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I'll be the Brightest, You'll See


Five years on and Scarlett has been released from the psychiatric hospital that she spent the end of her teens and early twenties in. She has a lot of secrets to spill and bridges to built but a ghost from her past makes that very difficult, someone's bound to get hurt, right?


Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett

Alysha is Scarlett's cousin from LA, whom is a model. Scarlett gets in contact with her after she decides to try out modelling, she then becomes interested in Mike, will she woo him enough to be his girlfriend?

Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips

Ben is Scarlett's psychopath therapist whom went to jail, Scarlett found out that he got out of jail and has been sending her messages. Will he strike and ruin absolutely everything? (Portrayed by Brendon urie. I know you guys will hate it but brendon has the look I was going for, even though he wouldn't hurt a fly I needed it to be someone who looks sophisticated enough to pull off the vibe)

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Jaime grew to learn that he had to keep his friends together when shit hit the fan, his outgoing and happy personality helped to make everyone smile but deep down he was scared that he'd never see Scarlett again. She did after all, mean a lot to him.

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Mike hit a bad depression after Scarlett was sent away. He lost one of his best friends and his brother spiralled out of control. After the band got the chance to play Warped Tour in San Diego, Mike tried hard to show his family and friends that music was his passion.

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett Jones

After spending five years in a psych hospital Scarlett has changed a lot, she has a lot of secrets she's been keeping from her family and friends. Her past is filled with devastation and hurt but what will the future hold for her?

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Tony's anxiety caught up with him after he left school, making him extremely shy. People barely even recognise him from the bully he was in school to the shy guitarist of and up and coming post-hardcore band.

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

Five years on and Vic is living his dream, his band Pierce the Veil are taking off. He has the perfect life but it all comes crashing down when he finds his old flame is back in town, and this time he isn't going to play nice.


  1. Free Now

    Scarlett goes home for the first time in five years.

  2. I'm Coming to Get You

    Scarlett speaks to Mike and Jaime, they invite her to their BBQ

  3. Over it

    Scarlett gets her hair done and finds out about Vic's past.

  4. You're an Angel

    Scarlett and Oli have a "moment"

  5. The Taste of Ink

    Scarlett gets some tattoos!

  6. Life's Not Out to Get You

    The cats out of the bag!

  7. Fall from the Sky

    Scarlett says bye to Oli and then speaks to Vic.

  8. Blame Me

    Scarlett gets the taste of model life then someone comes back into her life.

  9. Wastelands

    Scarlett and Vic begin their search for their child.

  10. Fancy Dress

    Vic and Mike take Scarlett and Alysha on a date!

  11. Update!

    Sorry for the lack of updates.

  12. Her Heart is Breaking in Front of Me

    Scarlett gets a call from her mom.

  13. The Best Thing

    Scarlett decides to go on vacation but finds out some shocking news while she's away.

  14. She's Mine

    Vic finally comes face to face with his daughter.

  15. Don't Preach to Me

    Scarlett waits for Vic to return!

  16. You're Beautiful

    Scarlett and Vic talk about the proposal.

  17. Break Stuff

    Scarlett agrees to go on tour with the band but it ends rapidly.

  18. Cross My Heart

    Scarlett finds out a huge secret about Vic.

  19. You Went and Fucked this Up Cause You Couldn't Keep Your Legs Shut

    The morning after leaves Scarlett in a disaster zone.

  20. Blame Me

    Scarlett gets another freaky note.

  21. Can You See the Dark

    Scarlett gets more than she bargained for.

  22. Stay the Night

    Scarlett wakes up and finds out who came into her house.

  23. We're Doomed

    Scarlett may be in more trouble than she first realised.

  24. Oh, Sweet Catastrophe

    Scarlett finds out her fate.

  25. The Real Props & Mayhem

    Alex and Scarlett begin to get cosy while Vic writes the new ptv album.

  26. Burning Up

    Alysha reveals a huge secret.

  27. I Love this City

    Scarlett and the guys make their way to Leeds.

  28. Every Earthquake Starts with a Little Shake

    Oli and Scarlett have a little chat.

  29. Serpents

    The day has finally come where Scarlett sees her daughter!

  30. Where them Girls at?

    Scarlett gets a visit from Vic at an ungodly hour.

  31. I'm Already Torn

    Vic and Scarlett have a little spat.

  32. I Love the Way You Swing the Blade at Everything in Sight

    Mike gets a weird text from Scarlett which makes everyone panic, and right so...

  33. She Was Always the One

    Scarlett finds out something about Vic

  34. We Should Settle this

    Vic and Scarlett discuss stuff then go to the zoo

  35. Ancient History

    Scarlett recalls a dreadful memory and then gets a visit from someone unexpected...

  36. Suicide Mission

    Scarlett's day arrives.

  37. It's not You I Miss Anymore

    Scarlett finds out what Ben wants.

  38. Payphone

    Vic gets helped from someone he never thought he'd speak to again.

  39. Bulletproof Love

    Vic finds Scarlett...

  40. We Can Never Come Back

    The finale is here my friends!

  41. I Will Follow You



I love all of your stories you're such a talented writter whatever u wanna do I won't protest

freedom_writer freedom_writer

I have been thinking of like redoing it - spice it up abit

Colourfultears Colourfultears

I re-read this all the time it's my fav fanfic still to this day

freedom_writer freedom_writer


RestInHellx RestInHellx

What the fuck.!!!! Her parents did it again.!!! And two years.! And what.! It was really good.!