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Wish You Were Here

Where is Emilia?

Vic’s POV

“Just call her already!” Mike yelled from across the room as I continued to stare at the black screen on my phone. I heard footsteps approaching before the phone was snatched away from my hands. “Vic you’re driving me crazy just staring at this thing!”
“What’s going on?” Jaime asked as he walked in to the living room with Tony right behind him.
“Nothing.” I quickly said hoping Mike would drop it.
“Vic doesn’t have the balls to call this girl he likes.”
“Why? You’ve done it plenty of times before.” Tony said.
“Because he doesn’t even know her.”
“Wait what? I’m lost.” Jaime added.
“He met her-“
“Mike! Just stop please.” I said interrupting him before he would spill. I know I shouldn’t have told him anything.
“Just tell them already. “ I looked at Mike shaking my head that he opened his mouth and turned to see Tony and Jaime’s confused faces as they waited for an explanation. I let out a sigh and parted my lips to speak. Doesn’t look like I had another way out of it.
“I have been talking to this girl online for the past six months now. Her name is Emilia and I really like her but I think I might have screwed everything up.”
“How?” Jaime asked.
“I don’t know things were going so well but I lied to her. It was me who she was talking to, like everything was real I just didn’t tell her who I was you know?”
“No.” Tony said as he tried to understand everything.
“I was going by my middle name; I didn’t want to go by Vic because I didn’t want her to know about PTV and least not yet. I was scared that if I did I would end up in the same situation like last time and I didn’t want that. I know I should have come clean a lot sooner but I just got lost in the moment and I liked how things were going.”
“So you think you messed up by lying to her?”
“That and the last message I sent her I told her the truth. “
“What did she say?”
“That’s the thing, she hasn’t answered me and I sent it to her a week ago. She read it but hasn’t answered.”
“Oh she read it?” Jaime said quietly but as soon as he took in my expression he tried to play it off like he didn’t say anything.
“It’s just that she read it and she hasn’t answered you after this whole time.” Jaime said making my worries even worse.
“Vic just call her already! Stop wasting your time thinking the worst, it’s probably nothing.” Mike said handing me my phone. I looked at them as they all nodded at me and took the phone back. I stood up from my seat and started looking for her name to call. I took one last look at the guys as I walked in the direction of my room as the phone continued to ring.
“Hello?” I felt my stomach tighten as I heard the female voice on the other end but I knew it was Emilia.
“Do I have the wrong number? Is this Emilia’s phone?”
“No you have the right number. This is Hayley.”
“Oh you’re her sister right, she told me about you.”
“Yes, that’s me. I’m sorry but I’m guessing that you were looking for Em am I right?”
“Yes is she there?”
“No, I haven’t seen her since last week.”
“Last week? Aren’t you two over in Puerto Rico doing some missionary work?”
“We are but she’s been missing. At first I thought she might have flown back home but my parents beg to differ. Then I thought she might have decided to visit you on a whim but you obviously haven’t seen her.”
“Have you guys searched around town?”
“Yes! We went all over the place but nothing. I’m really worried that something has happened to her and we are scheduled to fly back home at the end of the week.”
I switched the phone to my other ear as I paced around the room as I thought about everything. Emilia has been gone, missing this past week. This might be why I never heard back from her but what if- I stopped on my tracks as the thought occurred to me. What if she’s been hurt or in danger, I needed to go find her and see if she was alright.
“Can you message me the information to the hotel you guys are in? I’m going to buy the next ticket out there; we are going to find her.”
“Oh- yeah ok.”
“I will get back to you as soon as I get there.”
“Ok. Hey thank you for this Vincent. I know Em would really appreciate this.
“My name is Vic but you’re welcome.”
“Ok well Vic I’ll talk to you soon.” I heard the phone click and I went straight to my laptop on the table. I pulled up the website for the tickets and searched for the flights taking me to Puerto Rico. I clicked on the first one I found that was leaving in an hour and a half and quickly purchased it. As the purchase was processing I made my way to my closet and took out my duffel bag. I picked a couple of random shirts and shorts and stuffed them inside along with some underwear, socks and shoes. I hurried to the restroom and grabbed the bag filled with all my bathroom necessities I usually took on tour and hurried back to my room to pack the rest of my things. I hear my phone chime informing me of my ticket and I hurry up and exit out of the website and turn off the laptop before putting it into my bag. I zip everything up when I finish and head downstairs where everyone crowded in the living room.
“How did it go?” Tony asked as soon as he noticed I was back downstairs.
“Whoa where are you going?” Mike said, noticing the duffel bag in my hands.
“Can one of you take me to the airport? I need to fly out to Puerto Rico. I need to find my girl.”


omg i LOVE this
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This is so good! Update soon?