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Kissing in Cars

Thank you for letting me bring her out

It has been a week since I had Adriana, she is so cute. Every night Tony play’s the acoustic guitar for her before she goes to sleep, I can’t help but smile when she is in his arms. I also forgot to mention that the guys and I have moved into a 6 bedroom house that is three stories. We bought this house because we all wanted to be close with each other while the baby grows up.
“I am so pumped for this it isn’t even funny” Tony and Jaime Screamed as we got onto the bus.
“Babe this is your 2nd tour” He shook his head
“Yeah but it is my first tour with my whole family” I nodded. We are all going on tour together as one big family baby and all. I looked down at the baby ( http://freetopwallpaper.com/wp-content/gallery/girl-baby-ft/girl-baby-newborn-pictures-23.jpg) sleeping soundly in the new outfit that Mike had bought her the day before (http://img0103.popscreencdn.com/155345314_-accessories-baby-toddler-clothing-girls-clothing-.jpg)

“Tony will you hold her while I go and get my pump?” I asked and Tony nodded. I didn’t breast feed only for the reason of the guys being in such close quarters so I pump in the backroom of the bus. I walked back in and motioned for Tony to come with me.
“You know I can’t imagine having a more perfect baby” Tony said to me while making faces at Adriana. I laughed at him and continued to what I was doing.
“I know I couldn’t either I just hope people don’t surround her and scare her while we are on tour” i admitted.
“Ohh I know can we bring her on stage at our show tomorrow please and I will make people be very quiet so she doesn’t go def or scared.
“I suppose you can do that” I smiled and we walked off the bus and into the venue.

The guys had played about 3 songs and stopped. Vic started to talk about a few things
“ALRIGHT FLORIDA HOW WE FEELING?” Vic yelled into the mic and the crowd went wild.
“Okay alright sounds like you guys are having fun so Tony has a surprise for you guys so I am gunna hand it over to him” Vic handed Tony the mic and he seemed a bit shy due to him not being used to talking on stage.
“Alright guys as you know my wife and I just had a baby so I thought maybe we could bring her out here” Once again the crowd went wild.
“We can only bring the baby out if you guys are quiet so you don’t scare her” Right then everyone immediately calmed down and he motioned for me to bring her out. I had brought her out and gave her Tony.
“Everyone this is my niece Adriana” Vic and Jaime said in unison. The crowd awed and Tony Kissed Adriana and handed her back to me to continue the show.

We had gotten back on the bus because Adrianna fell asleep on Tony when he was holding her.
“Thank you for letting me bring her out tonight” I smiled.
“Hey I think it was cute and she is obviously going to be a daddy’s girl for sure” Tony laughed as he put Adriana in her crib. I crawled in bed and Tony followed.
“I think we should bring her to the meet and greet tomorrow” I suggested and Tony nodded. He kissed the top of my head and I fell asleep thinking that I couldn’t have pictured my self with anyone but him.


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p