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So Lock and Load


Vic cant really handle the shit that has been happening since the passing of his parents. His uncle and his brother move him to Michigan to try to get him up and happy again, to make new friends and forget. It isn't working at all but what will happen when he sees a certain blue-eyed boy at a music shop?

i dont own Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens or any other bands i might mention no matter how fun that would be

if you're extremely closed minded and/or a homophobe, i highly suggest you do not read this

i suck at summaries, uh...enjoy


Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Vic's brother

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes


  1. i swear to god i'm gonna change the world

  2. darlin' you'll be alright

  3. Blood

    title inspiration- My Chemical Romance

  4. Where were you?

    title inspiration: Memphis May Fire

  5. It Feels so Early

    title inspiration: Pierce the Veil

  6. I'm so sorry

    title inspiration: Asking Alexandria

  7. Currents Convulsive

    Title inspiration: Pierce The Veil

  8. i see the smoke

    title inspiration: The Guillotine- Escape The Fate

  9. Another boy Without a sharper knife

    Title credit: Pierce the Veil

  10. Here we go

    Title credit: Sleeping with Sirens

  11. A Church of Lies

    title credit: Black Veil Brides

  12. hold your head

    Title inspiration: Escape the Fate

  13. Show Me the Way

    title inspiration: Attack Attack

  14. We're all part of the same Sick Little games

    Title Credit: All time Low

  15. I Cant hate the ones who made me

    title credit: You me at six


I love this story so much :

Hmm if you want to rewrite it I'd say upload it as a new story. Cuz I really like it as is, but ultimately it's up to you(= I support which ever you choose to do!
CameronZane CameronZane
Both work, I mean, if you can find the time to rewrite it, that would be cool, I would like to read it :3 But I don't think it was that bad, you know, so if it would be easier for you to continue, it would be fine too. I'm interested to see where this goes ;)
Maybe rewrite it, I don't know, it very much depends on what you feel like doing.
And, thanks for the cookie XD
KingForADay KingForADay
haha I just love how you said, "time lapse because I’m too lazy to write the rest of the day." my thought is AMEN MOTHERFUCKER.
lonely_star lonely_star
xD that's so awesome. seriously that comment made my day
diamond_bullet diamond_bullet