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The Diary (Sequal To The Pact)

With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear

“I don’t know, Casey” I said as I let my hands travel down the black lace of my dress. It was formfitting, so everything was visible. Not to mention short, it only reached until my mid-thighs. And I haven’t even mentioned the worst thing about it all. “My boobs are almost falling out of the dress! I can’t wear this!” I said, still looking at myself in the mirror. The only thing I really liked about the dress was the choker that was attached to it. It made the whole look edgy.
Casey was sitting on her bed and was applying her burgundy red lipstick with the motions of a professional. She popped her lips at the little mirror in her hands and smiled at the result. “That’s what we are going for, Luna. You’ve got to tease him a little. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with showing people what you are working with.” She said as she started to make a straight line over her eyelid with black eyeliner.
I sighed and tried to stretch the material of the dress a little further over my breasts, it didn’t work, though. My small cup B now looked like it was at least cup C, but I didn’t think I liked that a lot. “Firstly: I don’t need to show anything to anyone. Secondly: I don’t need to tease Vic. I’m only going to say this once more, Casey. He. Has. Got. A. Girlfriend.” With every word I said, I tugged at the material of the dress.
Casey let out a breath and lied down her eyeliner and mirror. She stood up from her bed and walked over to me like a runaway model on her black heels. No matter what, I was always going to be the clumsy, boyish friend of us two. We always joked that her spirit animal was a majestic cat and mine a panda. I think that says enough.
She laid her hands down on my shoulders and looked me in the eye. “One: stop tugging at your dress, you look freaking hot. Two: your boobs are awesome, don’t worry. Three: It’s his problem that he has got a girlfriend. You’re allowed to show him what he is missing out on.” She said. I was about to protest, but she silenced me again. “Stop objecting, leave that dress on and let me do your hair and make-up. There’s no way you’re going to get out of this.” She said as she let go of my shoulders and sat down at the edge of the bed.
I rolled my eyes, but went along with it. I really didn’t feel like fighting with Casey about this. So I walked over to the bed and sat down on the floor before Casey’s legs. As soon as I sat down, she pulled my hair out of the ponytail it was in and started to brush my hair. I had no idea what she was going to do with it, but I just let her, because she was way better at these kind of things anyway.
As she was doing my hair, I looked around Casey’s room. It had light blue walls and white furniture. The most special thing about Casey’s room, were all the little things scattered around her room. Next to the window she had placed several little, bronze statues of Roman and Greek gods. In her book shelves, that were filled with fantasy books and several torn up copies of Harry Potter, she had placed several colorful gems. And on her walls were posters of wolves and bands she really enjoyed. I could spend hours looking around Casey’s apartment, because I discovered something new every time.
My eye eventually fell on my purse that I had thrown on the floor as soon as I had come in. A crème colored piece of paper had fallen out of it and was half in the purse and half on the floor. It was the invitation I had gotten for the Christmas gala I was going to this evening. It was of Rise Records and I had doubted for a long time if I should actually go or not. I was not really good with crowds and fancy things and I was quite sure this was going to be an elegant party. The girls were going to look like princesses and the men were going to show up in suits. It was even in this big mansion that was supposed to be a very fancy building.
I was invited because I produced the Pierce the Veil album and they were signed to Rise Records. Danny was invited too, but he had another big Christmas party which he was going to attend, so that was also one of the reasons why I first didn’t want to go either. Luckily it wasn’t on Christmas day, because I would’ve said hell to the no if that was the case. I was going to spend Christmas around the fire place with warm chocolate and my two favorite people: my sister and my dad.
