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Wish You Were Here

Live a Lie

Emilia's POV

"Emilia, Emilia!" The little girl in yelled as she moved through the several trees that encased us in. I saw her long hair swish back and forth as she ran towards some unknown location. I swiped at the branches as I tried to keep up with her but she was gone. I stopped running and looked all around me as I tried to catch my breath.
"Emilia, Emilia." I heard the voice again coming from my left side. I walked slowly in the direction and found the little girl standing in front of an abandoned cabin with her back towards me. I heard the leaves and twigs crunch under my shoes as I got closer to her. I extended my arm and slowly placed it on her shoulder bringing her to face me.
"Emilia." She said in a whisper as her doe brown eyes looked at me. "You came back."

I nearly jumped out of my bed as I woke up from my dream. I brought my hands up to my sweaty temple and ran them down my face as I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I rolled over to my side and reached for my phone on the bed side table and noticed it was barely going to be five in the morning. I let out a sigh and quietly rolled out of bed so I wouldn’t wake up Hayley who was still sleeping in the other bed besides me. I walked straight towards the bathroom and stripped out of my pajamas as soon as the door was closed behind me. I turned the shower faucet up to get the hot water and stepped inside the tub. I stood under the shower head and let the water run down my back as I stared at the tile wall in front of me. What was going on with me?

