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This Summer


‘Can you come to my room real quick? Please’ ‘Coming.’
I read the new message on my phone before shoving it in my back pocket. I wiped away at the reminder of my tears and finished writing the note I was leaving Tony and Vic until I heard a slight tap on my door. I did a quick sniffle and rubbed my face a bit to hide the fact that I was crying and turned to face Jaime who was walking in.
"What's up Tori?" I got up from my seat and I catch him taking notice of the bags stacked on top of my bed. "Are you leaving?"
"What? Why?" He said with sadness in his voice.
"I have to Jaime."
"Does this have to do with what Vic and Tony were arguing about earlier?"
"Yes, I can't be here. I'm just making things worse if I stay."
"There's no way I can change your mind huh."
"No, I'm sorry Jaime. I wish things were in a different situation but unfortunately it's not."
"How are you getting home?"
"Do you think you can drive me into town? I can get the bus from there." He stayed quiet as he stared at my bags,he didn't want me to leave and I didn't want to either. It's been so long that I had seen these guys but I knew I couldn't just stand around and let two best friends fight because of me. He shook his head before looking up at me. "Jaime please-" I started to say but he brought his hand up to stop me.
"I'll drive you myself. I hardly got to spend any time with you and we can use the drive to talk." He gave me a smirk and I quickly went up to him and gave him a tight hug.
"Thank you Jaime."
"We better hurry before Tony comes back and Vic goes downstairs and try and start the second round." I nodded at him before he took one of my bags in his hand and walked out of my room. I grabbed the note from my desk and scanned the script one last time as I felt a knot form in my stomach. "This is the right thing to do Victoria." I let out a sigh and closed up the note before grabbing my other bag and hurried downstairs where Jaime left with my stuff.

"Hey Tori about tonight-" Anthony started to say as soon as he saw me on the last step but stopped when he noticed my duffle bag in my hand. "-are you going somewhere?"
"Shit I completely forgot about our date!" I muttered, bringing a hand to my face. "I'm so sorry Anthony."
"It's cool, I figured we would have to cancel for what happened earlier."
"Yeah, I wish we would have been able to go out on that date but I have to go."
"It's ok. Maybe we will run into each other again."
"Yeah, and next time I see you I promise we will go on that date."
"Do me a favor Anthony?"
"Sure, what's up?"
"Can you give this to Vic and Tony for me please?"
"Yeah, no problem." I gave Anthony a smile before bringing him in for a hug. I gave his body a quick squeeze just as we both heard the door open behind me. I feared it would be Tony standing on the other side but instead it was Jaime waiting for me.
"We better hurry, Tony is out at the beach and he could be back any minute." I gave Jaime a quick nod before turning back to Anthony and giving him one last smile.
I hated the fact that this was affecting him too even though he didn't do anything wrong. But soon I won't be the problem anymore.
"See you later Tori."
"Bye Anthony."

