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Floral and Fading (Tony Perry fanfiction)


buzz buzz buzz buzzz

I woke up to what sounded like a million bees, but it was just my phone spazzing out. I still had my eyes partially closed as I reached all over my side table till I finally felt the buzzing machine. As soon as I touched my phone it stopped buzzing, I turned to lay on my side.
“12 missed calls from Harley?” I felt my heart racing, she wouldn’t have called unless something happened, oh god… I quickly hit the redial button on my phone, after a few rings she finally picked up.

“Hello?” She said so calmly.
“HARLEY IS EVERYTHING OKAY?! I AM SO SORRY I WAS SLEEPING!” I yelled through the phone, anticipating for her to tell me the important news!
“Haha Sky calm down everything’s okay!” she said while giggling.
“Ughhh then why’d you call so many times? Did you need me to bring you hot pockets again? I told you last time, needing hot pockets is not an emergency!” I said making sure she heard the annoyance I was feeling in my voice. It was way too early for her to call that many times on a Saturday morning.
“Hey, hey, hey Hot Pockets are ALWAYS an emergency! But that wasn’t why I called! I gotta tell you in person, are you awake?” She said with excitement in her voice.
“Nahhh Harley, I’m sleep talking right now, not awake at all.” I said, sometimes I can be a little sarcastic in the mornings.
“Sorry, I was just wondering, but be ready in 5 minutes! I’m coming over!” She told me.
“Okay see you soon.” I said back before hanging up.

After putting my phone back on my side table, I threw my legs up and over to the side of my bed, I lacked the energy to actually sit up, so I kind of just rolled my body off. I went over to my drawer and pulled out my A day to remember homesick shorts and slipped those on my body. I grabbed the hair tie around my wrist and through my hair up into a messy bun and made my way over the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth, and then started to wash my face right after. As soon as I was done, I heard my door bell ring.

I walked out of my room into my living room to get the door, I peep through the hole to see a blue haired girl; wearing a glamour kills snapback, vans baseball tee and some dark grey jeans. I opened the door to see my best friend, with a look of pure excitement on her face!

“Hey babe! You look happy!” I said to her as she walked in!
“It’s cause I am! Okay what tour have we been dying to go on ever since we were 16?” she said not even trying to hide the huge smile forming on her face.
“Oh. My. God. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?!” I say trying not to jump up and down.
“YES! MEET MY FATE IS THE FINAL BAND THAT IS GOING TO BE ADDED TO THE WARPED TOUR LIST!” She said practically screaming and grabbing my shoulders!
“AHHHHHHHH!” I Scream breaking into my happy dance! I stop mid dance, “Wait, but warped is only 3 days away. How did we get added?!”
“Well Warped called Jenna and told her that they realized they had one last spot left on the list, So they put out post on twitter asking everyone who they want added as the last band! And thank you our amazing fans flooding their replies, they called Jenna and asked if they could book us for the whole entire summer!” She explained to me and I could feel an even bigger smile forming on my face and one on hers too.
We started dancing around the apartment for about 30 minutes until we got really tired and plopped down on my bed.

“Hey Harl?” I asked while having my body lay flat on my bed.

“Yeah Sky?” she said while looking at her phone, checking Instagram.

“Who is all playing warped this year?” I asked lifting my body up and sitting crossing my legs and facing her.

“Um let me check” She said while grabbing my laptop off my side table and searching the website. “Okay so it’s Tonight Alive, The Story So far, A Day to Remember, Dance Gavin Dance, Neck Deep, Sleeping with Sirens boys, Pierce the Veil and…” I stopped her before she could finish.

“Wait Pierce the veil?! Are you kidding me?!” I say while shaking her by her shoulders.

“Yes!” She said grabbing me by my shoulders too!

“We’ve had crushes on them since we were 16!!!!! Okay, okay we gotta play it cool.” I explained to her.

“Yeah… We don’t want our first impression to be us fan girling and fainting! If you keep your cool around tony, I’ll be calm around Vic!” She said to me.

“We just gotta stay chill and remember this is our scene too now, we gotta treat these amazing boys how we would treat all the other bands we met.” I said trying to keep my cool.

“I believe! But Sky.” She said with a worried look in her eyes.

“yeah?” I said with a confused look on my face.

“There’s one more band that’s going…” She said not even looking me in the eyes.

“Harl… Who else is going?” I said with my voice starting to shake, already knowing who she’s about to say.

“Bring the horizon, Oli is going to be with us all summer….”

“Oh no….” I felt my heart sink and stomach drop to what felt like oblivion.


hey guys! I havent written fanfiction in a while and I wanted to start again and actually complete it! Stay Lovely c:


this is where I put the outfits for each chapter!


Ooo Loving this story.... :) Update plz!

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