When I told Casey about the gala she practically forced me to go. She said that it would be good for me to be out there more, but I’m sure she just wanted to go herself because she heard Kellin Quinn was going to be there. She had a huge celeb crush on him and she needed me to get her in, because we were allowed to bring intros. Al though I was quite sure that was supposed to be for partners and not for noisy best friends. Ah well, we were just going to need to act like a lesbian couple if we got caught or something.
When Casey was done pulling at my hair, she spun me around and let me face her. She didn’t even give me time to look at myself before she started to paint my face with foundation. From the fact that I didn’t feel any hair in my neck anymore, I figured that my hair had to be up. Every time I tried to touch it, Casey shot me a death glare though, so I couldn’t really figure out any more.
She told me a few times what she was doing, but I had no idea if I was looking any good. Knowing Casey, I was probably going to look awesome. That girl had the best make-up skills ever. I would advise her to become a make-up artist, but that would be a shame. She was a very good writer nowadays and I always pretty much enjoyed her stories. Her books were about fantasy creatures, about gods, myths and other mysterious things. Her writing was poetic and emotional. I really didn’t get why she hasn’t been on a bestseller list yet. Al though I was pretty sure her next book was going to be. I had read short parts of it and it was simply brilliant.
Of course working as a writer didn’t pay that much, so she mostly taught history on a local high school to pay the bills. Al though she earned more than me, she still had a few struggles with money too. Mostly because she was kind of used to be able to being able to afford the best clothes and the most expensive jewelry. Her family weren’t millionaires, but they were fairly rich and I guess it was hard for her to be on her own because of that. Which is understandable of course.
“Okay done.” Casey eventually said, after she had put the lipstick ‘Sagittarius’ by Jeffree Star on my lips. It was the only thing I was wearing that actually was mine. The dress and earrings were Casey’s.
I stood up and walked cautiously over to the full body mirror at the other side of the room. Before I was able to reach it, Casey called out: “Heels!” and picked up the shoes that I had borrowed from Casey. I put them on and walked over to the mirror.
I didn’t recognize myself. I was a completely different person. This person actually wore dresses and could walk in high heels. This person had accentuated cheek bones and smoky eyes with white glittering eyeshadow. This girl had long legs and beautiful curves that weren’t hidden under over-sized shirts this time.
I actually looked good. I mean, as long as I wasn’t standing next to Casey, who looked like a fucking runaway model (which she was, this girl has literally modeled in the past), I was going to be okay. I mostly liked my hair that was up in a messy hairdo and a braid covered the top of my head like a crown.
“So, what do you think?” Casey said as she stood up from the bed and stood next to me. She wore similar shoes as me and wore a tights black dress that made all her curves look beautiful. Her white hair fell was curly instead of straight now.
I smiled at her through the mirror. “I love it, Casey. Maybe this is not going to be as bad as I thought it was going to be.” I said happily. I knew that she knew I was dreading this.
She shot me a reassuring smile too and threw her arms around me in a hug. “It’s going to be okay, baby. I’m going to be there too and you look like a total knock-out.” She said with her soothing voice and she placed a small kiss on the top of my head. I hugged her back, but kept my eyes on the mirror. This kind of helped me get more confidence about everything. Not just the clothes and the make-up, but also the reassurance of my friend. I wasn’t the most confident person, but I always gained a little strength whenever Casey was with me. It was like she lent me a little of her own strength.


