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Tables Turned


Savannah was a simple, nature loving gal that was forced to move to San Diego for college in her 3rd year of studies. She ends up sharing a dorm with two guys and this girl; well read to find out what happens. College never seems so fun?


Ben Barlow

Ben Barlow

Ben is a foreign exchange student that befriends Savannah in college. He is extremely sweet to her and it causes some unwanted drama.

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Jaime is the life and soul of every situation but he gets dragged down with Mikes bad temper. He doesn't understand the problem but soon figures out Mikes plans.

Lynn Gunn

Lynn Gunn

Lynn is a total nerd at heart but tries to seem cool to impress Savannah. She never really had many girl friends in school so when the opportunity to become friends with Svannah came up, she decided to try extremely hard.

Mike Fuentes.

Mike Fuentes.

Mike is a freshman at San Diego, rooming with his pal Jaime. He doesn't like Vic's new found obsession and tries to sabotage it.

Savannah Lewis

Savannah Lewis

Savannah is a fun loving, friendly girl from Oregon. Her dad decides to transfer her to San Diego state university while she's in her 3rd year of studying. She has to leave her friends and boyfriend behind but soon begins to forget the life she left behind.

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Tony is one of Savannahs new roommates, he's quiet and reserved but before she knows it, he's like her best friend.

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

Vic is a psychology and graphics major at San Diego state, he's a witty guy with a lot of friends and girls desperate to date him. But someone untraceable catches his eyes.


  1. High School Never Ends

    An intro into Savannah's life.

  2. Your Bridges are Burning

    Savannah experiences her first day at San Diego State.

  3. Bend the Rules Until they Break You

    Svannah goes out with Ben to explore San Diego then speaks to Vic, where he's actually nice to her?!?

  4. I Kissed a Girl

    Savannah becomes friends with Lynn and sees Vic in another light.

  5. Sex

    Savannah finds out Ben's Welsh and then speaks to Vic about something embarassing.

  6. Dance All Night

    Savannah and Vic talk about their childhood and then her boyfriend Jake makes an appearance.

  7. Do What You Want With My Body

    Savannah gets her heart broken.

  8. What Are You So Scared Of?

    Savannah wakes up in Vic's room.

  9. Fuck his Money

    Savannah tells Ben about her breakup and then things get a little emotional between her and Vic.

  10. It's Chemicals

    Savannah and her friends go to a lake.

  11. Drowning Lessons

    Savannah seeks Vic's help but at a strange cost.

  12. All Hype, No Heart

    Savannah finds out some pretty big secrets.

  13. I Hope You Get Your Ballroom Floor

    Savannah tells Lynn the news and then jumps forward to the ball.

  14. In Too Deep

    Savannah gets picked by someone and learns she has more in common with them that she would ever have thought.

  15. Still Waiting

    Savannah finds out who the mystery guy is.

  16. You & I

    Savannah makes her choice.

  17. The World Seems Brighter Today

    Savannah and Vic wake up to their new romance.

  18. Run

    Savannah, Vic and Lynn go on a trip to Boston!

  19. Boston Manor

    Lynn finally tells her parents that she's gay but it doesn't end well

  20. Tell Your Boyfriend, If He Says He's Got Beef

    Savannah gets an odd phone call and a cheesy moment with Vic

  21. Up In Smoke

    Savannah skips forward to the end of the college year and has a difficult talk with Vic.

  22. The Ambulances Sing

    Savnnah meets someone on the bus and it helps her change her mind.

  23. Tables Turned

    You put the fun in funeral.


It killed me to write I hated doing it but not many do write that kinda shit. It was fun!

Colourfultears Colourfultears

omg i think my heart just broke in two this story made me fangirl so hard and then i was like super happy she was going back for him them BOOM im deaad!

The ending hurt so bad, but in all it was a great story (:


My heart broke but I feel a sense of happiness too! :)

Gem_Jar93 Gem_Jar93