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You Don't Even Go Here


The boys are back in high school along with their witty friends Victoria and Nikki. If you've ever been in high school, or are in high school, then this ones for you. Romance, misadventures, drama, fights, and illegal drinking lead to some pretty interesting stories!

(Will also update characters anytime I add new ones!)


Ariella Stassi

Ariella Stassi

Vic's major crush and also the pretty girl. Doesn't exactly fit in with the "look" of the group (her words) but thinks they are cool. Always makes fun of her horoscope being a gemini and her "having two faces" because of it, but it may just be truer than spoken words. Popular and wealthy, Ariella seems to have it all.

Jaxon Michaels

Jaxon Michaels

A popular boy at the high school, Jaxon is athletic and well liked by most of the school's female population. He isn't the nicest, and he has a huge thing for Ariella too.

Nikki Daniele Britton

Nikki Daniele Britton

Victoria's best friend since the fourth grade and also good friends with the boys. Seems to work and have worked every job under the sun and usually is the one who provides all of the boys their coupons when touring and assist in financial endeavors for the group. She is basically bros with Jaime and is the gives the group her unadulterated wisdom when they need it. Usually the first one to go along with any of the boys terrible ideas.

Victoria Nicole Everette

Victoria Nicole Everette

Considered to be "one of the boys" along with her friend Nikki, Victoria befriended Vic their freshman year of high school and from there met the rest of the group. Her and Nikki get into all kinds of trouble with the boys in their misadventures, and while she is the most level headed of the squad, it doesn't take much convincing for them to drag her along with their crazy ideas.


  1. Hungover, Fun's Over

    After a night of partying the gang readies themselves for school the next day...possibly with a few hangovers. They talk about Valentines and what their plans are, and Vic makes sure to tell everyone not to forget band practice OR taco time.


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