We were about an hour in to the drive back to San Diego and all I could do was sit in silence and stare out the window. I wanted to shut my mind off to get rid of all these emotions and try to forget about everything but I knew that was nearly impossible. I knew I would never be able to forget and I knew that deep down no matter what I didn't want to forget about the guys. I heard Jaime clear his throat besides me and brought me out of my trance. I blinked a couple of times and turned around to face him for the first time on this whole ride.
"Sorry." I said quietly
"It's ok, I know you wanted your time to think. Are you ok?"
"I'll be better as soon as I'm home and get myself busy around the house."
"Would it be too soon to ask what is going on?"
"No, I think you deserve some answers. Hm well you obviously know that I had a massive crush on Tony growing up."
"What? You liked Tony?" He said, trying to sound shocked to lighten the mood. We both let out a chuckle before he nodded so I could continue. "Ok and you know how Mike is always pushing me to tell Tony how I felt about him. I'm sure you remember the day of my going away party that Mike insisted that it should be that night that I said something and of course I felt it was finally time for me to do it. So at the party I went in search for Tony and I found him making out with Liz."
"Oh no. Did he see you?"
"No, I practically ran out of there before he could see me and that's when I found you guys. I didn't expect Tony to feel the same way when I told him but it was hard for me seeing that right in front of me you know, I was crushed. I didn't want to think about what just happened so I started drinking which was the worst mistake I did."
"Oh right I remember that, you were taking drink after drink. Didn't you even take Mike's? I didn't know that you were a drinker up until then."
"I wasn't! That was my first time actually consuming any alcohol so you can just imagine how bad I got." Jaime continued to nod and I took a deep breath to prepare myself for what was coming next. "The next thing I remember was Mike handing me over to Vic and then going upstairs to the den. As soon as I hit the couch I brought out the whiskey bottle that I brought from the party and started drinking again until Vic took the bottle away from me. When I didn't have anything to distract me I started to break down because I knew I was making a fool out of myself for falling for Tony and believing something could happen."
"You were not a fool for liking him Tori and you're not one now either."
"Hold your judgement till I finish, it get's worse..." I fumbled with my hands on my lap as I felt myself get sick. I glanced over at Jaime who stared straight ahead.
"You don't have to tell me, I think I know where you're going with this." I notice his grip on the wheel tighten and I knew he was getting upset.
"How do you know?"
"With what you said so far and what Vic was close to blurting out it's not so hard to piece the two together."
"I feel stupid for letting it happen."
"How did it happen?"
"Um- ok we were talking and Vic was trying to make me feel better then before I know it he kisses me."
"He kissed you?!"
"Yes and instead of fighting it, I kissed him back and it got heated. I remember feeling his hand on my side, under my shirt and before I knew it I was letting him take it off. I started taking his off and he stopped me to make sure I wanted to do it and of course I continued."
"I know, I know."
"Why would you do that to yourself? Weren't you a-"
"I wasn't thinking! I just wanted to forget what I saw. I didn't expect Vic to kiss me nor did I expect to kiss back for that matter and it just became into sex. If I could go back that day I would. I would do anything to get it back to normal, when-" I felt my eyes fill up again and I looked out the window before Jaime would notice. "- I want it to go back to where Vic and I were friends again and actually talk. Now it's turned like this all because of my stupid mistake!"
"You guys haven't talked since then?"
"No. After all that happened we passed out and I never saw him the next day or when I left."
"Wow I can't believe this." I nodded in agreement until I notice Jaime try to examine my expression. "Wait do you like Vic?"
"What?!" I say in complete shock of his question.
"Do you like him?"
"Why would you ask that? You know that I-"
"Tori I need to know. Yes or no?" He said sternly so I wouldn't go around the question any further.
"I-I don't know Jaime. I've never thought about that." I said quietly. I waited for him to respond but instead I notice him start to creep up to the road's shoulder before bringing the car to a complete stop. "Jaime what are you doing?" He turned the car off and turned around in his seat to face me.
"We are almost close to reaching San Diego and now that you shared this it all started to make sense. Have you ever wondered if Vic in fact actually feels the same way?"
"What do you mean?"
"I think Vic likes you Tori."
"What? No! That's impossible!"
"Is it? I mean why would he kiss you knowing the state you were in? What else would explain the way he's been acting lately?"
"He's been acting differently?"
"Yes! Every time someone brought you up like Anthony for example he would get all upset. I didn't understand it until now."
"If that's true then why has it taken him so long to talk to me? He couldn't even say goodbye to me Jaime. It can't be true."
"I don't know Tori but that's all that makes sense to me." I looked away from him and turned forward as I stared out the window. I heard the car rumble back to life just before it started to move again. Could Jaime be right? It couldn't be and I knew it. I would have known if that was true and he would have told me by now. That night was just a hook up and that's all it will ever be, I knew that. But was it possible for me to have some hidden feelings for Vic? Was this why the past couple of days have just been full of confusion when I looked at both Tony and Vic? I let out a long sigh and rubbed my eyes, I didn't want to think about this anymore, it was just wearing me out. The good thing was that in a couple of minutes I would be back home, away from all this frustration and things will soon be back to normal, right?