“Esa es la guagua que tienes que tomar. (That is the bus you need to take)” The lady announced as we all gathered outside.
“There you are.” I heard Hayley say and I turned in her direction to see her coming my way with Adrian right behind her. “Where did you go this morning? I woke up and you were gone.”
“I just went out.” I said simply, which was the truth. After I had taken a shower I had walked over the beach that was close by to the hotel. Hayley looked behind her to make sure Adrian wasn’t paying attention before moving closer to me.
“Are you ok?” She whispered and I quickly nodded at her. I didn’t want to tell her what was going on because I didn’t even know. I didn’t want to tell her how this morning all I could think of was the dreams I was having because I didn’t want her to worry. It most likely was nothing and I was just blowing it out of proportion.
“We are about to head out, let’s get on the bus.” Adrian said before we all made our way to the bus door. I stood behind them as I waited to get on and as I placed my foot on the first step I noticed something on the corner of my eye. I stopped and turned in that direction and that’s when I saw it, when I saw her. The same little girl from my dream was standing only a few feet away and was looking right at me, I knew I wasn’t seeing things.
“Excuse me.” I told the people behind me as I made my way through. As I came to the end of the crowd I noticed that she wasn’t standing where I had just spotted her. I looked around and I caught sight of her pale blue dress as she hurried down the road.
“Emilia, where are you going?” Hayley yelled out once she noticed that I wasn’t behind her. Before I could answer Hayley I hurried after the little girl before I lost her again, I just had to get some answers.
“Emilia!” I heard again, this time a little closer. I moved around the crowd that walked by, losing her for a second before seeing her in the distance by a couple of trees. I waited for the couple in front of me and was about to run after the little girl when I felt a hand grab my arm. I turned around and a baffled Hayley right behind me. “Em..”
“I’ll explain later.” I told her as she let go of my arm and ran off towards the trees. I walked through just as I had seen her do and found a small stoned path start right in front of me. I followed it inside quietly but a part of me knew I wasn’t going to find anything. I was about to give up and head back when I saw a white ribbon on the floor, the same ribbon that the little girl was wearing not so long ago. I walked up to the ribbon and bent down to pick it up.
“I’m not seeing things.” I said as I moved the ribbon around in my hands. I got back up and spotted a small little hut only a couple of feet away. I noticed the door was open and I stuck my head inside before walking in.
“Hello?” I heard footsteps approaching before an older lady appeared. She was a tan and short woman maybe in her early sixties. She had her curly hair cropped around her round face and a pair of dark brown eyes that looked at me intently as she tried to figure out what I was doing there. “Uh- ¿Has visto una niña? Tenía pelo largó y usaba un vestido azul.(Have you seen a little girl? She had long hair and wore a blue dress.)” I asked her in the little Spanish I knew.
“¿Una niña? No pero si alguien te trajo aquí entonces significa que te tengo que leer. (A little girl? No but if someone brought you here that must mean that I have to read you.)”
“Si, ven.” She carefully grabbed my arm and led me in the direction that she had come from. We walked into a room that had only a desk in the center of it and a chair on each side of it. I saw a girl maybe around eighteen standing on the side as she organized the little trinkets on top. The girl looked up as we approached her and she greeted us with a small smile.
“Siéntate, por favor.” The lady told me as she walked around the desk and sat down on her chair. “Anna.” She said to the girl and held out her hand. The girl who was addressed as Anna handed over a stack and sat down beside me.
“I’m Anna, do you need me to translate for you?” I looked at the lady as she shuffled what I now realized was cards and nodded at Anna as the cards were placed faced down on the table. I was told three different times to pick out a certain number of cards and when I was done I handed them back to her.
“The cards can represent either your past, present or your future.” Anna started to say as the lady brought out the first deck of cards I picked out and started placing them in a row in front of me. I scanned the row of tarot cards before looking up at her, not knowing what they meant. The lady started to speak softly and I waited for Anna to translate for me.
“Someone is watching you.” She started and I swallowed the lump in my throat because ever I’ve been here I’ve felt like someone was. “Love.” She said with no further explanation. “ One no-“ She stopped as she looked at the rest of the cards to make sure. “-two guys are interested in you.” She continued to explain the rest of the cards then stopped to look at me. I saw her grow serious before she spoke again. “And lies. Do you have any questions on your cards?”
“Lies? What about them?” Anna and the lady conversed for a few minutes before turning back to me. “You have lies all around you in your life and she thinks that a part of it connects with one of those two men. She says that one will be your source of the love she mentioned and one of them is going to hurt you with lies.”
“Wha-“ I started to say but stopped. I looked down at my hands as I took everything in. I nodded at them before slowly bringing my head back up. “Gracias.” I told them both and got up from my seat. The lady smiled at me and I walked out of the room feeling my head start to ache with today’s events. I stepped out of the house and was about to walk away when I heard Anna behind me.
“You need to be careful.” She said as soon as she was standing right in front of me. “I don’t know if you believe in card reading but my grandmother has usually always been accurate when she does it. Something is about to happen, I don’t know if it’s in the near future or not or if it’s good or bad but it’s coming and you need to prepare yourself.”
I feel the wheels in my mind go in overdrive as I tried to swallow her words. I didn’t know what to say to that let alone think about it.
“Th-thank you Anna.” I walked away from her and made my way out of the trees and back into the town. I walked straight back to the hotel and to my room knowing that the group wasn’t back yet. I swung my door open and felt myself get nauseous as soon as I felt the cool air from the A/C hit me. I placed a hand up to my mouth and ran towards the toilet, making it just in time. I flushed the toilet when my stomach felt empty and immediately washed my mouth right after. I cupped some of the water from the faucet and brought it to my face to help me a bit. When I finished I looked at myself in the mirror and for some reason I felt like I couldn’t recognize what I saw in front of me.
’You have lies all around you..’ I let out a long sigh and shuffled out of the restroom. I dropped myself on my bed and brought a pillow to my face before yelling into it. I rolled on to my stomach and closed my eyes. I was feeling emotionally and physically exhausted and it was barely four. I couldn’t wait for this day to be over.

I woke up three hours later feeling a little disoriented but a lot better than I was earlier. I grabbed my cell phone that was faced down beside me and saw that I had a new text message from an unknown number. I slid my finger across the screen and was brought to the text. ’Hi it’s me Vincent!

I read, reminding me that I had given him my number in my last message since the website has been acting funny and would hardly let me message him. I felt my mood quickly get happy as I sat up in bed and went back to read his text.
’Emilia I have really been enjoying these past few months getting to know you and talking to you but and because of it I need to be honest with you. I don’t know the best way to say this but I haven’t exactly been the person you think I am..

