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Kissing in Cars

Well What Do They Say?

It has been three months since my mother has passed and I feel at peace with her untimely death. The boys and I are back on tour and everything seems to be back to normal. Tony and I are still going strong I love him more than he could ever know. Today we are playing a show in florida and I loved it because I loved this state just something about it.

“Hey baby how are you feeling today?” I smiled sipping on my chai tea.

“I am feeling great and you will be feeling great later” I winked and walked back into the bunk to change before the show.

“Oh my god must you tease me right before the show?” I laughed pulling on some underwear. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=88453449) I wore this just to make Tony drool knowing it would because this is one of his favorite outfits. I walked out to find all the guys sitting on the couch and I thought that this might be fun.

“Hey Elli you look really nice” Jaime complimented me and when Tony saw me he just groaned and rolled off of the couch.

“Nice to see you too babe” I laughed

“What’s wrong with him?’ Mike asked and shook his head

“I don’t even wanna know” He retaliated. I laughed and sat On Tony’s lap.

“How long until the show?” I asked

“Two and a half hours” Before I knew it I was being thrown over Tony’s shoulder and carried to the back room.

“Haha I know what’s wrong with Tony now” Mike screamed and Tony chuckled.

“I thought I told you that we were going to do this after the show?” I teased running my finger down his already bare chest.

“When you look like that I just can’t fucking help myself” He lifted my skirt up to my boobs and ripped the underwear from my body. I hopped up and straddled Tony’s now naked body.

“Don’t fucking tease babe” His breath hitched. I guided his length inside of my and lowered down.

“Oh fuck yes i have missed this” I said going faster to match Tony’s pace. Tony hands explored my body causing low moans to escape my mouth. His hand fell on the side of my face pulling me down for a kiss before flipping me over so that I was on the bottom. I felt myself getting closer to my climax and I could tell he was close as well.

“I am so fucking close” I yelled loud enough for the sound to echo in the room.

“Not yet I am almost there” He pleaded for me to wait and I couldn’t help but let go. It felt amazing but something was different about this orgasm. I looked up and saw a soaked Tony who looked like he had just got out of the pool. I had squirted all over his stomach. I blushed feeling a bit embarrassed due to this being the first time that has happened, Tony just smiled yelled.

“HAHA YES I AM THE MOTHERFUCKING MAN” He seemed pretty proud. He kissed me passionately and we went back to the front of the bus where everyone was giggling like two year olds.

“So why are you the man tony?” Vic asked

“Um I ah I “ I cut him off he was obviously unaware that they heard him.

“tony thinks he is the man because he made me squirt all over his tummy” Mike laughed and Jaime looked grossed out I just laughed.

“Wow wait haha you two must have been going pretty hard then.” Mike piped up.

About a week later I started to feel sick and I looked at the calendar to see when I was supposed to start my period. June 10 I was supposed to start and its June 20. Fuck my life.

“Are you fucking kidding me” I yelled. Tony came up behind me.

“Hey what’s wrong babe you okay?” I shook my head

“I am late for my period and I think that maybe I could be pregnant considering we didn’t use a condom the last time” I thought he would be mad but instead he smiled and kissed me.

“Yay I might be a daddy I might be a daddy” He chanted in a low whisper.

Tony came back to the bus with the tests I asked him to go get. I used every one of them.

“Babe what do they say?” I was waiting for them to be done. The time passed so slow.

“I am not sure they still have a minute” He groaned and I laughed. I was happy that there was a chance that Tony and I could be parents.

“Okay they are done come onto the bathroom” I said and the door opened and Tony appeared shutting it behind him.

“Okay what do they say?” He asked wrapping his arms around my waist

“They say........”


hahah cliff hanger


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p