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No Matter What.


"Jaime, you promised you'd always be there"
"I know, Parker, I know"
"You fucking lied to me."
"I am sorry. You know this is my dream."
"Whatever Jaime, I guess this friendship should just end now."

That was the last thing Parker Marie ever said to Jaime Preciado and those words were spoken almost three years ago. Parker and her band, Almost Drunk were invited to play 2012 vans warped tour. Jaime and his band, Pierce The Veil are also playing 2012 vans warped tour. What happens when they meet again after almost three years of not speaking or seeing each other. Will Parker end up in tears or will it end up in true love finally coming true for the two?

Warning and Disclaimer: I do not own anyone associted with Pierce the veil or any other band that might pop up. I dont own warped tour.I only own Almost Drunk and the other characters i made up and the plot line. Vulgar language, sexual situations, self harm and other things will appear but i do not support self harm in any way, shape or form.



awww are you going to update? or is it just like done?
Lexithe_dreamer Lexithe_dreamer