"Sooo um Jaime-" His head snapped up as he heard my voice break the silence.
"What's up?"
"Well not to change the subject but this whole ride all we've talked about it what's going on with me. I haven't heard anything from you since I got back to California. What's up?"
"Oh- uh nothing."
"Oh come on there must be something! I'll take anything so we won't go back to you know what." He lets out a small chuckle but he wouldn't look at me as he tried to distract himself with the drive. He moved his hand up and down on the steering and went completely silent and I knew something was up, I could sense it and this was not the Jaime that I knew.
"Jaime, are you ok?"
"Yeah! Why wouldn't I be?"
"Jaime, you know you can't hide things from me. I can sense something's going on with you."
"It's nothing, don't worry."
"Are you sure because up until just a moment ago your whole mood changed and you look like you're going to be sick." He remained quiet and I knew he was trying hard to keep it together. "Jaime-" He let out a sigh and took a quick glance in my direction before his lips parted.
"My girlfriend is pregnant and I- I'm scared."
"Scared? Of what?"
"Of messing up somehow and being a bad parent. I wasn't expecting this at all! When she told me I freaked out and was glad we were leaving to the beach house. It's pathetic of me I know but I didn't know what else to do."
"Oh Jaime, there is nothing for you to worry about."
"Easy for you to say."
"No I say it because I know you will be a great father."
"You really think so?"
"No! I know so. Yes it's a little scary but you will be fine. Trust me, you're going to be the best father that baby could ever ask for."
"Wow thanks Tori."
"You're welcome! Now have you talked to your girlfriend since she told you the news?"
"Don't tell me!"
"We talk here and there but I've been sort of distant.."
"You should really talk to her. One thing I learned is that being on the other side of the silent treatment isn't a nice feeling, you start thinking the worst.."
"I didn't think of it like that but you're right I really should talk to her."
"Yes you should!"
"As soon as I drop you off I think I might head to her place."
"That doesn't sound like a bad idea."
"Yeah and as for you- talk to the guys please Tori."
"I knew you were going to throw this at me."
"Hey I had to and you know I'm right."
"Yeah, yeah well I just need a little bit of time."
"Don't wait too long! This is your street right?" Jaime turned into my old neighborhood and my stomach tightened as all the memories started to come back to me.
"This is it!" He drove a little farther until we stopped right in front of a familiar house.
"Man it looks so different then I remember it." We both hopped out of the car and walked towards the trunk to retrieve my bags. Jaime unloaded the two and handed them to me. We stood side by side and stared up ahead at the house until it was time for him to head back. "Thank you for driving me all this way." He turned to face me and drew me into his arms for one of his famous bear hugs.
"I hope I get to see you again Tori, we've all missed you so much."
"I'm sure I'll see you soon! But please can you make sure those two don't kill each other."
"I'll try my best." He gave me another hug before I felt his hold loosen around me. I grabbed my bags and gave him a smirk before I started the short walk up to the front door. "Talk to them!" Jaime yelled as he got back in the car.
"Bye Jaime!" I said as soon as I reached the door and waved him off. I searched one of my bags for the house key and pulled back as soon as I felt the small metal in my hand. I unlocked the door and walked into the dark and empty house, locking the door behind me. I walked towards the hallway and walked the familiar route to my old room. As soon as I reach the room I search the wall for the light switch and turn it on before I make my way to the bare bed that my parents brought back. I toss my bags onto the bed and start to unzip them to unpack but stop when I hear a noise coming from the hallway.
"Mom? Dad?" I stand still until I am sure that no one was there and go back to unpacking until I hear it again. I quickly turn on my heels to try to spot whatever it was making the noise but am frozen in my place when I catch sight of the familiar face staring back at me.
"I wasted five years not talking you and I couldn't stand around and let you leave again without me saying anything-"
"V-Vic what are you doing here?"


OMG VIC WATER YOU DOING HERE!? Update soon please!
Darling Darling
wat? no! ugh. update this soon, please!!