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Kissing in Cars

You Are Stronger Than This

Elli was still asleep so I took the baby and went to the lounge to sit and feed her. She was so cute that I can’t even believe that I had the power to produce something as beautiful as this and call her my daughter. I looked down into her newly brown eyes and smiled. I instantly had a flashback to the first time I held her.

“Do you wanna hold her?” Elli asked me holding the baby towards me. I shook my head, what if I did something wrong and hurt her?
“No, what if I hurt her and do something wrong?” I can truly say that this scared me to death, the thought of hurting my own child.
“Oh baby you won’t hurt her I promise you that if anything you will do great” I let out a deep breath and took the baby in my hands and walked over to the window.

There is nothing in this world that compares to holding your child for the first time.
Adriana was done eating so I decided that I would get her dressed for the meet and greet later on today. http://i1.cpcache.com/product/198339151/my_daddy_plays_guitar_infant_bodysuit.jpg?color=CloudWhite&height=460&width=460&qv=90 I put on some pants on top of her onesie so she didn’t get cold http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zziEUCdupLE/Ucp3DXxlNWI/AAAAAAAAHNs/6zwdteJBErs/s1600/newborn+baby+girl+harem+pants+and+knotted+hat+beanie.jpg.

After the baby was dressed everyone was still asleep so I decided that I would try my best to keep Adriana entertained. I pulled out my acoustic guitar and played one of my favorite songs to play for her, Even though she is a baby I still love to sing and play guitar for her. I played an acoustic version of Second and Sebring by Of Mice and Men. I finished and picked her up and rocked her.
“Daddy loves you so much” She laughed and I dropped a tear.
“Your grandma would have loved to see you and I know that she is somewhere looking down right now smiling at how perfect you are” I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around to see Jaime smiling with a few tears in his eyes.
“You are a great father and a great husband to Elli and I thank you for that” I smiled and he took Adriana.
“No, thank you Jaime without me asking you if I could marry her I would never have done it and I wouldn’t be here with that baby right now” he smiled and we sat on the couch.
“Tony I mean it I can’t get over the fact that if we hadn’t of moved to San Diego and met you, Vic and Mike Elli would probably be still cutting and I hate to say it but she would probably have ended her life” I couldn’t bare to think about a life without Elli.
“Well I am glad that you moved here with her as well because when I met you and Elli my depression got better and better each day that I got to know you guys more” Jaime and I continued to talk and play with Adriana.

We were all sitting at the table waiting for kids to line up for the meet and greet.
“Hey babe can I see adriana I wanna hold her when I sign stuff” I smiled and Elli handed me the baby.
“Thank you, i love you”
“I love you too Tony Turtle” I loved when she called me that it calmed me down in a way.
People started to show up. I was about to sign one girls t-shirt when I noticed the cuts on her arm. I looked up at her with sad eyes.
“What is your name sweetie?”
“Aaliyah” I sighed
“Well Aaliyah I don’t want to see this on your arms the next time that I see you” I said taking her arms and writing ‘YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THIS, I LOVE YOU’
“I can’t promise that I will stop but I can promise that I will try” She said while tearing up. I handed Elli the baby and gave her a hug.
“Aaliyah here is my Email if you need anything send me an Email and I will respond and next time you think about cutting send me an Email and mark it as urgent” She nodded and I gave her one last hug before she went off.
“Wow dude that was really nice of you to do” Mike said while nudging me.
“Well I saw her arms and I thought about Elli and how if it wasn’t for me she would still be doing it and I thought about it and there is someone out there that is going to help her and so I thought it could be me” i smiled and went back to signing.

“Babe what you did for that girl today was truly amazing” I kissed him as he put Adriana to bed.
“Well I just couldn’t help but think about you and how there could be someone out there that is going to help her through whatever it is that she is going through” I hugged him and got into bed.
“I love you to the moon and back Elli, always have always will no matter what gets thrown into this crazy mixed up life of ours” He kissed the top of my head before pulling me in close to put an arm around me.
“I love you too Tony to the moon and back” I fell asleep next to the most amazing person that I have ever met.


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I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
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