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The Perfect Girl


Abigail Smith. Fun loving selfless teen with a beautiful personality and body. Very popular and everyone does what she asks however she isn't snobby unlike wannabe girls. Every guys dream girl. Very distant with her feelings doesn't let anyone behind the walls she's built. Track, soccer, skating, swimming, and dance are her main sports and she is the captain of all 5. Straight A student is literally the meaning of perfect. She does what she wants and doesn't let anyone stop or help her. But does that all apply when she gets home and closes the door?


Abigail Smith

Abigail Smith

16 years old || Aspiring Guitar player, very curvy due to being over weight as a kid, not into love... but why? (Summary describes her already)

Daniel Richardson

Daniel Richardson

16 years old || Very popular Captin of the football, soccer, and swim team. Every girl in school has a crush on him even girls out of school. All except Abigail which he thinks is playing hard to get. Has a huge crush on her since 7th grade.


  1. First Day Survival

    Fresh meat!


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