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Kissing in Cars

you outshine the stars

I woke up cuddling Mike on the big couch in his living room. I got up to see that Jaime and Tony were cuddling and then there was Vic all alone on the loveseat. I walked over to Jaime and shook him awake.

“Jaime wake up I wanna go do something just the two of us” He looked at me and smiled.

“Oh yeah and what do you wanna do?” He asked and I thought for a minute.

“I wanna go to Disney and see Mickey Mouse!” I was beginning to get excited because Jaime has always talked about going and I have money saved so now we can go.

“Okay go get dressed and I will tell the guys we are going out for the day.” I nodded and Drove back to our house in my car because Jaime took his own.

I tried to be cautious about what I am wearing not because of the cuts because they are high enough on my legs not to be seen but because it is hot today. I finally pulled this out (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=88039699)

“Hey Elli Belly you ready to go ?” Jaime asked walking into my room

“Oh um yeah did you tell the guys that we were going out for the day and not to wait up?” Jaime nodded and we walked out to the car.

“Jaime I wanna go to Cinderella’s castle” I yelled running to the middle of the park.

“Haha okay okay we will lets go” He said linking arms together. We spent the day hanging out together laughing and having fun. I was glad that we got this much needed brother sister time.

I fell asleep on the way home and Jaime carried me into my room.

“Jaime?” I asked as he was about to leave my room

“Yeah Elli Belly?” He said sitting on the bed next to where I was laying.

“You know that mom and I talked yesterday after you left me about what happened at school and she said that I could do this class thing where I only had to go into school to get all my work for that week and graduate early” He looked at me for a moment with no emotion and that all changed into a smile.

“I think that it is a great Idea maybe we could all do it together but that is only if you want to?” I nodded

“Yes I think it would be a great Idea in the morning when we all go into school we will talk about it and then we will decide if we wanna do it or not.”

“Okay that sounds good, but you need to get your rest” I hugged him

“Oh and Jaime ?”

“Yeah” he turned around to look at me.

“Umm thank you for helping Tony plan the thing the other day and I can’t wait till next weekend” I smiled and he returned the smile before walking out of the room. I laid my head on the pillow and instantly fell into a deep sleep.

I woke myself up from a deep sleep with a sick feeling filling my stomach. I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could making it to the toilet in time to throw up the contents of my tummy. This went on throughout the night so I decided I needed to call Tony.

ME: Hey babe I didn’t mean to wake you up this late but I need you to come over.

TONY: No baby it is fine I was still awake anyway and are you okay?

ME: Yeah I guess its just I can’t stop throwing up and I need a cuddle buddy

TONY: Okay I will be over in a few with some cuddles.

I ended the call and tried to go back and lay down but failed when the feeling crept back in my stomach. Hunching over the toilet bowl I felt someone holding my hair. I wiped my mouth and looked up to find Tony smiling.

“Thank you” I tried to smile.

“ Anything for my soon to be wife” I laughed walking to the sink to brush the taste away.

“Tony I think we should skip school tomorrow and go dress shopping” I smiled big trying to convince him.

“but isn’t it bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding?” I shook my head

“Yeah but I want you to be with me and I don’t care about what everyone says about you seeing the dress I want you there” I kissed him and nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

“Well if you want me to I will come with you tomorrow”

“Oh and Tony Jaime and I wanna know if you and the guys wanna do this class where you can graduate early and you go to the school to pick up your work for that week and then go home?” I knew his mom would let him since the school was shit anyway.

“I would love to do that with you guys but right now lets go and try to get some rest” He kissed the top of my head and that is the last thing I remember from that night.

“I like that one but try the others on as well” Jaime and my mother said in unison

“fine fine I will be right back” i said as I slipped back into the dressing room. I put on a dress that brought tears to my eyes when I looked into the mirror. I walked out of the dressing room hoping that they would like it as much as I do.

“Oh Elli you look so beautiful” My mother started to cry.

“Awe thank you mom I love this dress” I said looking at Tony who had a small tear threatening to fall

“Baby you look beautiful, you out shine the brightest star in the sky” Tony said as he pulled me in for a hug. I finally found the dress of my dreams for the wedding with the man of my dreams and on top of all of that I was going to take a class that is allowing me to graduate early with my brother my husband to be and my two best friends can life get any better? (Elli’s Dress and Accessories for the wedding http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=88119163)


yeah sucky chapter I know


I just posted the next chapter hope you like it :P
Shiiieeeett. Please update!<33 I really like this fic. ^-^
HOLY SHIT OMFG updateeeeee I love this :p