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I Promise You, Someday


Originally named- How I'm Becoming A Work Of Art

Max and Jaime's life are great they couldn't ask for anything better than a nice home, loving family and friends and a beautiful daughter but will all this change when Jaime does something Max finds unforgivable?

Sequel to Counting The Stars and Scars, if you haven't read it already please go read it!!
Counting The Stars and Scars

~Eating Disorders
~Self Harm
~May Be Triggering


Alexis Imogen Preciado

Alexis Imogen Preciado

3 years old but ages throughout the story. Is Jaime and Max's kid, has Jaime's deceased grandmas name as her middle name, her hair is blonde but she gets it done brown when Max gets hers done white/grey. Nickname: Alex

Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett

Is a model, cheats on Mike and then does something unforgivable to Max

Copeland Quinn

Copeland Quinn

Daughter of Kellin and Katelynne, becomes Alexis' best friend.

Danielle Victoria

Danielle Victoria

She is a model and starts getting closer to Max after her and Vic start dating. Nickname: Dan and Dani

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Bassist for Pierce The Veil. Is engaged to Max and Father of Alexis. Nickname: Hime-Times

Katelynne Quinn

Katelynne Quinn

Married to Kellin, Mother of Copeland and is one of Max's best friends.

Max Crooks Preciado

Max Crooks Preciado

Photographer and aspiring model. Married Jaime Preciado and had Alexis with him. Is in a love triangle with Jaime and Mike. Her hair changed to an ombre but will be changing to white/grey half way through.

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Drummer for Pierce The Veil. Is in love with Max and is trying to win her over behind Jaime's back. Nickname: Mikey and Uncle Mikey

Of Mice And Men

Of Mice And Men

You all know who they are hopefully? They also meet PTV at Warped



You all know who they are, hopefully? They meet PTV at Warped which also ends up revealing a secret from Max's past

Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens

You all know who they are hopefully? They meet PTV at Warped

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Lead guitarist for Pierce The Veil. Is in love with Max but doesn't know that she knows. Is still single, Nickname: Tone and Uncle Tone

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

Lead singer for Pierce The Veil. Becomes really close with Max. Goes out with Danielle Victoria, Nickname: Vicky and Uncle Vic(cy)

Zach Crooks

Zach Crooks

Max's big brother who was away in the army for seven years. She thought he was dead, but they two soon make a lovely reunion.


  1. I'll Bury You Six Feet Deep

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Kick Me, SWS

  2. Lets Get Started, The Faint And The Broken Hearted

    Jaime's POV, Title Credit: Boxing Day, Blink 182

  3. It's Like Loving A Lion Who Cannot Be Tamed

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Bones Exposed, OM&M

  4. If I Catch You With Somebody Else, You Know That I am Gonna Be Upset

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Pick Up The Phone, FIR

  5. Storming Through The Party Like My Name Was El Nino

    Jaime's POV, Smut, Title Credit: Fat Lip, Sum 41

  6. I Wrote This Letter In My Head, Cause So Many Things Were Left Unsaid

    Max's POV, Title Credit: I'd Do Anything, Simple Plan

  7. My Weakness Is That I Care Too Much

    Max and Mike's POV, Title Credit: Scars, Papa Roach

  8. Changed Your Mind And Ended Up Here

    Jaime and Tony's POV, Title Credit: Stained Glass Eyes And Colorful Tears

  9. The Kind That Makes June Feel Like September

    Mike's POV, tiny bit of smut, Title Credit: Jet Pack Blues, Fall Out Boy

  10. I Keep A Close Watch On This Heart Of Mine

    Max's POV, Title Credit: I Walk The Line, Halsey

  11. You Don't Know How It Feels

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Till It Happens To You, Lady Gaga

  12. The Way You Know My Name

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Message Man, Twenty One Pilots

  13. Got A Hole In My Soul

    Jaime's POV, Title Credit: Drown, BMTH

  14. You Can't Wake Up, This Is Not A Dream

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Gasoline, Halsey

  15. I Never Strayed Too Far From You

    Jaime and Mike's POV, Title Credit: All Signs Point To Lauderdale, ADTR

  16. In My Dream I Am Your Only One

    Tony's POV, Title Credit: Disasterology, PTV

  17. Your Time's Running Out

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Welcome To Hell, PTV

  18. Please Don't Abandon Me

    Jaime and Tony's POV, Title Credit: Hell Above, PTV

  19. You Make My World Spin

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Mirrors PVRIS

  20. My Love Is A Weapon

    Max and Tony's POV, Title Credit: Rat A Tat, FOB (ft Courtney Love)

