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Floral and Fading (Tony Perry fanfiction)


Okay I’m seeing Oli today, I’m meeting him in deep ellum. I’m seeing him in 3 hours, I have no idea what to wear or how I’m doing my hair. I could feel my stomach tied a huge knot.

I dug through my closet and finally settled on a red plaid skirt, velvet black crop top, tights and my docs. I did my regular makeup and straightened my red velvet hair.

I wasn’t entirely sure if this is supposed to be a date or not. He probably just wants to hang out as friends right? There’s no way he could ever like me.. He’s way too out of my league.. Plus I’m a bit younger there’s isn’t much to do with me. I grabbed my keys and started to head toward my car. I put on some brand new and headed towards deep ellum.

Once I got there I texted Oli asking him where he was, I was too nervous to get out of my car. My whole body was shaking. My phone buzzed and Oli texted me back telling me to meet him at the shop. I finally got out of my car and started walking towards the shop, I made it towards the clear windows and saw Oli. Skinny jeans, and Camouflage shirt, jean jacket and a black beanie. He looked amazing, my heart started racing. Is it too late to turn back around and say I got sick? I feel like puking anyways.

No sky, you have to go in. You already asked him where to meet. Ugh. I took a deep breath and opened the doors and walked in.

Oli’s POV

I wonder where sky is, she texted me a while ago asking me where to meet. I told her meet me at the shop but she isn’t here yet, I hope she didn’t get lost or something. Did I give her the wrong address? Fuck, maybe I did and she went to the wrong shop.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by the bell going off at the shops door. I turned around to see a girl with red hair. It was sky, and holy shit she was more beautiful in person. I stared at her in awe for a moment.

“Is everything okay?” Sky asked with a confused look on her face.

She probably thinks I’m weird now. I replied, “Oh yeah I’m fine! It’s just pretty cool seeing you in person!”

“Oh sweet!” She responded back I noticed her cheeks starting to turn a bit pink, it was really cute.

I heard footsteps come up behind me, “Hey Oli ready to come on back?” I turned around to see Oliver signaling to go to his room. “Oh I didn’t know you were bringing someone!” Oliver said while moving past me so go meet sky.
“Hey I’m Oliver.” He said while holding out his hand.

“Hey there I’m sky!” She replied with a smile and shook his hand.

“Well nice to meet you! Ready to start heading back?” He asked starting to walk back to his room.

Sky’s POV

Oli sat in the tattooing chair and started his session, which surprisingly didn’t take that long just an hour and a half.

As Oli was paying Oliver, Oliver turned to me and asked, “Sky do you want anything done? It’ll be on the house?”

I look at Oliver shocked, “Wait really?”

“Yeah I have no one else scheduled for today!” Oliver said signaling to come to the back!

“Yeah sure! This is my first tattoo though!” I replied while following back to the room.

“Aww thats cute you’re a virgin!” Oli said behind me.

“Haha what?” I replied.

“Sorry I mean a tattoo virgin!” He explained

“Ohh hah yeah!” He replied.
“Have an idea of what you want?” Oliver asked

I sat myself in the tattoo chair and put my bag to the side, “ Umm would roses on my arm be alright? I wanna get them for my grandmother.”

“Yeah that’d be great! Lets get started!” Oliver started tattooing.

About 2 hours had passed and tattoo was done, I loved it so much and surprisingly didn’t hurt too bad! I left it black and white and I was in love it it!”Thank you so much Oliver I love it so much!” I started to get out my wallet, to tip him but I was stopped.

“Sky don’t worry about it I got it!” Oli put his hand and held my arm to stop me from progressing with taking out my wallet.

“Oh no Oli, it’s really…” I got interrupted again.

“Sky really, I got it don’t worry” He handed oliver the money, we waved bye to Oliver and left the shop.

We started to walk down the street, “Oli really thank you! I really appreciate it!”

“It was my pleasure! So where are we off to next?” He asked he said while walking a bit closer to me.

“Hmmm can we get food? I’m really hungry!” I asked while getting closer to him as well.

We walked and came across a burger place and got seated.


“Okay that was probably the best veggie burger I’ve ever had!” Oli said while putting his jacket back on.

I couldn’t help but stare, like I have Oli sykes with me right now. His eyes are beautiful, and his tattoos on his body are just holy damn.

“You okay sky?” Oli asked with a confused look on his face. Damn I must’ve stared longer than I planned, I could feel my cheeks turning red.

“Oh yeah everything's all good!” I looked down at the ground to my feet. To cover my blushing face. “It is getting late though I should start heading back home!”

“Where’d you park? I’ll walk you to your car.” Oli said, getting a little closer to me.

I pointed into the direction of my car, “Over there! And you don’t have to, It’s okay!”

“No, it’s fine! It gives me an excuse to spend more time with you.” He said while putting his arm around me and walking in the direction of the parking lot.

I felt the butterflies in my stomach start to form again, and a smile form on my lips. It felt so nice to have his arm around me while we were walking.

Once we got to my car, I started to reach into my bag to get my keys, but then Oli started speaking.

“I really had a great time with you today Sky, I wish we could hang out more, but I have a flight in the morning.” Oli said, I could see his eyes starting to look sad.

I grabbed his hand, “I had a great time with you too! I get to see you here in a few weeks though in LA!” I still feel the butterflies in my stomach.

“Yeah that’s gonna be a while though… I guess I gotta make it count.” As soon as he finishes his sentence he takes his hand to my chin and brings it up and just kisses me.

Feeling his lips on mine was amazing, he pulled away. “Sorry I’ve been wanting to do that all day.”

I was just still in shock, I just kissed Oli sykes. No, Oli sykes kissed me. “It’s okay I liked it.” I felt the curves of my mouth form into another smile.

“I’ll see you in a few weeks sky!” I gave me another hug and kissed my cheek.



Ooo Loving this story.... :) Update plz!

PiercetheStars PiercetheStars