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The New Member


Neighbours, best friends, roommates, and now the new member?
Noortje becomes friends with the Pierce The Veil guys, and they soon become inseparable. However, there are many things that haunt her that the guys don't know about. What happens when these demons slowly come out and reveal themselves?
Will she make a mistake again? Will people try to hurt her again? But most importantly, will her friendship with the guys remain?

Warning! Might be triggering

(All images are from google)


Annika Ottlinger

Annika Ottlinger

Noortje's sister

Ewout Ottlinger

Ewout Ottlinger

Noortje's brother



Noortje's Ex, Australian

Luke Harrison

Luke Harrison

A guy Noortje meets on the plane. Is Noortje's and Tony's Neighbour

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith

Old lady that Noortje knows from the graveyard

Nicole Ottlinger

Nicole Ottlinger

Noortje's Mother

Noortje Ottlinger

Noortje Ottlinger

Moved to America for 'job opportunities'. Meets Vic first, but soon gets to meet the rest of the trouble. Plays the guitar just for fun and has an extensive collection of new and old guitars.

Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil

You probably know these guys



Has something to do with Noortje's haunting past.



Ewout's boyfriend / Noortje's best friend from highschool

Willem Ottlinger

Willem Ottlinger

Noortje's Dad


  1. The Beginning

    Noortje starts her story

  2. The Crazy Chick

    Noortje tells the story of how she met the others

  3. The Detachement

    A question is asked which brings back bad memories

  4. The Next Step

    Vic and Noortje go home

  5. The One Who Knows

    Noortje spills her secret

  6. The Argument

    Noortje wakes up

  7. The Proposal

    Lots of conversation

  8. The Move

    Noortje moves in

  9. The Memory

    Noortje has a flashback

  10. The Jack

    Things get resolved... a bit

  11. The Embarrassment

    Something happens between Tony and Noortje

  12. The Runaway

    Vic makes a bet

  13. The Announcement

    An important announcement is made and there is some action

  14. The Denial

    Tony and Noortje deny what happened

  15. The Rehearsal

    Noortje gets mad at Vic

  16. The Super Awesome Master Plan

    Vic's plan takes action and Noortje and Tony have a laugh

  17. The Nausea

    Noortje feels a bit under the weather

  18. The Accident

    Something bad happens on stage

  19. The Wake Up

    Noortje finds herself in a hospital

  20. The Hospital

    Tony and Noortje wake up

  21. The Release

    Tony and Noortje leave the hospital

  22. The Sleepwalking

    Vic walks in on something

  23. The Mental Breakdown

    Tony locks himself up

  24. The Phone Call

    Noortje gets a phone call from someone unexpected

  25. The Shock

    Noortje and Tony get home and Vic recalls something

  26. The Surprise

    Noortje finds out if she is pregnant

  27. The Interview

    Pierce The Veil arrives in France

  28. The Hometown

    Vic has a surprise for Noortje

  29. The Family Reunion

    Shit goes down

  30. The Interruption

    Tony goes out to find Noortje

  31. The Morning After

    Tony and Noortje go on a 'secret' outing

  32. The Graveyard

    Noortje and Tony come back

  33. The Restaurant

    Tony and Noortje cause everyone to be late.

  34. The Nightmare

    Noortje is left alone for a bit

  35. The New Me

    Noortje starts overthinking

  36. The Attack

    Tony and Noortje talk about what happened.

  37. The Necklace

    Vic does something stupid

  38. The Video Game

    Vic, Mike, and Jaime walk in on something

  39. The Exercise

    Jay organises a sports day

  40. The Question

    Noortje gets courage to ask Tony something

  41. The Mistake

    Tony says something stupid

  42. The Switch

    Vic switches hotel rooms with Noortje

  43. The Beach

    Jaime wants to go to the beach

  44. The Cornflakes

    Noortje has trouble sleeping

  45. The Save

    Tony tried to stop something from happening

  46. The Song

    Noortje is encouraged to sing

  47. The Plane

    Traveling to the UK

  48. The Awards

    An interesting interview at the award show

  49. The Dominance

    Noortje makes sure Tony pays up

  50. The Conversation

    Tony talks to Noortje

  51. The Falling

    Once again an accident happens

  52. The Pain

    999, how can I help you?

  53. The Journey

    A long flight home

  54. The Journey Continued

    The journey back home

  55. The Outburst

    Noortje has had enough

  56. The Patches

    Tony has a surprise

  57. The Family

    Tony and Noortje visit Tony's mom

  58. The Scream

    Noortje's scream is heard


    New Story

  60. The Meeting

    Vic introduces his girlfriend

  61. The Birthday

    It's Noortje's Birthday

  62. The Encounter

    Tony and Noortje stay at Ewout's and Ties' place before the wedding.

  63. The Wedding

    Ewout's and Ties' wedding

  64. The Talk

    Tony tries talking to Noortje

  65. The Revelation

    Vic find out something with Jaime, Mike, and Jay's help

  66. The Drama

    Things go horribly wrong

  67. SEQUEL

  68. WOW




    Yes, it has happened


Hahaha, thank you. You can totally see how my writing has developed in this story; the first chapters are written so bad. I'm excited for our story as well.

Yaaaaay I read it all! I finished it! I loved it, babe. You're an amazing writer and I'm happy I get to work together with you :) ♡

Thank you so much. I remember writing chapter three when I was in a really weird mood; I was so confused about everything. I'm Dutch as well, but (as I recall you saying somewhere at the beginning of the story; I have a really weird memory for weird things) English is my first language because I've been speaking it a lot more than Dutch since I was very young. But this wasn't the reason I chose to make her Dutch, I wanted something European and put some random countries in a hat (well, on a website, but same thing) and it came out. So yay!

I have read 3 chapters now and I honestly love it! You have a beautiful writing style and the story is really unique! I also kind of relate to Noortjes feelings. I have the same problems with reality. And I like it a lot that she is dutch because I am too :p


Candy_Monster Candy_Monster