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One Eye Open Wide


Sleeping With Sirens is a young band, the members of which really look forward to their full of oportunities future. Just started their first tour (although it's not going quite well, and they need to use a van, which officially belongs to Kellin's dad and is called the Good Ol' Lady), they have an accident and get stuck in the middle of nowhere. The only way to civilization is through a few miles wide forest. The problem? In the forest, something else is already waiting for them.

Now the guys from Sleeping With Sirens are afraid that their future might include only fear, running for their lives, and possibly a strange, painful death. Oops. Thankfully, a group of weird people, who claim to be "hunters" (and by hunters, they obviously do not mean they like hunting wild animals) come to the rescue, but is that enough? Would they be able to survive through the endless night they're trapped in and even find out what the thing that is chasing them is?

This is a SWS/Pierce the Veil fanfiction. All the members from both of the bands are featured in the story. There is also some Kellic in this, but it isn't much, because it isn't the point and the main idea of the fic. Also, PTV aren't going to show up in the first few chapters, but bare with me, they will, eventually. There also isn't smut, because I simply do not write things like that.

Well. Enjoy, and if you like it, feel free to leave a comment or subscribe! :3



I love this are you going to continue it?!?!?!?

veilsarepierced veilsarepierced

The next update might take some time, I've been working on other things lately, but hopefully next week I might post a new chapter here too :3 Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
KingForADay KingForADay
Oh my gosh, update pleaseeeee!!! I'm obsessed with this!! Oh my goshhhh
zmswims19 zmswims19

Thank you :3
KingForADay KingForADay

I love your writing omfg
clairephernelia clairephernelia