  21. She's Out Of Control, So Beautiful

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Lost In Stereo, ATL

  22. Don't Write Yourself Off Yet

    Max and Jaime's POV, Trigger Warning, Title Credit: The Middle, Jimmy Eat World

  23. I Can See Through The Lies

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Broken As Me, Papa Roach

  24. I Think I'm Cracking Up

    Mike and Max's POV, Title Credit: Basket Case, Green Day

  25. Pretty Little Lady With The Swollen Eyes

    Tony's POV, Title Credit: When You Can't Sleep At Night, OM&M

  26. I Close My Eyes And Take A Breath Real Slow

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Hell Above, PTV

  27. I Apologize About Last Night

    Tony's POV, Title Credit: Pick Up The Phone, FIR

  28. I Could Turn You On

    Max's POV, Smut, Title Credit: Heart And Soul, Twin Atlantic

  29. I Don't Owe An Explanation‏

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Forever Stuck In Our Youth, Set It Off

  30. Do You Have The Time?

    Tony and Jaime's POV, Title Credit: Basket Case, Green Day

  31. Take The Broken Heart And Stitch it Up

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Bite Your Lip and Fake It, AA

  32. That's The Beauty Of A Secret

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Strange Love, Halsey

  33. They Stole You From Me

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Million Dollar Houses (The Painter), PTV

  34. We Could Live Like Jack And Sally

    Jaime and Max's POV, Title Credit, I Miss You, Blink 182

  35. Time Of Your Life

    Tony and Mike's POV, Smut, Title Credit: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Green Day

  36. It's Not That Hard To Feel So Small

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Better Off Dead, SWS

  37. I Wish I Could Explain

    Max's POV, Title Credit: The Other Side, Tonight Alive

  38. I Miss Seeing Your Face Babe

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Too Much, All Time Low

  39. Leader Of The Whole Pack

    Tony and Max's POV, Title Credit: Throne, BMTH

  40. Call My Bluff Saying, "What Do You Want?"

    Max's POV, Smut, Title Credit: Loverboy, You Me At Six

  41. You Won't Cry, I Won't Scream

    Max's POV, Trigger Warning, Title Credit: Movies, Alien Ant Farm

  42. I Won't Fall

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Relentless, New Years Day

  43. There's A Hole In My Heart

    Max's POV, Title Credit: You be Tails and I'll be Sonic, ADTR

  44. I'll Be Your Detonator

    Tony's POV, Title Credit: Na, Na, Na, MCR

  45. The Hope And The Doubt

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Long Live The Kids, WATIC (We Are The In Crowd)

  46. I'm Miss Fortune, Miss So Soon

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Miss Nothing, The Pretty Reckless

  47. I'm Dreaming Of Your Face

    Max's POV, Title Credit: If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn, SWS

  48. A Letter Leads Me Back To You

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Missing You, Set It Off

  49. Darling Look At The Sparks

    Tony's POV, Title Credit: The New National Anthem, PTV

  50. So What If I'm Crazy All The Best People Are

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Mad Hatter, Melanie Martinez

  51. My Time Today

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Car Radio, Twenty One Pilots

  52. Watch Him As He Goes

    Max's POV, Title Credit: My Hero, Paramore

  53. Let The Leaves Fall Off In The Summer

    Tony and Max's POV, Title Credit: I Don't Care, Fall Out Boy

  54. Love Is Killing Me

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Figure It Out, Royal Blood

  55. I Wish I Could See Your Face Right Now

    Max's POV, Title Credit: A Day Dream Away, All Time Low

  56. To A Happy Song, I'll Be Alright

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Happy Song, BMTH

  57. Forever By Your Side

    Max and Tony's POV, Title Credit: All Signs Point To Lauderdale, ADTR

  58. The Lighthouse In The Dark

    Tony and Max's POV, Title Credit: Lighthouse, Mallory Knox

  59. When You Let Your Heart Win

    Max's POV, Title Credit: That's What You Get, Paramore

  60. I Feel It In My Bones

    Max and Tony's POV, Title Credit: Bones, Young Guns

  61. Authors Note, Please Read!!


  62. I'm Doing Fine

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Windows In Heaven, We Are The In Crowd

  63. But You're Just A Line In A Song

    Max's POV, Title Credit: Sugar We're Going Down, FOB

  64. Your Heart Is A Fire

    Max and Tony's POV, Title Credit: Identity Disorder, OM&M

  65. Wash Away All The Pain That I Face

    Max and Tony's POV, Title Credit: Pray, Falling In Reverse

  66. Finished!!!

  67. NEW STORY!!


You really made it your goal to hurt my heart in the end of the story


That was kinda my thing so don't worry we can be band trash together and aww thank you!!

Lauren Lauren

ok maybe it's just me but every time Andy shows up all i can picture is andy biersack hahaha and then wasn't the paramedic named Craig? somebody was named craig and it made me think craig mabbitt. maybe it's just cuz i'm absolute band member trash or maybe it's because i binge read this story until 2-3 am every night

traceytrace_ traceytrace_


Aww haha thank you

Lauren Lauren

This is really good. I can't deal with all the feels :'(

Sierra Sierra