I walked over the light-pink, marble floor, my feet already starting to ache, even though I had only been in heels for ten minutes. That wasn’t the only con about heels. I mean, I loved heels. They were classy and made my legs look super long even though they weren’t. But I always had the feeling like I looked like a baby duck while walking on them. I had asked Casey a few times if I walked funny, but she had told me every time that I didn’t. I still felt like I did, though. Definitely when I looked at my side and saw that Casey herself looked like a Bond-girl walking on them. She just looked like a Bond-girl in general to be honest.
My aching feet and duck-walk kind of distracted me from the overall beauty of this place. The walls had the same soft pink shade as the floor and the ceiling was so high, that we could’ve placed a giraffe in it. With the amount of money the person who lived here probably had, I was sure they would be able to afford a giraffe. If pet laws would allow it. We were only in the hall, but it was already decorated in a sophisticated, classical style. The that candles hung from the wall, a big chandelier hung from the sky and the wide, marble stairs in front of me, made me feel like I was in a Jane Austen novel. Which made me quite happy, since she was still my favorite author ever. Thirteen years didn’t change that.
Me and Casey followed the signs of the people that stood against both sides of the wall, leading us to the marble stairs. As we walked on it, Casey a lot more comfortable than me, we could already hear the sounds of talking and music getting clearer and clearer. I listened carefully, since I was really curious what kind of music would be played on an event like this. It was a fancy event, but mostly alternative acts signed to Rise Records. When we came at the top of the stairs, I heard it was just a Christmas song, which kind of disappointed me somehow. I kind of expected something more unique.
I looked around the big, ballroom style room as soon as soon as I had survived the stairs. This ceiling was even higher and the walls were decorated with Christmas lights that shown a warm and romantic light on the room. The windows, that were in the wall across from us, almost stretched out over the length of the wall and revealed the dark winter sky. Even though winter still didn’t mean the same in California as my definition of winter. I had gotten attached to this state, but I still missed the snowy or even rainy Christmases’ I had back in England.
Casey took hold of my hand and let me through the room of people. Some were talking on the side, others were dancing on the dance floor. I took in some of the people in this place. Everyone was dressed in either a dress or a suit, but some looked like they didn’t really feel at ease with it, just like me. Some people had bright colored hair and some had tattoos over their bodies and some had both. Somehow, some of these people actually looked good in their formal clothes. I was fascinated by how they had managed to make their outfit edgy, but not weird-looking. One of the best in that aspect was a girl that was standing near the bar. Her hair was a warm, pink color, with dark brown roots. Over her arms were colorful, elegant tattoos, that merged perfectly with her black dress. The combination of her simple, dress and straight hair, made her look a little old-fashioned, but somehow it looked still trendy and elegant on her.
Casey stopped walking near the dance floor, but was smart enough not to stand in the middle of it. “Do you see anyone you know?” she asked me as she scanned over the people in the room. Al though I was pretty sure she wasn’t going to find anyone she knew here.
I quickly looked around, but didn’t see any familiar faces. “Nope. I knew this was a bad idea. I don’t know anyone here either. Just the guys of Pierce the Veil and I doubt they would be glad to have me here. Since I have lied again and besides, they’re probably all here with their girlfriends. I would only be in the way.” I said, already feeling uncomfortable in my fancy clothes, in this fancy room, surrounded by fancy people.
Casey was still looking over all the people in the room and rolled her eyes. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Luna. You’re here now, so enjoy it.” She said. “I really hope we get to see Kellin Quinn, though. You can introduce me to him, right?”
I chuckled and let out a sigh. “Firstly: I have never met the guy in real life and secondly: He is very, very married, Casey.” I laughed. My friend was so unbelievably stubborn sometimes.
“I can still talk to him…and it wouldn’t be my fault if he chose me over her.” She said matter-of-factly.
I busted out laughing and shook my head. “Please don’t make me regret taking you here. You’re really close to doing so.” I said.
Before she could say anything back, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and was faced with the girl with the pink hair. She had a friendly smile on her face and a glass of white wine in her other hand. “Hey, you’re Luna, right? I wasn’t entirely sure, but I thought: well fuck it, I’ll just ask her.” She said smiling.
I smiled back at her. I was pretty sure that I recognized her from something now I saw her from up close, but I couldn’t really think of what it was again. “Uhm, yeah. I’m Luna. And you are?...” I asked. I was afraid it was a long lost friend of mine or something and that she would be offended if I didn’t recognize her, but I really couldn’t recall who she was.
