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Somebody's Supposed To Fall In Love

Cause There's Faith In Love

July fourth at ten-thirty in the evening. Vic carries me on his back, while he talks with Kellin. Mike leans against the tour bus, laughing with Gabe Barham and Matty Mullins. Tony and Jaime stand by a picnic table, eating and playing beer pong with a mixture of Of Mice and Men and blessthefall members. We grilled food earlier and now we’re just drinking and celebrating the Fourth of July with the best company.
I tighten my hold on Vic’s neck and lean forward, so that Kellin can see me. “Do you guys have fireworks?”
“Um… A few.” Kellin clears his throat. “Justin and Jack set like three boxes off last Sunday.”
“Jaime bought a shitload yesterday. Plus, Beau said they brought some too.” Vic fixes his grasp on my legs and looks back at me. “We’re gonna set them off at midnight.”
“But I’m bored now.” I reach up and slide his purple snapback off, before resting it on top of my wavy hair.
“Go give Casey a lap dance.” Kellin smirks and takes a sip of his drink. “I’m sure Mike will shit his pants.”
I stick my tongue out at Kellin. “No! I want to sing.”
Vic sets me down. “Sing?”
“And I want to be a Disney princess.” Kellin rolls his eyes sarcastically.
“No!” I frown. “I want to sing with you guys.”
“I think someone’s a little drunk again…” Kellin laughs and looks down at me.
“No.” I give him the middle finger and then look back at Vic. “Get Casey to bring the drums out and Mike and Tony and Jaime to play!”
He rolls his eyes. “And plug the shit in where, Lana?”
“I don’t know! Pretty, please?” I jump up and down. “Kellin, tell him it’s a good idea! We have off tomorrow, so it won’t hurt your voices!”
Kellin raises an eyebrow. “Your voices? I’m singing too?”
“Yes! You can sing with me. PLEASE!”
“Aw… Vic…” Kellin picks me up easily. “I can’t say no to a face like this! Besides, what are we going to do until the fireworks start anyway?” He laughs and turns, starting to walk with me toward the trailers. “We’ll get the shit out. EVERYONE! GET YOUR ASSES OVER HERE AND HELP!”

“What the hell have you gotten us into?” Mike presses his palms to my belly and pulls me away from the drums, as Gabe sits down and Justin runs over with his bass.
I shrug and turn around to face him. “I think it’ll be fun. Besides, we never get to see anyone else play during the day…”
“You’re insane.” He smirks and holds his drink out for me. I take a long sip. Pure whiskey on ice. My face scrunches up in disgust and I shake my head, before finally swallowing it.
“That tastes like gasoline.”
Mike rolls his eyes and leans down, pressing his lips to mine as Gabe Barham starts to play the beginning of the song Congratulations. “Hush now, princess...”
Kellin and Matty go through the song, just like they would have if this were a real show. I lean back against Mike and he rocks back and forth to the beat, most likely playing imaginary drums. He’s just too cute.
After they’re done playing, Kellin waves me over. “Veil’s up. Baby girl, you’re up too.” My cheeks go pink, but I stride toward Kellin.
Gabe tosses Mike the drumsticks and he catches them, while scoffing. “Keep your hands to yourself, Quinn.”
“I’ve got a wife, you protective fucker...” Kellin smirks and Jaime comes strolling over with Tony.
“King for a Day?” Tony burps, before taking hold of a guitar.
“Nope!” Kellin slides two folding chairs over and coaxes me into one of them. “Hold On Till May.”
“What?” Vic sits down too and turns the mic back on. “Why something slow?”
Kellin fixes the hat on top of my head and smirks, before handing me his microphone. “Lana’s signing Lindsey’s part.”
My eyes widen. “But…I…”
“Oh, makes sense.” Vic looks at me. “Add harmony while you’re at it.”
“Wait, what?”
“Don’t screw up, Lana!” Mike yells from the drums.
I roll my eyes and grip the microphone tightly, before giving a long exhale. “Okay.”
Kellin points to Tony and he starts to play the opening. Jaime and Mike pick up as well, and Vic starts two counts after Mike. My heart begins to race as I try to figure out when to start. I’ll definitely sing Lindsey’s part, but I also want to sing more than that. So before Vic can open his mouth for the chorus, I start to sing.
“And as the sun went down we ended up on the ground. I heard the train shake the windows... You screamed over the sound. And as we own this night, I put your body to the test with mine. This love was out of control. Three, two, one, where did it go?”
“That’s my girl!” Mike screams over the sound of his drums, plus Tony and Jaime’s playing. Vic pulls me off the chair and tilts my chin up, as he starts the second verse. God, how lucky am I right now? I smile slightly and wait for the chorus again, which we sing together this time. Then Vic goes into the bridge, leaving me with Lindsey’s part.
"If you were me, you'd do the same... Cause I can't take anymore. I'll draw the shades and close the door. Everything's not alright and I would rather..."
During the pause in the lyrics, I look around at the faces of everyone watching. They’re all smiling and listening intently. My smile grows and I look up at he Vic, as he goes through the chorus alone, once more.
Tony and Jaime play us out and then everyone immediately busts into screaming. Kellin grins and claps obnoxiously. “See! I told you!” He says as he trots over, tossing my microphone to Beau.
“Lana’s officially perfect!” Vic sets his mic down and smirks.
“Mike’s dick is no longer worthy!” Tony yells.
“Unfortunately neither is yours.” Mike laughs from behind and scoops me up.
“LANA DEL REY, EVERYBODY!” He screams and throws me over his shoulder. “ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL?”
Justin Hills jumps up and down playfully. “I fucking love her! She’s a better lead than Vic!”
“Aw, fuck off!” Vic smirks and waves everyone away, before going over to get another beer.
“I’M THE BEST THERE EVER WAS!” I scream, as I dangle over Mike’s shoulder. Everyone busts into laughter, including Mike, who carries me up the bus steps. He then tosses me onto the fuckroom bed and flops down next to me, smiling innocently.
“I love you so much…” He murmurs, hugging his arms around my waist.
My heart stops and my eyes search his. “Are you a little more sober this time?”
“I only had two drinks tonight… That’s three less than in Las Vegas. Plus that was almost three weeks ago.” He rubs his one hand over my belly. “I’ve had a while to mature and think about my priorities.”
“And am I a priority in Mr. Michael Christopher Fuentes’ life?” I ask, beaming up at him.
“Well, duh!” He grins and kisses under my jaw. “Why do you think I wanted you to come on tour with us, silly goose?”
“Mmm…” I smirk and pull him on top of my body, before wrapping my legs around his waist. “Well, there’s a possibility that you could be using me to take out your strong sexual requirements.”
He shakes his head, while kissing down my neck. “I love you for more than that… I promise.”
I smile and stare up at the ceiling, while biting down on my bottom lip. “Well, I guess if you’re promising…”
“Don’t be a smartass.” He nibbles at my collarbone. “Tell me you love me…”
I push my fingers into his hair and he slowly looks back into my eyes. “I love you... With all of my heart.”
Mike smiles widely, his eyes shining into mine, even in the darkness. Then he kicks his shoes off and playfully presses his lips to mine. Giggling, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back hard.
In this moment, I realized nothing in my life could ever be more perfect. I am in love by the most amazing and passionate guy in the world, and he loves me back. He would do anything for me and I would do anything for him. He is the only man in my world, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon.

