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Crash (on hold)


Audrey has been dancing since she can remember. It's all she has ever done and has ever been good at. She even works as a professional dancer.

But then she gets into a car crash. She wakes up not being able to move her legs anymore. The doctors tell her that it isn't likely she will ever use them again. Her life crashes down around her as she looses everything she ever loved. Her job, her friends and her passion. Without dancing she feels like she nothing really matters in this world and spirals down into a depression.

She ends up in a wheel chair and that is hard for her, because now she can only watch how her friends not only dance, but also walk and run. Things she won't ever get to do again

Tony who caused the car crash, decides to meet the girl. When he hears her story, he wants to help her. But does she want to be helped?


Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose

24 years old. Is a proffesional dancer and dancing is practically her whole world. Because she is so busy with training, she doesn't have much time for love or friendship outside the rehearsal room

Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose

28 years old and Audrey's big brother. He is a music teacher on a high school in San Diego. He is normally really laid back, but he is quite protective of Audrey.

Lilly Rubens

Lilly Rubens

only 18 years old and Audrey's best friend. Audrey is kind of protective over her.

Lisa Shields

Lisa Shields

25 years old and leader of Audrey's group. The group and its succes goes before anything else to her.

Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose

Audrey's mother. She moves in with Audrey immediateky after the car crash and tries to take care of her. Even though they have a good bond, this drives them apart as Audrey really doesn't want to be helped.

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

30 years old and lead guitarist of Pierce The Veil. He accidently hits a girl with his car and visits her in the hospital. When he learns that he took away her only passion, he tries desperately to make things right.



Drama (Llama)!

Sorry didn't tag you in the last one
+ i wanted to help you get more famous ;)

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and seeeee
i'm just a poor boy, i need no sympathy.
because easy come easy go
little high little low
any where the wind blows doesn't really matter to me to me
mama, I just killed man, put gun against his head pulled the trigger now he is dead
(i can go on the entire 6 minute song XD)

thank you

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality! (not going to continue or you'll have the whole song lyrics in your comments xD)
It's the dream! It's a good dream, I'm happy you left it in.
And look at that. My story in your comments! WOOOO!

Ohh! I know a great italian movie. It's called 'la vita e bella' it's really weird, but also really beautiful. It has won oscars and shit.