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Wish You Were Here

How it All Began

Vic's POV

"What are you up to?" I asked my brother as he sat on the couch alone and stared at thetv in front of him as he channel surfed. I walked by him and into the kitchen in search of something to snack on.
"Hey mind grabbing me a beer since you're in there?"

'Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go'
I heard the familiar tune come from the tv and I quickly grabbed two beer bottles before hurrying back into the living room.
"Wait, wait put it back."
"Couldn't get it past you huh?" Mike said as he changed the channel back and tossed the remote besides him. I passed him his beer and sat down as I watched everyone in the screen start to headband in the Mirth Mobile to Bohemian Rhapsody. I twisted the cap to my beer and took a drink as I got myself comfortable and started to watch my favorite movie on the screen with a big smile on my lips as it started to bring back memories.

six months ago

"We are about to head out and meet Jess and Jaime you sure you don't want to come along?" Mike asked as he placed his arm around his girlfriend and waited for a response. I looked at the couple standing a couple feet away from me and started to picture the scene if I ended up tagging along. I saw both couples on either end of the table, enjoying their company and me at the end of it being the odd ball once again in their double date. I shook my head viciously to clear the image out of my head and to decline the offer.
"No it's ok, I'm supposed to meet Dan and Dave in a little." Mike studied me for a while knowing I was lying but decided not to push the question.
"Alright then, well I'll see you later." I waved at the couple as I watched them walk out of the front door. As soon as I heard the door click I turned on my heels and went straight upstairs and to my bedroom. I pushed the door open and walked over to my desk, pulling out my chair so I can sit down. I moved the mouse around and waited for the computer in front of me to wake up. As soon as I saw my desktop I clicked on the internet icon, bringing a white page on my screen. I started to type but stopped when I spotted one of my old bookmarks appear as a suggestion. I clicked on it and saw the old but familiar webpage appear on my page.
'Find a Penpal! My eyes read as I moved the cursor to the top and put in my old username and password. It took a moment before finally signing me in. I notice the old black and white photo as my default from a couple years ago and go straight to updating it and my profile. When I finish I go to the little blue figure on top of the screen to see who was online. I skim through a few pages and and a couple of profiles but find myself quickly loosing interest.
"Now I remember why I stopped getting on here." I said to myself as the majority of the people I found online were not even close to my age. I decided to go through one last page before I signed out for good. I scrolled through half the page quickly and went to sign out before finishing the page knowing I wouldn't find anything interesting today. As soon as I scrolled up and clicked the sign out button I noticed something on the corner of my eye and let out a groan as it had already signed me out. I quickly pressed the back button a couple of times and was brought back to the page I was in just moments ago. I scrolled a little in search for what I believe I saw and stopped when I spotted it again. I stared at her picture long and hard as I felt something about it luring me in and making me want to know more about this person. I moved my cursor to her username but I couldn't get myself to click it as my mind started to go crazy. I gave myself a little motivational push and just as I was about to go to her profile I spotted a black box appear on the bottom left of my screen and to my surprise it was her. I clicked on the box before it disappeared and it took me to my inbox where a message from her waited for me.

'Hello there! :) I'm Emilia, what's up?- I really like your music taste by the way!'

"How does she know my mus-" I started to ask myself as a million questions rushed my mind but I stopped as I remembered I had filled out my 'Favorite Music' section on my profile. I brought up another tab on my webpage and went to view her profile. I scrolled through and read the little she had on her profile and noticed that she liked several of the same things I did music wise. I went back up and clicked on her pictures, noticing that she only had two. I clicked on the first one that she had as her profile picture and saw a girl looking down with her arms crossed but a big smile on her face like she was laughing when they took the picture. I clicked on the arrow and was stunned when the picture loaded. This picture in contrast was more up close and she was facing the camera. In the picture she had shoulder length hair that was curled and a light complexion. As I looked at the picture all I could look at was the pretty light brown eyes she had and that killer smile I noticed in the picture before, she was actually really pretty. I looked at the picture a little longer then went back to her message to respond. When I reached my inbox again I noticed I had a new message at the top and I clicked on it before getting back to Emilia.
'Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil? You two could be twins!"

I stared at the message in silence and I a part of me felt like just wanting to sign out and not ever get back on this website. I was a little surprised that someone actually recognized me seeing as my username didn't have my name in it nor did I have anything on my profile giving off who I really was. I mean the only picture I had wasn't one from tour but I guess there will always be one to spot me. I let out a sigh and answered the girl with a winky face before getting back to my inbox. I stared at the link leading me to Emilia's message and I stared at it for a while not sure if I wanted to answer anymore. I shook my head and signed out instead. I placed my head in my hands and let out a deep breath. I didn't want that to happen. It's not that I didn't love and appreciate our fans, I did from the bottom of my heart but there were times that I wish I wasn't Vic Fuentes. I loved my life but I hated that I had to be on edge every time I talked to someone new especially a girl. I hated having to analyze everything now a days so I wouldn't get used and hurt again because of who I was. I let out a breath again and when I closed my eyes for a second all I could see was her picture in my mind. There was a part of me that just wanted to wipe the image away but there was a greater part that kept telling me that this was different and it didn't hurt just to talk to her. I opened my eyes and I saw the webpage staring back at me and before I could get myself to back out again I signed back in and went straight to her message.
V: 'Hi Emilia, I'm Vi-'
I started to write my name but quickly hit the backspace and decided to go by my middle name instead.
Vincent. Nice to meet you :) and thank you! I couldn't help but notice that you have a good taste in music as well. I'm just wandering around this site, you?'

