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Give Me Therapy

Chapter 20

"I'm going to have a panic attack." I state as I finish my cup of tea. Brendon's finishing his coffee and placing his glasses on his nose. "Don't panic unless you're at a disco." He snorts and leans over to laugh. I glared and he instantly shut up.

"It's going to be alright." he coos, kissing my hand. "Anyways, let's go we're gonna be late." My fiancé informs as he fixes his hair and rushes me out. The cab is dead silent, only the radio filling the silent air.

Brendon kept his hand on my thigh and squeezed gently as we pulled up to the building. Brendon and I enter the warm room and Agnes is waiting with her office door shut. An outside session maybe?

"Today, I have another therapist." Agnes states before tearing me away from Brendon and shoving me into the office. The door shut behind me and locked. I quirked an eyebrow and my eyes landed on her desk.

Could it be?

"Flew in all the way from Michigan once I heard." Kellin quietly states. "You're a piece of shit!" I exclaim grabbing a pencil and sending it towards him. He backs up and grabs the pencil calmly. "I deserve every bad word said about me." He nods.

"I'm here because of you! You fucking scum!" I screech. "I didn't know Maggie. I'm sorry." He lowers his head. "Sorry? You never believed in me. You said we'd be on a break yet left while I was sleeping. And you actually got married when you said you never wanted too! And a daughter? Really?!" I angrily exclaim.

"And all you have to say is sorry. You know what, I don't need your sympathy. I'm fine. I have a hot ass fiancé who actually will hold my hand in public and kiss me like its our last, savoring the moment. And I'm having a kid with him. We're happy. Fuck you." I spit out.

"Maggie, I was immature and stupid. I was pissed. They don't just ask about someone you used to love very much. I didn't know how else to react so I got upset. I had to leave. I felt like if I stayed, you wouldn't be happier. We'd probably get married and be miserable." Kellin explains.

"Then why didn't you tell me you weren't coming back? I woke up to an empty house and never saw you again. Then all of the sudden you're married and a father and have this perfect life not even a care in the world. Then you admit you never believed in me." I rant angrily.

"Jesus I did. I saw your potential. It poured out of you every time you sang. I knew you'd go somewhere. But I knew if I stayed, you'd probably become depressed and never would have written songs that kids love today." Kellin explains.

"But you just left. Had nothing left of me. You say you loved me. But how can you just up and leave in the middle of the night? I know you probably burned everything." Kellin sighed and grabbed his keys.

After a small moment, he finally got a small key off the keychain. "Take this, go to that storage place downtown. G-21. Then you tell me I lost I every trace of you." I states before standing. "Take me there. I probably won't see you again so you can get your key back if you take me." I whisper.

"I've made like three copies." He smirks before turning to the door and opening it. "G-21." He repeats before leaving the room.


"I'll be waiting." Brendon reminds as I exit the car. I nod and he kisses my lips before letting me go to the storage place. I search the long halls for G-21. What the hell was I getting into? What if it was something bad? Someone was waiting for me to shoot me and finally get rid of me.

My anxiety rose as I stood in front of the door that was labeled G-21. I stuck the key in the key sized hole and turned it to the side before lifting the door up. A single box the size of a huge table laid in the middle of the room. After a debate with myself, I dropped to my knees and ripped the box open.

The flaps hung off the side and I peered in. Pictures within pictures were crowded up in the box. My love letters were all saved lying around. He had written every phone conversation we've ever had including the day we ran away and the day we argued over the phone.

My favorite hair dye brand was hidden behind some pictures. He kept all of my lyrics and songs I wrote for him or my little song ideas and titles. He kept the shirt I always wore in the box. Kellin kept everything. Everything that had to do with me. Suddenly, I burst into tears.

That son of a bitch.


Last session!! Thoughts? Epiloihe will be will be posted on Sunday. Told you it wouldn't be a long story. Thoughts?? xoxo


I'm really happy Kellin was the surprise. She needed closure and to deal with him properly

Omg I was right!

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I'm surprised brendon didn't kill the bastard. And yes I can't wait for the therapy session