye.
"AAAH! ITS BURNS!" I get up from my bed and close the blinds. I see a note next to it

Good morning sunshine.
All of us went for breakfast. you looked peaceful and I didn't want to wake you up. ill bring you your fav.
Love ya
Tony, and the rest.

I laugh on how its so obvious the rest was written by Alyxx.
I go to the bathroom and made it worth the time I had alone.
Gosh, I'm all alone, while taking a shower I felt a sting in my arms. I knew what it meant.
I shake off the negative thoughts and got out of the shower.
I heard laughs downstairs to I quickly went to my bedroom. and changed into my jack daniels tank, shorts and my converse, and I go downstairs.
"good morning Girlie!"
"morning Ally, where's Dan and Brit?"
"ah okay."
"sooo" said Jaime" we have band practice today want to come?"
"YES!" they laugh at my response.
"Lets go!" yelled Vic and we're out.
------- BAND PRACTICE!!!-----

"okay so how was it?"
" it was amazing! I feel special seeing you guys practicing!" I said honestly.
"you are special babe." said Tony.
I looked down at my feet hiding my face.
"SOOOO can we goo tooo the beach!!!! please?!?!?!?! ive been wanting to go!" exclaimed Jaime and Mike.
" we have a beach house there.. well it's our friends but he's out of town right now. want to go girls?"
me and Alyxx give them the Really? you're asking? look and vic laughed.
"that's a yes." I grab Alyxx arm and head back home to get our swimsuits.
"hey have any skirt or shorts I can borrow?" Aly said
I toss her a skirt "thanks" and she heads back to the bathroom.
From Tony <3
WE're outside! hurry!
"Aly!" she comes out "lets go." I grab my bag and we left.

------Beach house-----
" so you ready for tour?" Vic asked handing me a coke.
"yup I got everything packed and ready to go." I said while taking a sip.
"Hey um Ale?"
"yeah mikey?"
"Aly's in the bathroom throwing up."
oh shit.
I get up and run inside. I knock on the door
"Aly? its ale!"
"its open." I open the door and she in the corner crying.
"You think?" I asked and she nods.
" Ima order pizza to bring the boys in. wash your face." I say while getting to my cell and ordering pizza. 30 min slater pizza arrived
"GUYS PIZZA IS HERE!!" I yelled and the group of "men" ran inside and sat on the table.
I pull out the coke and beer to the table and got out the plates.
10 mins to our dinner Aly gets up to speak.
"I'm preg-----"


and darkness wins


hai c:
Soooo pretty long chapter... lol I think.
Love ya
who could have shot her?
umm although this story has a very low rating im going to continue c:


Woah! Thanks!

I really enjoyed this story. Awesome!

piercingirisash piercingirisash
Are you seriously done with this fan fic??!?!?!? You can't be!! It must go on! Make a sequel or something, it musn't end!!!