I felt my smile drop as I read the last sentence and stopped reading the rest of the text.
’…one of them is going to hurt you with lies.’ Anna’s words played back in my head as a rush of emotions filled me. I placed the phone on the bed and pushed myself off the bed before walking out the hotel door. I walked forward not knowing where I was going and stopped to sit by the curb. I brought my head to my knees and felt myself start to choke up as tears started to escape my eyes.
“Em?” I heard before feeling a hand on my back. I looked up and blinked my eyes to clear them to see a pair of familiar pair of green eyes right in front of me. “Are you ok?”
“I’m fine Adrian.” I said hoping he would go away and put my head back down to my knees. I heard his feet move and peeked under my arms seeing his body sitting next to me.
“Why are you crying?” I sat there in silence as I tried to pretend that he wasn’t there, I really wished it wasn’t him right next to me because it just reminded me of the one thing I wanted to forget. “Please talk to me, I want to help you.”
“It’s nothing.” I said as I sat up to finally look at him. “I just realized how foolish I was, that’s it.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“Not really.” I said as I rubbed my eyes.
“I understand. So um how are you liking being in Puerto Rico.”
“It’s nice, I really like it but I wish I didn’t miss today’s events. What did you guys do?”
“We got a tour the deeper parts of Puerto Rico, the rain forest and such.”
“Aw really? Man I really missed out.”
“I’ll take you out before we leave, deal?” I turned to look at him as he gave me a genuine smile.
“Deal.” I said smiling back at him. I saw him lift his hand up to my face and press the pad of his thumb under my eye. He swiped at a random tear and brought his finger away.
“Make a wish.” He said as he showed me the eyelash. I looked at the eyelash and at him and back at the eyelash before pressing my thumb against his.
I wish things started to get better again.
I removed my thumb and found the eyelash on my thumb.
“Looks like your wish is coming true.” Adrian said with a chuckle, making me laugh as well. I rested my head on my arms and turned to look at him he looked at me.
“Feeling better?”
“A little.” I said before closing my eyes as I enjoyed the small breeze we were having. Before I could open my eyes I felt something warm touch my lips and I blared my eyes to find Adrian right in front of me as he kissed me. I pushed him away from me and quickly got up almost stumbling with my quick movements.
“What was-“ I started to ask but I didn’t want to hear his answer so instead I shook my head and ran off. I didn’t need this, not right now. I continued to run, not knowing where I was going until I heard music playing up ahead. I slowed down my pace and followed the music until I reached what looked like an outdoor bar. I walked towards the small dance floor and made my way through the crowd until I reached the middle of it. I closed my eyes and started to focus on the music playing as I tried to forget everything that filled my mind. I started dancing along to the beat as I felt everything in my mind start to fade away.
What felt like a few minutes later and after a couple of songs I made my way out of the dance floor and towards the bar. I asked the bartender for water and he handed over a cold water bottle. I opened the bottle took a sip before placing it on the counter as I started to look at the dancers in front of me. I lifted the bottle that was still in my hand and drank the rest of the water before going back in to dance. The current song was only about half way through when I felt a hand on my arm and I turned around to see Adrian standing right there.
“Please leave me alone Adrian.” I said as I tried to walk away from him but he pulled me back slightly as he held on to my arm.
“I need to talk to you Emilia.”
“Not now, please.” I pushed away from and saw the persistence in his face making me run away before he came back for more. I ran and ran and felt my feet grow heavy when I noticed I was now running through the beach sand. I start to feel a little dizzy, remembering that I hardly had anything to eat that day but I push myself to keep running. I didn’t want Adrian to catch me. I pushed as hard as I could but felt like I was standing still as I felt myself becoming weak. I lifted my leg one by one but it didn’t help as the sand became closer and closer to my view. I roll on my back slowly and I stare at the now dark sky as I try to focus and keep my heavy lids from closing. I see my eyes slowly move lower and lower until I couldn’t fight them any longer.

’Wake up, wake up! Adrian is going to find you again!

I yelled in my mind but as much as I wanted to I couldn’t. I felt myself lift off the ground and a firm grip around my body. I used all the strength in me to try and open my eyes but all I could see was a sliver of a male face above me.
“Adri-“ I started to mumble but I couldn’t get my voice loud enough to be heard.
“Shh shh, go to sleep.”


omg i LOVE this
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This is so good! Update soon?