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Without you, there is no me.

Chapter 2

It turns out I have three more classes with Mike at this shithole they call a school. So in total, we have Math, Biology, Foods, and World Civ. In each class we sit in the back and talk about how much each class blows. I was still a little stoned from lunch, but I managed to get by each class without being found out.

And every day went by the same. We sat in class together, got stoned and made out at lunch. It was perfect and l couldn't ask for more.

"Hey, I'm throwing a party this weekend at my house. There's gonna be weed and all the booze you can drink. You in?" Mike asked me at lunch.

I thought about it. My parents were out of town, I didn't have any siblings, so it could work. "Yeah totally."

"Sweet," Mike said as he took another hit and passed the joint to me.

I took a hit and started getting really giggly.

"You... Are really hot." I giggled.

"So are you." He looked at me with half-open eyes.

Then he pushed me up against the building and pressed his lips to mine. As our lips moved together, he grabbed my ass and I moaned, opening my mouth for his tongue to slip in. I reciprocated and his hands were places on my hips. He ran his hands up and down my sides, and I shivered at his touch. He grabbed my ass and I placed my hands on his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with the hair sticking out from under his hat. Then the bell rang.

"Fuck, I want you so bad." Mike whispered in my ear. As if I wasn't already turned on enough.

I walked up the doorstep to Mike's house. I knocked on the door and a guy answered the door. He was small and he looked like a junior.

"You must be Malia." He said with a smirk.

"Mike!" He called up the stairs. "Your girlfriend is here!" Mike came down and immediately retorted, "Senis not my girlfriend." "Come on in.," he said. And I walked in and sat in the couch next to a guy with very distinct dimples. "I'm Jaime." He said. "Malia." I replied. "Would you like a drink, Malia?" He handed me a beer. "Sure why not?" I laughed and took the fizzy drink. I swallowed a mouthful of it and it burned in the back of my throat. It tasted weird, but I continued drinking it. Soon, enough, the party got going and more people showed up.bmysic played really loud and I could no longer hear anyone who tried to talk to me. I saw Mike approach me and he grabbed my hand. "Come on." He said.

He led me to the side of the house and grabbed a joint from his box. He lit it and passed it to me. I took a long drag, making sure I was drunk AND high. Then he grabbed my hand again and led me to his room. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and he led me to the bed.

"You are so damn fine." He said.

He took off his shirt and kissed me on my neck. He bit softly down my collar bone. I slid off my dress, and he took of his pants. He slid the condom on. He started to tease me, running his fingers over my slit. He tore my panties off. I moaned and he went down on me. His tongue circled my clit and he slipped two fingers inside me.

"Fuck, Mike." I breathed.

His fingers went deeper and I spread my legs. His tongue changed direction and I pulled on his hair.

"Oh god, Mike. I-I'm close." He went faster, and right before I could in he pulled his fingers out. He shoved his cock deep inside me. He didn't go very far, yet it hurt like a bitch. He shoved deeper, spreading my legs wider, and the pain subsided. He went faster and deeper, and he reached down to rub my clit.

"Oh, Mike." I moaned his name.

"Yeah baby, cum with me." He said.

He looked into my eyes, and we started to climax.

He kissed me sloppily, and his tongue roamed my mouth as we moaned. I screamed a little and he gave me a smirk as we finished.

He got up and threw the condom away. I slipped my clothes back on, and he did the same. He gave me one kiss before we headed out the door.


So? Did you enjoy the party scene? I decided to make Mike and Malia go all the way this time. High and drunk. Haha well I hope you liked it! Cause I sure did! :D there's more where that came from. But wait... Where's Turtle? I'm sure you'll find him in the next chapter. Love you all! Comment, rate, and subscribe!


Not to pressure you, but when will the next update be?

You wrote really nicely! Can't wait for more!

Update again soon please!

@eliseypoo Thank you! I was worried I didn't do well enough, because it seems like every story I write I always fail. :c It actually seem like I'm doing well with this one though! ^-^
xKeroseneHearts xKeroseneHearts
Now that's the right way to start a story!
eliseypoo eliseypoo