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Beauty Queen in Tears


three times where he was willing to move the world for her but she was too scared.
one time where she realized she wanted only him but he was long gone.


Anna(lynn) Campbell

Anna(lynn) Campbell

Sugar and spice and everything nice. Anna's the type of person who lets her homeless best friend crash on her couch free of charge. She also bakes for fundraisers, volunteers at the soup kitchen, and spends her weekends at the old folks home.

Sydney Reinaldo

Sydney Reinaldo

Sarcasm comes as second nature to her. She's the kind of girl that was practically born with a boyfriend. Spoiled but not rotten.


  1. one.

    dropping glasses just to hear them break;

  2. two.

    baby come through, you deserve a round;

  3. three.

    a long shot, don't even take this bet;

  4. four.

    nights like these don't happen anymore;

  5. five.

    i'd like to give you what you need;

  6. six.

    show me your heart of stone;

  7. seven.

    highlight of my lowlife;

  8. eight.

    want it more and more;

  9. nine.

    last night's love affair;

  10. ten.

    faithfulness at it's finest;

  11. eleven.

    harder than you know;


Great chapter im loving this story a lot

creatures624 creatures624

I just about shit myself when I saw you had updated. This story is so captivating, and from the onset drags readers into its web. I adore this, and I am ecstatic you have decided to continue it. Cannot wait for more!


I read the first chapter and i really like it and it funny and ill be reading the rest you doing a great job and omg yess the Adelaide Kane is so beautiful she is great actor

creatures624 creatures624

I adore this so far! The thought to detail, such as the relatibility of Sydney's character and her storyline, make the story much more interesting and enjoyable, a quality not always present in online stories. As a result, I am so excited to see how the summary you gave will tie into the story, and I wholly intend to stick around and find out. You have a real piece of art here; can't wait to see your further interpretation of it.