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Give Me Therapy

Chapter 5

I laid on the couch in silence as Brendon typed away on his laptop. "Do you think she'll turn me in when I tell her about the drugs?" I ponder out loud. "No, she's a therapist she's trying to help not send you to prison." Brendon replies tiredly.

I sighed and rolled onto my stomach and placed my head on Brendon's stomach. He sighed in content and started to type again. "Hopefully after your sessions we can actually work on other things like starting a family." He states.

Brendon always wanted to start a family. He wanted me to be his wife who walked down carpets of various colors on his side. He wanted the headlines to say Brendon Urie's wife or something like that. Then he wanted kids.

Brendon always wanted things like this. But my problems got in the way. So hopefully my therapy sessions help to the point where I don't even think of Kellin anymore. To the point where Kellin's things are in the fireplace as we drink wine laughing our asses off.

"We'll see." I inform kissing his inner thigh. He immediately shuffled uncomfortably and sat up a bit. "Oh Brendon what's wrong?" I tease placing my head right on his crotch area. I felt his jeans begin to tighten and I stood up and stretched.

"I'm going to go take a nap." I wink before going upstairs. "You're the worst." He sighs.


Yet another Thursday has come and here come Brendon and I running down the street. We were late. It's not fault Brendon climbed into the shower with me. Brendon ran with me upstairs and opened the door for me.

"I'll wait here this time." He says kissing me temple and informing the girl at the counter he would be waiting for me. Agnes led me inside and sat me down across from her before clicking her pen.

"You're late." She sighs shaking her head a bit. "It's Brendon's fault." I say trying to catch my breath. "Mhm, now you were saying something about drugs right?" Agnes questions raising an eyebrow. "Yes." I nod beginning to speak the past.


I sat in the corner of our small apartment writing lyrics down. I looked up to see Kellin on our mattress face down. His hair was everywhere and his body was limp. His arm hung off of the small mattress as he snore softly.

I smiled at his adorable self and walked over to him. I sat on the edge of the soft fabric and ran my fingers through his greasy sweaty hair. He had been working his ass off looking for jobs and helping out at places that would pay.

He never had time to shower or clean himself up. We used all of the money to buy the apartment and mattress in the first place. And money was tight so I can see why Kellin would work his ass off.

He shifted and sat up, his back against the wall. "You look pale." I inform. He did, his face was sweaty and super pale. I felt his forehead which basically screamed he had a fever. "I don't feel so good." He mumbles closing his eyes. "You're not going out at all today." I state.

He sighs and nods before I kiss his forehead. "I love you." He whispers softly. "I love you more KQ. I'll be back." I inform. "What? Where?!" He pants. "I'm going to see Justin try to earn some medicine money." I state kissing his lips.

He immediately pulled me back. "No that's dangerous! That's a job for me only babe." He pleads. "Don't you worry about me." I giggle kissing him once again and leaving.

I went down to Justin's small apartment and knocked roughly. He opened it immediately and grinned. "Maggie! Kellin has talked a lot about you. What brings you here?" "I want to sell. Kellin's sick and I need to buy medicine." I state.

"Come in." He smirks leading me inside. I looked around and met eyes with a raven haired girl wearing nothing but Justin's shirt on the couch. She nodded at me and I joined Justin in the kitchen. "I need you to sell this." He says slamming a package of weed on the table.

"And I need you to try this product for an extra cost." He smiles. "What is it?" I question. "Heroine."


So that's where the flashback about ends! I decided to end the chapter there since I didn't want Agnes to be all like times up and shit. We're getting to the drug parts! Anyways hope you liked it and the flashback! More than three comments for Friday's update xo


I'm really happy Kellin was the surprise. She needed closure and to deal with him properly

Omg I was right!

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I'm surprised brendon didn't kill the bastard. And yes I can't wait for the therapy session