I hit send and waited for her response.
E: 'I was doing the same not so long ago. It's been so long since I've been on here actually but somehow for some weird reason I'm back. What I'd really like to do is something extraordinary. Something big, something mega, something copious, something capacious, something cajunga...you know?'
V:'Same here I actually forgot about this website. Did you just make a Wayne's World reference??
E: 'Yes.. It just fit perfectly, I hope you didn't think that was weird.'
V: 'No! Not at all, I actually love those movies! So what is your plan to do something cajunga?'
E: 'Really? So do I! So cajunga um-I'm planning on heading to Puerto Rico in a couple of months to do some missionary work but there is just one problem... I have a fear of flying. I don't know why, I've always had these visions of me falling from the sky and I get terrible anxiety just thinking about it. I don't want to give up on the opportunity though, what should I do?'
V: 'Oh wow! I think you should do it! It can be a really nice experience. I love traveling, I've never been over there though but I heard it's really nice. Don't scare yourself I've been on a plane plenty of times and I'm still here! :)'
E: 'You have a point and I know you're right I just can't help but be hesitant.'
V: 'Do it Emilia, sign up! You'll regret it if you don't and I won't let you beat yourself up if you miss this chance.'
E: 'Okay, okay! Haha thanks Vincent, first thing tomorrow I'll sign up!'
V: Good :) So tell me a little bit of yourself.

I felt a pillow collide with the side of my face and I shook my head as I got out of my trance and looked up at Mike as he held the pillow in his hands.
"What was that for?"
"You've been sitting there frozen with this creepy smile on your face."
"It's Wayne's World Mike, you know you get like that with Harry Potter."
"No it wasn't the movie, I changed it a couple of times when I saw how you were and not once did you say a word."
"Yeah! You ok? Your phone has been going crazy too, it was getting annoying."
"What?" I said as I searched for my phone besides me but Mike beat me to it and held it in his hands. I watched him turn the phone around and I tried to stop him before he turned on my phone but I was too late.
"Elove09, who's that?"
"Mike give me my phone." I tried grabbing it from his hands but he moved away quick enough so I wouldn't get it. He swiped his finger on the screen and I already knew he was going through my messages in search of whatever Emilia sent me. I saw him stare at the phone for a few minutes before looking back at me.
"Do you have a girlfriend?"
"What? Uh- no." I said as I tried to grab the phone again and felt the heat rush to my cheeks.
"You do! I can see how red you're turning. Who is this? Do I know her?"
"No, you don't. Can I have my phone back?" He held out his hand with my phone and just as I was about to grab it he retrieved it.
"First you need to tell me about your girlfriend. How come you've been hiding her?"
"I don't have a girlfriend."
"Well you have someone." He taunted me with my phone again. "Come on." I snatched my phone away just in time and turned around in my heels hearing Mike's defeat behind me. I walked over to the dinning table and turned my head around in search for Mike.
"Are you coming?" He looked at me confused as I finished the distance and sat on one of the chairs. I pulled my laptop closer to me and started it up as Mike made his way to me. I signed on to my profile and went straight to Emilia's profile then her pictures before turning the screen around so Mike could see.
"Whoa, who's this?"
"Her name is Emilia." He remained quiet and I took a peek as he scrolled through her profile.
"Twenty-six and from California."
"She was born here but she's lived in Florida since she was five."
"Is this real?"
"I mean are you sure this Emilia girl is an actual girl? What if she's a dude or a fifteen year old saying she's this person."
I parted my mouth to defend her but instead shook my head and let out a sigh. I grabbed my phone from besides me and went in search of the video she sent me but saw that she had just sent me pictures not so long ago. I took a quick glance at them and expanded one before showing it to him.
"Is that your drop dead shirt? Wow she sure as hell isn't a fifteen year old."
"I'm telling you!"
"How long have you two been talking?"
"Six months."
"Six months?! How did we not know about this?"
"I don't know I just wanted to see how it went before I went around and shared."
"So are you two together."
"Um no, not really?"
"But you want to, right?" I hesitated and I saw Mike start to nod. "I take that as a yes."
"I mean is it wrong if I might want to?"
"Might? I think you're past that! But no I don't think so. What's holding you back?"
"I don't know I just don't want what happened before to happen again."
"Well you told her about PTV right, what did she say?"
"She doesn't know..I didn't even go by my first name."
"Are you serious?" He said as his eyes went wide and I nodded in silence. "Well I suggest if you really want something to happen that you need to come clean. You can't start like this."
"You're right."
"I think it will be alright, I mean she sounds like she's a good one. Hopefully we are right."
"I think so, she seems different in a good way. I just never realized until now how much I actually liked her..


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