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Give Me Therapy

Chapter 17

Monday: I spent all day with Brendon making food and watching movies.

Tuesday: I had to work in the studio and Brendon joined me to watch all night long.

Wednesday: Brendon went to the studio and I stayed home waiting.

Thursday: I skipped therapy because Agnes and Brendon agreed I need a small break before I finally let it all out.

Friday: Today, Brendon and I were just barely waking up. It was twelve in the afternoon. My stomach was slightly getting larger. I placed a hand on the small bump and looked to see Brendon was missing.

Of course, he does wake up very early. I wonder why I was so tired. Oh wait, Tony Perry and his needs. I'm slowly losing my mind and trying everything to keep Brendon alive. But all week Tony called and late at night I went.

I felt like such a terrible person and I felt dirty. I don't deserve Brendon. He's too good for me. Way too good.

I stretched my sore limbs and shuddered at last night. I always keep my eyes closed but the feeling never leaves and the sound always stays. It had to end and I had to end it soon. Or else I could be in so much trouble.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and threw one of Brendon's shirts on before sneaking down the stairs. Brendon was laughing and I found him sitting at the table with his phone angled at him.

His hair was messy and fell in his face which he kept wiping away and his glasses sat on the bridge of his nose, every now and then him taking them off. Finally he would stare into the screen and answer silly fan questions.

I grabbed a mug and began to make my tea. "Morning!" Brendon chirps at me and I mumble back a small good morning. Out of the corner of my eye I see him pout into the screen. "Maggie isn't a morning person." He laughs.

I roll my eyes and flip him off causing him to laugh loudly. Once my tea was finished, I wrapped my fingers around the mug and walked over to Brendon. I sat on his lap and looked into the camera before shyly waving and sipping my tea.

The comments went insane.


Aw she's so cute

I love the way she just sat on your lap

Marry her


Couple of the year!!

The comments made my day I'll admit that. Brendon chuckled and his hand slowly crawled up my shirt before slowly resting on a small bruise caused by Tony. I winced unnoticeably and kissed his chin. More comments came rolling in and Brendon sighed.

"You guys wanna see something pretty damn cool?" Brendon questions. The comments filled with capitalized yeahs. I watched as he slowly pulled something out of his pocket. He wrapped his fingers around the item and smirked at the screen then turned to me.

"So basically, I love you and you know that. Even after everything you've gone through I can manage to break the wall you have and I'm glad you let me in. I'm always forever glad I met you and I thank god everyday for that one. Anyways, I'm proud I've met you and I'm proud at how far you've come and yeah." He trailed off shyly and blushed.

"I will always love you. I will always be there for you. There is really no better way to do this since you always think you look terrible when you barely wake up. But I'm just gonna show you how wrong you are since with that face I'm sure anyone would love to marry you right this second no matter what you look like."

With that, he opened his palms and sitting in his flat hand, was an engagement ring.

He was actually doing it. In the comfort of our home. At noon on a Friday morning in front of thousands of fans watching at home probably screaming and fangirling at their screens. I mean if I were them I'd be too. Wouldn't you if someone you loved proposed to someone they love in front of you as you watched through a screen?

Brendon waited patiently and I glanced at the comments.

This is so cute.

Beebo aw


Best couple

I turn back to him and grab the ring from his hand before placing it onto my left ring finger. Without a word, I leaned in and pressed my lips against Brendon's big pink ones. I love him so much.

This is what I needed. Tony is so going down.


Tony is going down! Two proposals in two stories of mine today cuz why not. Vote and comment please???? xoxo

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I'm really happy Kellin was the surprise. She needed closure and to deal with him properly

Omg I was right!

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I have a suspicious feeling that the surprise is going to be Kellin

BandSexual BandSexual

I'm surprised brendon didn't kill the bastard. And yes I can't wait for the therapy session