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My Only Retreat

Chapter One.

I put on my diamond dangling earrings. I looked at myself in the mirror, wondering what I had become over the last year. My exaggerated amount of foundation hid the dark bags under my eyes, my lipstick was bright red, and my figure stayed petite with the salad-only diet.
I closed my eyes as I stood, smoothing out the long, sparkling dress that Jay had bought for me. Jay, of course, was my husband.
Yes, my husband.
At the ripe age of twenty-five I was already married for almost a year, thanks to my mother and her God-awful traditions. My mother, Anne-Marie, was married when she was eighteen, expecting me to be the same. Unfortunately, growing up to listen to Blink-182 and the Beastie Boys, I showed her that her money and fancy parties were not for me. Sadly, however, she introduced me to Jay, who bought me things I didn't want and confessed his undying love for me.
All lies, of course.
The man only wanted more money than he already had, since my father passed and my mother well on her way there, he'd inherit millions of dollars.
I married Jay because I was blackmailed. My mother told me that if I didn't, she'd ship me off to my aunt's, who she knew very well abused me, which is why she was threatening me with it.
I heaved another sigh as I pulled my silver heels on, wincing as the straps went over the blisters from the previous times I'd worn them. Jay was holding another one of his parties, the ones he knew I despised. They were full of mayors and senators and editors and other rich men who brought their wives pretending to enjoy themselves while they were anxiously wondering if anyone else in the room knew if they were having an affair or not with each other’s' wives.
"Darling," Jay knocked on our bedroom door lightly, peeking his head in. His black hair was gelled back and he wore a black tuck with pointed leather shoes to match. He pulled a smile as he looked at me. "Beautiful as ever." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes in front of him. "Come, come. The party's starting and we don't want to be rude hosts, now, do we?"
"No, of course not." I replied sarcastically, walking towards the door. Either my husband didn't understand my sarcasm or simply chose to ignore it.
"Now, I want you to know that my parents are going to be here tonight-"
"Oh, how wonderful." My voice was dripping with evident sarcasm and if he didn't understand it then I was married to a person with the same amount of brain capacity as a fish.
"Play nice," he said as we made our way together down our marble staircase, leading to our ballroom, trying to look like a happy couple.
"Only if they don't break the rules first." I replied. Jay's parents were awful, almost worse than mine. They hated me and the feeling was mutual. They were the same as my parents only they had more religion, more racism, and more sexism. Everything I despised.
"Welcome, welcome!" Jay boomed, smiling broadly as he slipped his arm out of mine and walked a few more steps down. I stopped and smiled, looking out at the crowd of nearly two hundred people as if I actually wanted to be there. I wasn't paying attention, however, when Jay was giving his welcoming speech. I eventually ended up staring at the marble I was standing on, only to be taken out of my thoughts by Jay's fingers snapping in front of my face. He gave me a small smile. "Come, dear, it's time to socialize." I let out a small scoff. Jay knew well I hated associating myself with these people. They were the worst, comparing the youth of their wives and bragging about how thick their wallets were.
"Who's this?" I asked as we started walking towards a couple. The man was definitely older, about fifties or sixties. The woman, or girl, looked to be younger than me even.
"Senator from Texas coming up for a business trip." Jay whispered in my ear and I nodded. "That's his third wife, Christine, I do believe." I nodded, feeling bad for Christine, wondering if she was put through the same situation as me. I quickly realized, however, that she was not. She was only married to him for his money and she was well on her way to slowly killing him with the pill she slipped in his drink when she thought no one was looking.
It was nearly three hours later and Jay finally had one too many champagnes, maybe with a little bit of my guidance but I needed him to be slightly tipsy to allow him to let me do what I wanted.
"Jay, darling." I put my hand on his chest. He gave me a goofy grin and tried to focus his eyes on me.
"Y-Yes?" He asked.
"Well, you know Sophia Wrage and Amelia Rollands, right?" He gave a slight nod. "Yes, the two wives of Henry Wrage, New York Senator, and Gregory Rollands, that editor you were telling me about. Well, we decided to take a slight vacation." His brows furrowed and I wondered if he wasn't intoxicated enough yet.
"Vacation?" He sounded confused. I kept acting calm, however.
"Yes, we want to hit a couple cross-country spas. It'll only be for a few weeks-"
"Few weeks?" He asked, taking a sloppy sip from his newly filled glass.
"Yes, two or three." It looked like he was about to protest but I went on. "Before you say no, I know how much you've been wanting me to spend some time with some of the other housewives." He nodded. "This is the perfect way to do it!" He finally nodded and gave me a wet, slobbery kiss on the cheek.
"Anything for you, d-dear. W-When do you l-leave?" He was stumbling now as he made his way towards the shrimp table.
"Oh, tomorrow." I said as coolly as possible. I gave him a sideways glance. He nodded.
"Have fun!" He kissed my cheek again, this time leaving traces of seafood on me. I grimaced and walked up the marble staircase, away from all the chattering and bustle of people. Once I reached the top, where no one could see me, I took my shoes off and unpinned my curled hair, running towards my bedroom with a smile.
I was lying, of course, about the spa trip. I wasn't going to any spas across the country with other housewives. No, I was planning on going to Warped Tour, something I'd always wanted to do since I was younger, with two of my friends, Kristen and Trinity.
I gave a smile as I took my phone off the charger in my room, quickly calling both girls, informing them that we had to be packed and leaving by five-thirty the next morning.


A/N: So, this is my first story on here, I would like to know what you guys think of it so far :) Comment appreciated.


I love it!!!
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