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This Summer

I Know

one week later

“Tori, Annie you guys joining us?” Jaime yelled from the back door before the girls came down the stairs with their bags in hand.
“Coming!” Once they reached the group by the door they all headed out towards the beach out front. The sun was still out as the day was winding down and the weather was perfect to spend the rest of the day outside. When they reached a good spot everyone placed their things down on the ground and the girls went straight to extending towels out while the guys removed their shirts to get in the water.
“You guys don’t want any sunblock? It’s still sunny out.” Tori said just as they were about to run in. They all stopped and looked out before turning back to their spot to get some lotion. Tony walked straight to Tori while Mike walked over to Annie and they turned around, giving them their backs. Tori squeezed some lotion onto her hands and slowly brought them to Tony’s back in front of her. Tony flinched as soon as he felt the cold lotion.
“Sorry.” Tori said. She felt her heartbeat accelerate as she stepped closer to him and started to massage the lotion on his tattooed back and arms. She felt herself getting drawn in as she felt him carefully and continued to put on more and more. Tori felt like everyone’s eyes were on her and started to get nervous before she finally stopped and stepped away. “All done.”
Vic walked next in her direction but decided against it and instead walked over to Annie as Anthony beat him to get to Tori.
“You don’t have to put that much on me, I don’t burn easily.” Anthony told her before facing ahead. She let out a nervous laugh and quickly put the sunblock on his back. When she was done he backed away and noticed his eyes still lingering in her direction. She didn’t understand it and before she would jump to conclusions she hurried over to Jaime’s side and put some sunblock on him. Once she finished they all ran off to the water and Tori went over to sit on her towel besides Annie. She let out a breath as she adjusted on the floor and rested her chin on her knee.
“So how long have you liked my cousin?” Tori quickly turned around to face Annie and looked at her confused. From the week that she has been at the house she was fairly quiet maybe a little shy so she wasn’t expecting to be hearing that question.
“L-like? No-“
“Tori I might not know you but that was pretty obvious.” She slowly turned around and faced the guys over by the water.
“Do you think they noticed it too?”
“No I doubt it. They are guys, they can’t tell these things like we can.”
“You have a point.”
“So you do like him.” Tori shook her head and let out a chuckle.
“I don’t even know anymore. I mean I used to have this huge crush on him growing up but I don’t know, ever since I came back and I saw them here I’ve been sort of confused.”
“Does he know?”
“Tony? No!”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because like you said guys don’t really notice these type of things even though the guys quickly caught on to my secret.”
“What secret?” Mike said as he came our way and sat down in front of them.
“You know very well which one.”
“Oh the one that you’re in love with Tony?” He said as he shook his wet hair. Tori rolled her eyes at him and let out a laugh.
“Sure Mike that one.”
“You should just tell him Tori, how long are you going to deny it?”
“I’m not denying it I just-.” She let out a sigh before continuing. “When I moved to New York I purposefully made myself forget about Tony and V- so I wouldn’t continue hurting myself over the what ifs. Now that I am around you guys I don’t know how I feel about him. I’m sure there is something in there but I don’t know if I want to be back in that situation. At least not yet.”
“Hopefully before the summer comes to an end.”
“I’m not promising anything, but we will see what happens.” Mike gave her the thumbs up before laying down on the towel and putting his weight on his elbow. “So when were you going to tell me you had a girlfriend?” Annie nearly choked on the water she was drinking and Mike sat up again.
“Wha-what are you talking about?”
“Oh come on Mike, you can’t fool me.”
“Well-“He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and looked turned to look at Annie.”
“I knew it!” Tori nearly shouted and they both turned to look at her, confusion washing over their faces. “I wasn’t so sure at first but I had a feeling by the way you two were acting.”
“Please don’t say anything. My brother would kill me”
“Don’t worry I won’t say a word, nor would I hold this against you unlike some people.” Tori finished by looking at Mike.
“Hey you needed that push and you still do. But I do appreciate you keeping it quiet.”
“You have nothing to worry about.”

As the sun went down and it started to get dark out everyone went back to the patio and started to hang out on the chairs while Vic and Mike alternated on the grill to make the food.
“So Anthony are you excited to go back to school?” Vic asked as he flipped the meat on the grill.
“A little. I mean its medical school.”
“Look at you! Future doctor right here.” Jaime said as he patted Anthony’s shoulder. “Have any field in mind?”
“Well at first they were trying to convince me to become an Obstetricians, you know those who deliver babies.”
“Oh-“ Jaime murmured before taking a sip of his beer and walked away from him and sat down on one of the chairs.
“Yeah but I’ve always had an interest in cardiology so that’s what I will be doing.”
“Cool.” Vic told him.
Tori got up from her seat and went inside the house, closing the sliding door behind her.
“Ok how come nobody mentioned that Tori was a total babe?” Anthony said as soon as she was far away to hear him.
Vic nearly dropped the meat he was taking out from the grill and quickly put it on the plate. Did he really hear what he thought he had heard?
“Um- what?” Tony said nearly choking on his beer.
“Yeah Tony how come you failed to mention that little detail?”
“I- I don’t know.”
“You keeping her to yourself? Because if you are I completely understand.”
Vic dropped the fork he was cooking with loudly and turned around so he can hear where this conversation was headed. He placed his hands on his hips and waited for Tony’s response. Tony can feel everyone looking at him and he started to get nervous on what to say. He didn’t know what to say.
“N-no! I’m not.”
“Cool so you don’t mind if I ask her out on a date?” Vic’s eyes widened as he grew frustrated with both of them.
Tony looked up at Mike who shook his head before looking away. “Go for it.”
Anthony grinned with excitement while everyone else in the patio remained quiet. The sound of the sliding door opening echoed around them and everyone turned to face Tori standing by it. Vic met Tori’s eyes and before his frustrations can get the best of him he let out a sigh and walked towards her.
“Excuse me.” He muttered before walking through her and storming into his house. He walked straight to the kitchen and to the cupboard where they stored the alcohol in. He grabbed the bottle of whiskey and unscrewed the cap. He brought the bottle to his lips and took a generous amount in before bringing the bottle back down.
This was going to be harder then he expected.


OMG VIC WATER YOU DOING HERE!? Update soon please!
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