She chuckled and handed me her hand. “I’m Alysha.” She said. As soon as I heard her name, it came back at me. This was Mike’s girlfriend. No, I didn’t secretly know her too, but I had seen her on pictures. The reason why I didn’t recognize her before was because she had blonde hair on the last picture I saw of her.
“Oh hey!” I said enthusiastically as I took her hand and shook it. She seemed surprisingly friendly. Not that she had seemed like a mean person on the pictures, I just knew out of experience that lots of people in the entertainment world weren’t what they seemed to be. It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you had seen her face, that she was actually also a model.
She took back her hand and looked at me from head to toe. “Wow, you look even more beautiful than Vic and Dani have told me. If you’re ever considering a modeling career, just give me a call. You would do amazing!” she said enthusiastically. I was a bit taken back by the fact that Vic and Danielle had described me as ‘beautiful’ to her.
I chuckled and tried to politely shake my head. It wasn’t her fault that the thought of me as a model was hilarious to me. “Sorry, I’m not really the model type. Although, I’m sure Casey would love to do it.” I said mentioning to my best friend next to me. Only when I had said it, I realized I had suggested Mike’s ex to his current girlfriend. I shut up about it, though, because I thought it was better to postpone the drama as long as I could.
Alysha looked over Casey and made an approving nod. “You’re very hot too. Would you be up for it?” she asked.
Casey smiled and I noticed that she straightened her posture just a little bit. “Yeah of course. I haven’t modeled in a bit, but I would be up for it.” She said, seemingly happy about the fact that she could model again. “I’m Casey.”
Alysha took her hand and shook it. “I’m Alysha. Nice to meet you.” She said, the friendly smile still on her face. “Why don’t you guys come stand with us? You’re standing all alone here.”
Before I could protest in any way, Casey had already answered her. “Yeah! It would be nice to see the guys of PTV again after all those years.” She said as she and Alysha started walking towards the other side of the room. I walked close behind them.
“Oh, did you know them too?” Alysha said ignorantly. Suddenly it hit her. “Wait…your name was Casey right?” she said and I could hear in her voice that she just realized something.
Oh no. This couldn’t go right. If Alysha had heard about me, then she had definitely heard about Casey too. I didn’t know this girl, we had no idea how she was going to react. I doubt Mike has said many nice things about her.
The things I heard them scream to each other in the last days of their relationship were actually horrible.
“You don’t understand, Mike! You keep talking and talking, but you don’t hear what I’m saying! If you like talking so much, go have relationship on your own!”
“I don’t understand?! I DON’T UNDERSTAND, ALRIGHT! Everything you say is bullshit. You’re only out to get me!”
“That’s not true! I always try to do- “
“No, you’re not! You just come in and blame me for everything!”
“See! You didn’t let me finish! You’re not listening!”
“Go to hell! Stop bossing people around and look at your own faults! You think you’re perfect, don’t you?!”
“You didn’t just!” The sound of someone hitting the other echoed through the room. “This only proves that you don’t know me at all! Even after all these years! At least I don’t ignore my own family for years!”
I came back to reality. This fight always kind of stayed with me, because they had both been sad after that fight. I had found both of them crying only a few minutes after this had gone down. Casey because she didn’t think high of herself. On the contrary, she thought very low of herself. And Mike because Casey hit him with the thing he regretted most.
“Yeah, why?” Casey asked a bit confused. I should’ve introduced Alysha to Casey as Mike’s girlfriend, because now there was a bomb about to be dropped.
Before Alysha could answer, we had arrived at our destination. Casey turned around and was faced with a just as startled Mike. Next to him were the other guys, all wearing suits. Next to Tony stood a small girl with dark hair and pale skin. She had a cute and friendly face and wore a dark red bodycon dress. Danielle stood next to Vic and was wearing a light pink dress that fitted her perfectly. I looked at Jaime, but didn’t see Jess next to him. Which I was disappointed about, even in this situation, because Jess was the only one that was already around before I left San Diego. She was an old friend of mine.
Every single one of the group of people looked at Casey and Mike, who stood face to face. From every single expression was fear readable. There was still a good chance they wouldn’t blow up in each other’s faces, right? Maybe they had grown up? ...Okay no, we were doomed.
The startled look of Mike turned into an annoyed one and almost at the same time, Casey’s did the same. “Ugh, why are you are here?” Mike asked irritated. From his face was readable that he still blamed her for the break up. Well, at least he didn’t yell…yet.
Casey rolled her eyes and put both of her hands on her hips. “I can be here if I want to. You don’t own this place.” She said and I could hear from her voice that she was already having trouble not to yell.
“You could’ve known I would be here.” Mike scoffed. I suddenly remembered what an ass he could be if he wanted to be. He had been so mature since I first saw him again, but now it felt like time had been turned back and it was 2003 all over again.
“You’re the one having a problem here. I don’t care that you’re here.”
“Yeah right.”
“It has been thirteen years, Mike. I’m not that childish.”
