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The Cost of Freedom Is High


Just when you think you’ve caught a break, life tends to kick you in the ass as Bella has now found out. With the failing of her escape plan with Ben’s wife and now the possibility that she is pregnant every dynamic will change, whether she is or isn’t pregnant. Chance is on the outside desperately trying to save Bella while Bella is attempting to save herself. In the end who will prevail? Is Bella pregnant, and if so what does that mean for her situation? Will Chance ever get to see Bella again? The price of captivity is low, however the cost of freedom is high.


All Time Low + Matt Flyzik

All Time Low + Matt Flyzik

Angelo Parente

Angelo Parente

Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria

Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides



Bobby Shubenski

Bobby Shubenski

Brandon 'Rage' Richter

Brandon 'Rage' Richter

Denis Shaforostov

Denis Shaforostov

DJ Blackard (DJ Black)

DJ Blackard (DJ Black)

Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate

Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse



Michael Vampire

Michael Vampire

MIW Crew

MIW Crew

Josh Korel, Jose Rosa, Rich Vargo, AJ Stortz, and Shane Britt

Motionless in White + Vinny

Motionless in White + Vinny

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil

Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens

Tyler Burgess

Tyler Burgess

William Control

William Control


  1. A Disgustingly Safe Excuse For My Own Safety

  2. The Results Are In

  3. The Big Announcement

  4. Cyrus and Schubenski

  5. The Situation Is Starting To Diffuse

  6. One Big Happy Family

  7. You're Leaving?

  8. Questions For Kuza

  9. I'm Not Sure About This Whole Baby Thing

  10. Heart to Heart

  11. This Little Heartbeat Just Changed Everything

  12. This Will Be My Undoing

  13. This Is Too Dark To Keep Hidden

  14. I'm Sorry

  15. Revenge Is Beyond Sweet

  16. All Control Has Been Lost

  17. Calling In Backup

  18. Bringing Home Bella

  19. This Is Only The Beginning

  20. The Future's A Little Blurry

  21. First Mission : Accomplished

  22. There's Still Hope

  23. Hide N' Seek

  24. This Is Wrong, But It Feels So Good

    Just a bit of a warning, there is a bit of smut towards the end :)

  25. You're Not A Whore

  26. Through The Madness, You're Still There For Me

  27. Warped Tour, Duh

  28. Make The Pain Stop

    Little Warning Thing ~ Towards the end there is a small scene of self harm, just putting it out there as a small precaution

  29. Reality Seems Like A Dream

    Michael Vampire then Chance's POV

  30. The Overall Plan

  31. Let The Training Commence

  32. My Body May Be With You, But My Mind Is Somewhere Else

  33. That Wasn't The Reaction I Was Expecting : Part 1

  34. That Wasn't The Reaction I Was Expecting : Part 2

  35. And So The Pain Begins

  36. Prepping For The Test

  37. Mr. Control

  38. My Second Chance

  39. Same Place, Different Emotions

  40. First 'Normal' Day Back

  41. Do I Really Have To Say It?

  42. Estimated Date of Arrival, But Whose?

  43. Getting Daring

  44. Finding A Safe House

  45. Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

  46. No Matter What, Her Spirit Will Never Change

  47. I Can Mess With Him, But Caution Must Be In Place

  48. Lights Out

  49. I Bring Out The 'Devil' In People

  50. The New Me, At Least Physically

  51. The New Me, At Least Physically : Part 2

  52. What Does Twister Have To Do With Anything?

    Chris Khaos' & then Bella's POV

  53. Christmas Surprise

  54. This is Your Life

  55. Sappy Doesn't Work For You

  56. Blackout

  57. I Can't Wait Forever

  58. Shit's About To Get Real

  59. Just Submit Already

  60. I Knew It : Part 1

    Chris Motionless' POV

  61. I Knew It : Part 2

    Chris Motionless' POV

  62. Read Up & Figure Out How Things Will Go

  63. Teasing is an Absolute No

  64. Something's Not Right

    Chad Kowal's POV

  65. This Raises A Red Flag

    Josh Korel's POV

  66. Waiting It Out

    Josh Korel's POV

  67. Trust Me Part 1

  68. Trust Me Part 2

  69. Bath Bombs & Bonding

  70. See You Later

  71. What The Hell Is Going On?

  72. On The Road To Warped

    Bret Von Dehl & Then Ghost's POV

  73. Prince Charming's On His Way

  74. You'll Never Touch My Angel Again

    Last Chapter

  75. Love Amongst Destruction

    Link To The 3rd Book In The Series


I am catching up to this squel I love it, It made me cry that she lost her baby


Omg, omg, omg,omg. I'm legit screaming right now. I'm so so so excited for the next book! You're so awesome it's no even fair!

The suspense is killing me...