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High For This

Sweet Surprise

Two days had passed since the heart-to-heart I had with Tony and we couldn't of possibly gotten any closer. Tony would always try his hardest to keep me happy and one night we had stayed up all night, watching a movie and then listening to AFI softly being played in the background as we ate the many things we had ordered from room service and talked. It was nice. Really nice. Nice to the point where I started wishing the week would never end.

"You're so soft grunge," Tony laughed at me, hinting at my outfit for the day.
"And?" I leaned in closer to him, "Don't you like it?" I pouted.
"I don't mind it, I was just saying," He shrugged and grinned slowly.
"Can I ask you one thing though?" I cocked my eyebrow up at him.
"Do you really like these clothes?" He stuck his tongue out at me to which I hit him.
"Fucker," I growled causing Tony to laugh. Later I did too.

Tony and I headed down to the parking lot after he convinced me to take a cardigan for later on and we got in his car. I turned on the stereo and put on one of Blink's albums, both Tony and I sang along until we grew tired and Tony decided to talk, "I've always wondered... What happened with your family? You never talk about them..." He said. I stared out the windshield, my face was pale and blank. I hardly wanted to think about it let alone talk about it but I ended up spilling my guts out to him without one single look in his direction.

"When I was growing up, until I reached the age of eight everything was fine but one day I came back from school and things changed... I don't know why but they just did," I shrugged, "The days passed and my family would come over just to see my siblings, I would say 'hi' but they'd ignore me, so, as the days passed, so did the years and I changed too," I took a deep breath. My hand darted onto Tony's thigh, I grasped it as if I was grasping for support and he just stared at me. "I became rebellious, I would ditch school... I was a mess," I admitted quietly and the clearest, worst memory from my past came to me at once.

"Marina, you're coming tonight, right?" My friend Amanda asked through the phone, I replied with a quick 'yes' and hung up. I got into my outfit for the night, a pair of black leggings, a loose black t-shirt with the words "Blow Me" written over my breasts in bold white writing topped off with a cute baggy, black cardigan, white beanie and for shoes black leather converse that went past my ankles. For make-up, I had really dark eyes and nude lips, that was what hadn't really changed from then till now.

Amanda picked me up and we headed to the party. The smell of alcohol and weed made my stomach churn but I put up with it. Stuck it out because I wanted to get away from everything for a little while and that was the only way I knew how. My friend and I met up with our other friends and relaxed on the couch, they gave me drinks and I took them gladly, soon came the weed. I hesitated at first but they encouraged me and I took a puff. We passed the bong around and we all ended up getting high.

The party kicked off, I felt disgusting but once again, I stuck it out. I felt okay for once. I felt like people actually liked me and I knew most of them didn't. Not really anyways. The night came to an end, the morning appeared before my eyes and even though I wanted to stay I headed home to find my parents sitting on the couch. They began yelling at me, my dad threw a book at me then grabbed my arm and twisted it around. Tears threatened my eyes but I was not going to show weakness in front of them. I heard something snap and bit my lip hard. He pushed me to the crowd and I tried hoisting myself up but my arm wobbled and I lost balance.

"You fucking piece of shit!" He growled, grabbing my hair, tugging it up with force and dragging me towards the stairs. My dad slammed me against the stairs and then kicked me. It was the first time he abused me so much. I didn't cry though. I didn't let myself, I just sucked it up. The weed and alcohol in my system helped to ease the pain I was feeling though, so I was glad for that.

Asshole finished off by kicking my side and storming off towards my mother who just watched. She slowly approached me and I hoped she would at least try to comfort me but she pulled me up and slapped my right cheek. It stung my eye. I felt like my whole body was in flames but I held my ground. She slapped me again, twice as hard on the same cheek.

"Go up to your room!" She yelled in my face.

"You're worthless!"

"You're a mess!"

"You're never going to get anywhere in life!"

"I should of never had you!" That was the one that hurt the most.

I staggered up to my bedroom, my left leg felt wobbly just like my arm. I had fallen hard to the ground and my knee had gotten full impact. I was certain it was broken and my arm was fractured. When I finally got to my room and collapsed on my bed. I passed out, I was exhausted, bruised and trembling. When I opened my eyes I cried because the pain was too much.

For the whole day, I didn't move. My friend called though and the next day took me to the hospital. My parents claimed to not have done anything to me, I hated them so much and moved in with Amanda for a while until I moved out on my own, got clean and changed my life.

"They um... They hated me, they beat me and after that I left. I was sixteen than and I haven't spoken or bothered to see them again after six years and I never will. I know what I did was bad but what they left me with... That was torture and for what reasons at first? None," I sighed as I wiped away the tears and turned when I felt something squeezing my hand. Tony had laced his fingers in mine and was holding on to it tightly. I forced a tight smile, "I'm so much better now," I reassured him.

"I'm sorry," He mumbled. I gave his hand a squeeze and he smiled at me halfheartedly.
"Don't be,"
"I shouldn't have asked," He sighed.
"No, it's alright, I promise," I smiled trying to reassure him that it really was fine. I could never be mad at him. He was too amazing and nice to be mad at.
"Alright, I wont bring it up again than," Tony smiled and we kept driving but in silence until we got to the mall and he parked the car.