“Holy fuc—” Tony falls backwards and I grab his arm, nervously laughing my ass off.
“Get up! Run, you idiot!” I yank him to his feet and he runs ahead, holding onto the waistband of his jeans. When I’m out of range, I turn back around and watch as the firework shoots into the air, exploding into a purple circle against the black sky. When the colors disintegrate, I glare at Tony. “You almost got us both blown up!”
“It burned my fucking hand!” He whimpers childishly.
“Oh, boo, you whore.” Kellin chuckles and starts unwrapping another firework box.
“My hand is worth more than your fucking woman voice, Quinn!” Tony reaches into the cooler for a piece of ice.
Kellin ignores him and hands a box to Justin. “This is the last one of ours. Go help Lana light it.”
I look up from Mike’s silver lighter and then follow Justin to the center of the parking lot. He sets the tube down and watches me. “Don’t burn your han—”
“GO!” I squeal playfully and run past him.
Justin curses under his breath and bolts after me, laughing. I purposely run right into Mike, jumping up to him and giggling.
“Fuck.” He grunts and catches me, spilling his beer down the front of his shirt.
“Hi.” I smirk and press my forehead into his.
“You’re like a little fucking monkey...” He laughs and hugs me tightly.
“Sorry… Happy fourth, baby.” I yawn tiredly and nestle my face into his neck, watching as Beau and Jared light off some of their fireworks.
“Happy Independence Day, Lana…” Mike runs his fingers over my lower back and sighs, moving side to side gently. I remember the flash of a red firework and the comforting feeling of Mike’s fingertips, before my eyes close.


Just a little 4th of July chapter, since it was last week! Plus, I'm at home with nothing to do, so I wrote another chapter for my lovely readers.
Thank you for all the recent comments!!! <3
P.S. I'm going to skip ahead a bit after this chapter!


I love this so much !!<3

Thank you so much :) It really means a lot to me!!
cool :) and you are an amazing writer by the way
Thanks! I was possibly thinking that :)
omg this wedding and the story all together was absolutely amazing i loved it <3

you know what would be a cool idea would be a sequel but the plot surrounding Isabelle and her teen years or something like that. just an idea you don't have to do it or anything.