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Give Me Therapy

Chapter 9

Brendon and I sat on the couch on a Tuesday night silently. Brendon concentrated on his laptop doing God knows what as I scrolled through Instagram. I looked through Brendon's Instagram having nothing to do and looking through his Instagram put me at peace.

I smiled at all of the pictures of us together that he had posted and sighed happily. Giving up on Instagram, I went on Twitter and scrolled through my feed only to see a post by Brendon.

"Special announcement coming soon..."

The new video and album was already out...was there another video? I was so confused but brushed it off slightly. I groaned and huffed slightly. "Babe?" Brendon questions quietly glancing at me.

I grunted at him and he slammed his laptop shut. "Talk to me." He whispers pulling me into his lap. "I just...you always tell me about your special announcements and well this one you haven't told me shit." I pout pulling away from him.

"Because it involves you." He murmurs, placing his head on my shoulder and kissing it. "What is it?" I ask quietly. "I can't tell you." He states. Almost immediately I pull away and stand up. "You don't trust me." I huff before going upstairs.

Hearing him sigh, he rushes upstairs to join me while I pouted on the bed. "Fine." He states sitting on the edge of the bed. "I know we're not married or anything but I want to have a baby." He sighs hesitantly.

"W- what?" I gap at him in shock. "Yeah, I mean I feel like it'll bring happiness into this home and you. Then when things are so much better for you, we can get married because I feel the baby and sessions will get you over the fear of marriage." He explains with a small smile. He wants to risk his career to make me happier?

"Are you even real?" I breathe out with a smile. "I hope I am. What do you say?" He asks with a smirk. "Well don't want to let the fans down." I wink showing what my answer was. "Good good." He mumbles before immediately pushing me onto the bed.


A Week Later

Brendon walked me to the cab before pressing his lips to my forehead and made a small kissing noise. "Be safe. Extra safe. I love you." He warns. "I love you more." I reply as he closes the door and the driver speeds off.

I arrive at therapy and wait outside in the cold for a few minutes only to hear the crunching of footsteps come towards me. Looking up, I see Tony smiling down at me with dreamy eyes. "You didn't come last week." He says sadly.

"I was sick." I inform quietly and shuffled as I stared into his eyes. I don't know if it was hormones or the stare he gave me, but it was so intoxicating and I couldn't breathe. "Hmm as in a cold?" He asks quietly. "Yup. I looked terrible." I laugh nervously.

"Please, a girl like you looking terrible is impossible." He scoffs playfully. That was actually really sweet. He pulled out a small flask and offered me some. "No." I say almost immediately. Slowly, he lets it go and begins to drink out of the small metal container.

He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered one to me. "I'm pregnant Tony. I can't." I blurt out not even meaning to. Tony freezes before pulling the items back into his pockets. "It's Brendon's?" He asks almost sadly.

"Yeah.." I trail off. "I actually have to go. I don't even have an appointment just thought I'd walk you but I remember Vic wants me for something." He rushes before basically running off.


Probably very short and sucky but Maggie is preggo and Brendon wants her to be happy and he hopes the baby will help with that! Tony didn't take the news so well either huh? And Maggie is afraid of marriage? Could it be Kellin?? Her being pregnant doesn't change the fact that this is a Tony story. More than three comments xo


I'm really happy Kellin was the surprise. She needed closure and to deal with him properly

Omg I was right!

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I'm surprised brendon didn't kill the bastard. And yes I can't wait for the therapy session