Mike opened his mouth again, but before he could say anything back, Tony spoke up. “Casey, your hair is white instead of blue now…Wow” he said awkwardly. He was obviously just saying the first thing on his mind, before the conversation he interrupted would go the wrong way. I chuckled and shot Tony a thumbs up.
Casey first looked a bit annoyed at Tony, but contained herself. I must say that I was fairly proud of her. “Yeah, I got sick of the blue one day. I kind of miss it now, but I’m thirty-four, so I guess it really isn’t an appropriate color anymore.” She said politely to Tony. Who was listening interested.
“This suits you very much too.” He said smiling. He then turned to me. “Luna, you’ve already met Alysha, Mike’s girlfriend.” Casey turned pale and tried not to look at the pink haired girl. “This is my girlfriend. Erin.” He said and mentioned to the pretty girl next to him.
The girl smiled and took my hand. “Hey, it’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.” She said, shaking my hand. I was definitely wondering what the guys had been telling about me. Danielle had already heard about me before too and Alysha even recognized me.
I smiled back at Erin and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you too.” I said. I would say to her that I had heard a lot about her too, but I guess that would be kind of creepy since Tony hadn’t spoken a lot about her yet and all the information I had gathered of her was from social media.
Casey introduced herself to her too and to Danielle and gave the rest of the guys a hug, afterwards she got into a conversation with Jaime. I looked around and locked eyes with Danielle, who shot me an awkward smile. Would it be appropriate to go talk to her and Vic now? Where they still mad at me? They probably would be, but I had the feeling like I could fix this faster if I’d just be nice to the two of them. Because I did realize that I wanted to fix this.
I walked over to the couple and Danielle immediately went in for a hug, which I didn’t see coming, so I held back. Which resulted in Danielle holding back, when I went in for a hug. We both laughed awkwardly and then actually hugged each other. “You look very pretty, Dani.” I told her as soon as I let go of her.
She smiled and looked over my appearance. “Thank you. You too. Look at you, wearing a dress!” She said and I chuckled. Everyone who knew me at least a little bit, knew that I never wore dresses. Even in the time my mom still picked out my clothes, I refused to wear dresses or skirts. The skirts that belonged to my school uniform in England were an exception of course.
I looked down over my body. “I know! I feel so uncomfortable, but Casey kind of forced me. My feet are already aching and my boobs are falling out of my dress. It’s a nightmare.” I said as I looked up again and saw that Danielle was laughing.
She shook her head. “Don’t worry, you look awesome. Your boobs look great.” She said.
“Told you so!” I heard Casey shout from a few feet away. Which made me and Danielle bust out in laughter again.
When we were done laughing, I finally picked up the courage to look at Vic. He looked at us with a weird look and had his hands in the pockets of his dress pants. He wore a simple black suit with a white shirt underneath it and a black tie. Overall he just looked amazing. Vic in a suit had always kind of been a weakness of mine, so I quickly looked away before the butterflies in my stomach would start racing even faster. “It’s still kind of weird to me that you guys know each other.” He said, but the anger of last time had completely disappeared from his voice. A mixture of uncomfortableness and laughter had taken its place.
“Yeah, about that. I’m sorry about the whole drama two weeks ago. I really hope we can still be friends. I know I’m a fuck up sometimes. But I really meant well.” I said, making sure to look at both of them. So they’d know it was talking to them both.
They looked at each other briefly with a surprised look on their faces and then looked back at me. “You’re forgiven.” Vic said to my surprise. The smile on his face told me that he meant it. I hadn’t seen him since the whole thing with Danielle, but he just let me get away with it somehow. It made me realize that I couldn’t really figure him out like I used to anymore. Ever since I had seen him again after those thirteen years, he had done things I couldn’t have predicted. I guess it was because he had changed a lot and not in a bad way. It just meant that I had to get to know him all over again. And that made me both afraid and excited.


heeyyyy guys!

Yay, I'm back! And I've got a lot planned for this story now!

I know this chapter isn't really good. I was so excited for this and it isn't really good which makes me kind of mad, but yeah. I wanted to update too, so I just put it up.




@Jesse Provau
Aawww that's so sweet! It means a lot that you like it!

I have a lot of work to do at college lately, but I promise as soon as All that is over I will comtinue writing this! I haven't forgotten this story!

I will definitely follow you on ig btw! You seem like a very sweet person!

For starters : this is a wonderful story. i spent the past few days beige reading this a work (thank god for slow days at an office job). secondly, you have great writing skills, i hope you continue to explore those further. lastly, please update soon; IM HOOKED

- Jesse a 22 year old HUGE PTV fan and new fan of YOU(:

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Omg! I'm so sorry! But I'm happy you thought it was worth it :)

I waited so long for an update and it was worth it

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