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You'd Better Hide the Bullets


Scarlett's life is uprooted from New York to San Diego just as she's beginning her last year at high school. She quickly gets off on the wrong foot with the worst people in school and has to make a choice, beat them or join them.


Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Jaime is the muscle of Vic's group. He is usually found beating up some kid for their lunch money or making some kids life a misery. He doesn't really have much time for anyone who doesn't like his friends and tends to follow the crowd but as he notices things begin to change as the new girl arrives, he has a choice to make.

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Mike is Vic's little brother, pulled into the popularity and bullying. Mike hates being the way he is and wants to change it. When the new kid stands up against his brother he sees that as an opportunity to change things around Mission Bay high school.

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump

Patrick is your typical geek. He loves comic books and old rock bands. When he sees the new kid standing up against the school bullies he finds himself drawn to her. He thinks she will be good for him, even help him stand up for himself and get them off his back.

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett Jones

Scarlett is a typical teenage girl who likes music, nerdy TV shows and keeping everything simple. She moves to San Diego at the beginning of fall in her last year of high school but soon meets the locals, the school bullies lets say. She begins a war against them, not letting them mess her around but things don't last that way forever.

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Tony is the quiet one of the group but he's just as dangerous. His anger problems make it hard for him to make any friends so sticking with Vic and his group is his only option. It's not all bad though, at least they all have one thing in common. Disliking everyone.

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

Vic is the most popular guy in school, guys wanna be him and girls wanna date him but he's just an all round asshole. Well you would think from the things he does to people. But even the bad guys need to be accepted. After the new girl arrives he starts to find his rep is dropping and he has to change that, fast.


  1. Reckless

    Scarlett's first day at Misison Bay.

  2. There She Goes

    Scarlett gets a surprise from her parents and then has an odd encounter with Vic.

  3. It's my Life

    Scarlett meets Patrick's friends and has a horrible encounter with Vic at lunch.

  4. She is Shy Apparently

    Scarlett shows off her singing skills and then makes a bet with Pete and Patrick

  5. Desperate Measures

    Scarlett attends detention and makes an unlikely friend

  6. Was it Something I Did?

    Vic gets his revenge on Scarlett

  7. So Beautiful

    Vic confronts Scarlett about his brothers departure from their group.

  8. Tryin' to Get a Hold on this

    Scarlett goes out for a walk with her friends and Vic tags along.

  9. Can't Recall Last Night

    Vic and his pals gate crash Scarlett's movie night

  10. Alone

    Vic has a diva moment and Scarlett gets a date.

  11. Buried Yourself Alive

    Scarlett goes on a date with Alex.

  12. Complicated

    Scarlett and Vic have a heart to heart at the recital.

  13. The Consequense

    Scarlett attends school the day after the recital and finds things difficult to deal with.

  14. All You Had to to was Stay

    Halloween ends badly for Scarlett.

  15. Don't Over Think About it.

    Scarlett speaks to a drunken Vic.

  16. Walking Disaster

    Scarlett wakes up and chats to Vic.

  17. You Look Like My Next Mistake

    Vic speaks to Tony about his feelings for Scarlett.

  18. This Dizzy Dreamer

    6 weeks later...

  19. Remembering Sunday

    Alex and Scarlett have a chat about their relationship.

  20. Drinking from the Bottle

    Scarlett's family have a Christmas party and things get a little crazy.

  21. All I Want For Christmas is You

    The aftermath of the party.

  22. Hearts on Fire Tonight

    Scarlett gets an unexpected Christmas gift.

  23. Self Medicate

    The New Year's Eve party ends disastrously.

  24. Something's Gotta Give

    Vic has to save Scarlett, more than once.

  25. Beautiful Scars on Critical Veins

    Scarlett chats to Alex and then Jaime.

  26. I Wish I Could be Someone Else

    Scarlett and Patrick have an argument.

  27. Props and Mayhem

    Scarlett has a band practice and then goes star gazing.

  28. I Need You Here Right Now

    The aftermath of Scarlett's sad night with Vic.

  29. Poor Unfortuneate Soul

    Scarlett gets another note from the mystery person.

  30. In a Storm of Feeling, I'm so Unappealing

    Scarlett and Patrick try to work out who is sending the notes.

  31. Fashionably Late

    Jaime surprises Scarlett and Vic finds out a huge secret.

  32. Baby, Stay Away from My Friends

    Vic and Ali have a huge argument and Vic has to make a huge decision.

  33. Immortals

    Scarlett speaks to her mom and then goes to Jaime's.

  34. Runaways

    Scarlett finds out devastating news about Vic.

  35. You're Just a Ghost at Most

    Scarlett gets a phone call from Vic.

  36. Sleepless in Seattle

    Vic sends Scarlett a cryptic message.

  37. Welcome to New York

    Scarlett continues her search.

  38. The Lights are so Bright

    Vic and Scarlett talk about stuff.

  39. In too Deep

    Vic speaks to Scarlett's grandpa.

  40. You're Giving Me a Heartattack

    Vic takes Scarlett out to dinner.

  41. Go Your Own Way

    Vic and Scarlett get into a lovers tiff already.

  42. Why Worry?

    Scarlett and Vic make it back to San Diego, but it's not all smooth sailings.

  43. The First Punch

    Scarlett and Vic's first day back at school is eventful.

  44. A Shot in the Dark

    Vic makes Scarlett sneak out for the party, but it doesn't end well.

  45. Fans choice.

    It's your time to have a say.

  46. Don't Leave Me on My Own

    Scarlett gets a bad surprise from her mom.

  47. The Devil has his Claws too Deep Inside

    Scarlett goes to therapy and finds out some shocking news.

  48. She's Mine

    Vic finds Scarlett...

  49. This Love

    Scarlett gets released from the hospital. *contains smut*

  50. I'm Gonna Love You

    Scarlett speaks to a familiar face.

  51. Over it

    Vic gets an idea but needs help from an unlikely person...

  52. The Monster

    Scarlett makes a terrible decision.

  53. I've Finally Found Her

    Scarlett tells Vic her secret.

  54. I Need a Miracle

    The finale.

  55. I'll be the Brightest, You'll See



Totally in love with this, read it twice!!

Amazing story! Props to you!

I'm so glad, remember to read the sequel!!!

Colourfultears Colourfultears

i have finished and omfg ive never loved a fanfic so much.....

freedom_writer freedom_writer

so far im obsessed with it im only on chapter 39 but i hope to finish tonight.....or around 3am XD

freedom_writer freedom_writer