Tony and I stepped out and headed to the food court where we got something to eat. We didn't talk though, we were both so hungry and when we finished we went around to some shops. An hour spent shopping was too much for both of us so we headed back to his car, put the bags inside and then walked to The Strip which was close to the mall.

"You like Vegas don't you?" Tony laughed.
"Yeah, it's great," I smiled.

I let my hand elope with his and started running to a nearby music shop. We stepped inside and the familiar smell filled me up. I turned to Tony and grinned widely as I swung our hands back and forth. Slowly we let go of each others hands and roamed the store. We both bought various records, both vinyls and CD's then we headed to other stores, got souvenirs and then headed off to a bar to get lunch.

"I never thought you'd eat so much," Tony commented as I placed a long french fry in my mouth.
"The littlest things you don't expect-" I swallowed, "Always happen,"
"That's true," Tony shrugged.
"Yeah," I smiled as I took another bite of the fry.

Tony and I ate and talked about what other things we could do that day but I really didn't have much in mind until he suggested to go sight seeing. We went to New York New York and then spent most of the day driving around the city. By the time it was six in the afternoon we headed to get dinner which were two large pizza's, one for each of us. I was not so hungry but I ate anyways because it was so good. We talked about going to a club but neither of us were dressed for it and I was tired, it had been a long day.

"I'm tired too," Tony sighed rubbing the back of his neck, "Hotel?" He suggested. I nodded and we went back to the car and back to the hotel. When we got to our floor we raced to our room and then changed ways to get changed into comfortable clothes. I went to the bathroom and got changed into a loose black band tee belonging to Guns and Roses and slid my legs into a pair of grey sweatpants. My white socks stood out so much and I chuckled at that as I tied my hair up in a bun and stepped out into the room. I saw Tony laying on my bed in basketball shorts and a loose fitted tee as well.

"Nice socks," I smirked up at him as I approached the bed and tossed my clothes to the floor.
"Thanks," He grinned looking down at his Huf socks that had weed leaves on them which were red and the rest of the sock were green.
"No problemo amigo," I smiled and took a seat next to him on the bed. I laid down next to him and Tony dimmed the lights with a control remote he held in his hands. It was nice, really.

I turned to Tony and he smiled at me then we both quickly looked up at the ceiling and sighed at the same time which caused us to laugh a little. "Tony?" I cooed still looking up and playing with my fingers on top of my stomach. "Yeah?" "Could you help me find a job once we get back?" I looked at him and he nodded.

"Of course,"
"Thanks," I grinned.
"Anything for you," He said and caused me to blush. I turned on my side and put my arm under one pillow and the other under my cheek. My eyes darted to his and he smiled as he mirrored my actions.
"Mike texted me earlier..."
"Yeah, he said we have practice when we get back on Monday,"
"Oh-Kay...?" I asked, not sure what he was getting at.
"You should come-" He paused and smacked his lips, "Might give you a chance to talk to Vic,"
"Vic, right," I sighed, "Sure, thanks," I smiled tightly and looked down at the space between us.
"Stop saying sorry, Tony-" I looked up at him and smiled, "You're the hardest person to ever be mad at, you don't do any harm... To me, anyways," I winked.
"Hmm," He laughed.
"You're fine, don't worry at all... Please... All you do is help so far," I told him, "If you say sorry one more time I'll punch you," Tony chuckled.
"Alright, I promise,"
"Good boy," I smiled.

We held eye contact for a little too long and my stomach churned at the thoughts running through my mind. I shut my eyes tightly and pretended to be incredibly tired, "Goodnight Tone," I smiled and turned around so my back was facing him. Tony turned the lights off and said goodnight to me too before getting off of the bed and heading to his. I got under the covers and laid there for at least two hours just trying to get to sleep until I finally did.

I couldn't handle what I was feeling, it was wrong and I was determined that it was all just something that happened because I was spending so much time with Tony. I wasn't going to admit anything at that point. No. 'Don't you dare.' I told myself. I loved Vic and what I was feeling for Tony was only platonic. I mean, I was allowed to find him attractive, right? Well, that's what I let myself believe anyways. It was hard but I did it. I did not have feelings for Tony at all. I convinced myself.
The week had passed in a blur. The last night was spent with Tony and I getting almost incredibly hungover and nearly falling asleep on the concrete outside of the club but we made it to the hotel and even though we woke up in the afternoon we still got in his car and drove back down to San Diego. We talked and laughed, I confessed to Tony I was worried about seeing Vic again that night but he told me that if anything happened that he'd be there for me. So would Mike and Jaime. I had three great friends, way more than I could say for my supposed 'boyfriend.'

When we got to San Diego, Tony helped me take the things and my bags of clothes into my place before we headed to Mike's place where they would be practicing. Tony knocked on the door and Mike greeted us happily, we walked in and were also greeted by Jaime. He gave me a big comforting hug before I turned around at the sound of a cough and saw Vic there, gazing at me.

My heart fluttered, with a mixture of anger and love all at once. I hadn't seen him in so long that I even felt a little shy around him, but that feeling all too soon ran away and the smile that appeared on my face was one I thought I'd probably never wear again.

Vic walked up to me and engulfed me in his buff arms, kissing the bridge of my nose so sweetly.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D