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Marcela Torres made a grave mistake of leaving the man who she knows that she will always be happy with. 14 years had past, everything had happen to endure all the pain and heartbreak, she is again reunited with him - Jaime Preciado.

Jaime is now the bassist for the band Pierce the Veil, one of the popular Hardcore band in the industry. He wanted to feel angry for all the pain that Marcela had put him through but there are something that hold him down. And he could not point a finger to it.

Forgiveness is what she seek from Jaime, but will that be enough for her to find redemption?

Will Jaime ever finds out of reason why she left 14 years ago, before everything is too late.


  1. Chapter 1 ~ Heartless

    A love story of Jaime Preciado. And this might turns out to be sad...

  2. Chapter 2 ~ The Meeting

    A love story of Jaime Preciado. And this might turns out to be sad...

  3. Chapter 3 ~ The Promise

    Marcela chatted with Austin Carlile as Jaime watching them with murderous look on his face.

  4. Chapter 4 : The Show // Sykes

    Jaime and Marcela finally have the talk of reasons why Marcela left 14 years ago.

  5. Chapter 5 ~ The Sex

    After reuniting for 14 years of separation, both Jaime and Marcela ends their first reunion night with a bang!

  6. Chapter 6 ~ The Illness

    This chapter tells more of Marcela illness and meeting up with Oliver Sykes that might ruin her relationship with Jaime.

  7. Chapter 7 ~ Far Away

    Oliver watched the loving couple having their dinner together, and admit that he do have special feeling for Marcela.

  8. Chapter 8 ~ I want my desert now!

    Jaime getting his desert.

  9. Chapter 9 ~ Party with Austin

    Austin invited Marcela over to his house for mini party and he even asked her to bring Jaime but Marcela ask someone else instead to Austin mini barbeque party

  10. Chapter 10 ~ Let's end it now!!

    A confrontation between Jaime and Marcela.



Thank you!! I am currently writing the new chap now ^_^
Rowan Primrose Rowan Primrose
This is amazing please update soon.