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High For This

Oh, Catastophe

"Marina," I heard as a murmur and turned my head around, facing the opposite direction from before but the annoying sound of my name didn't stop. I felt a hand rest on my upper back and the bed sink from the right side of my body, I groaned angrily then turned my head to look in that direction once again. My eyes blinked open and I saw a worried Tony looking down at me. I didn't bother to say anything, just let my head fall back on the fluffy pillow, my eyes shut and I inhaled deeply. It felt like someone was smashing a hammer on my head, I prayed for it to stop but nothing and with Tony still shaking me gently and calling my name it didn't help.

"Marina, wake up-"
"My head hurts," I grumbled.
"I know, drink this," I sighed and sat up at his words.

Tony handed me a large glass of water and two aspirins, I took them in an instant and Tony chuckled. "Thanks," I murmured as I placed the glass on top of the night stand that separated the two beds. Tony smiled and said it wasn't a problem. I gazed at his smile for a little too long and felt that strange feeling build up inside me once again. I wanted to kiss him. Maybe it was because I hadn't felt the feeling of lips on mine in what seemed like so long or the fact that Tony's lips looked so inviting, so delicious and he was being so kind to me. I didn't like the feeling though. I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest, looked down and shook my head.

'Stop.' I repeated to myself until the feeling seemed to ease away and I looked back up into Tony's big brown eyes.

"Tony," I mused, he stared at me, waiting for me to continue, "What are we gonna do today?"
"Casino?" He suggested.
"Sure," I smiled and swung my legs over the edge of the bed next to him, "Oh, what time is it?"
"PM!?" I asked in shock.
"Yep," Tony laughed.
"Oh shit," I said and rushed to the shower.

When I got there I realized that running, even the short distance to the shower, wasn't a good idea. I placed both hands on either side of my head and groaned angrily. Forgetting everything for a short while was great but the aftermath of the night was a terrible thing. I decided to just take the consequence and slowly began to get undressed, I jumped in the shower and let the warm water run down my entire body. Washed my hair with some incredible smelling shampoo and conditioner then got out and wrapped a towel around my body.

I looked down at the clothes I had stripped out off and realized it was my outfit from the previous night. I couldn't be bothered to get into that just to take it off two seconds later so I dried my body quickly then wrapped the towel tightly around me again. I grabbed another towel from the towel rack and violently dried my hair.

My hands grabbed the outfit and I walked out of the bathroom into the room. Tony turned to me and quickly looked away, "I'm gonna take a shower too," He said and dodged my body, entering the bathroom. The door shut behind me and made my entire body shiver. I went over to my bag and slipped on some clean, black underwear, then chose a gorgeous black dress with gold studs on it. I put on a pair of ankle socks then put my Jeffrey Campbell litas and I was ready by the time Tony stepped foot out of the bathroom in only a towel, hanging loosely around his waist.

I tried not to stare but his tattoos captured my attention and I didn't know what to do, he was so handsome. Why was I starting to think those things? Why on earth were all those thoughts running circles in my head now? Those were the two questions I had asked myself after I turned away and began to blowdry my hair while he chose some clothes to wear and walked back into the bathroom to get changed. When Tony walked back out I was finished doing my makeup and was just staring at my outfit in the mirror.

"Looks good," I heard Tony say as he stepped beside me and looked at himself too.
"Thanks," I smiled shyly, "You look good too, might find yourself some sexy ladies tonight,"
"Maybe," Tony winked which caused me to laugh.
"I'll help," I said because I thought maybe if I did I wouldn't have those thoughts any longer.

Maybe I just found him attractive. Tony is very attractive, ever since I met him I thought he was cute but lately the thoughts had seemed to increase and that worried me. Well, itched at my skin like an annoying spider bite that I just wanted so hard for it to go.

"Ready?" Tony asked, I nodded and we headed out of the room. Tony locked the door then we went down the elevator, out of the front lobby of the hotel and ended up walking a block to get to the casino. Our legs moved in sync with each other's as we made our way through two large glass doors and my eyes immediately went wide at the many people in the casino. The thousands of different lights everywhere. The many games and just absolutely everything in the casino. Tony grinned and slipped his hand in mine, leading the way to a poker table.

it was seven in the afternoon by the time we got to the casino. We sat and played poker for a while until we got bored and headed off to some slot machines. We got a bit of cash altogether and then the night began to kick off. Tony and I got handed free drinks and before I knew it I was feeling a little dizzy, with the headache from the previous night and the one I was just getting, I started feeling really sick but stuck it out for a little while longer.

Tony and I were having such a great time, I didn't want to ruin that for him but suddenly my heart started spinning again and I fell backwards into something hard. I heard people screaming and even though my eyes were closed I sensed someone standing over me until everything went blank. I remember feeling absolutely nothing. Everything was so peaceful but as quick as it happened my eyes shot open and locked on Tony's. He was cradling me. I heard murmurs and realized people were surrounding us so I grabbed a hold of his blazer and leaned in close to his ear, "Take me to the hotel," I said. Tony nodded and helped me to my feet.

We staggered past people and one member of staff ran up to me asking if I was okay, I nodded as I pushed past him. I just wanted to go, lay on the amazing bed and sleep. Tony held me tight but I began to loose consciousness and when I woke up again, I was in his arms. He was carrying me bridal style into the hotel room. Tony laid me down on my bed gently and took a seat beside me, he began to speak but I blocked him out and quickly rushed to the bathroom, I fell to my knees over the toilet and puked nothing but water. I hadn't eaten in so long it seemed. All I had in me was alcohol and I knew that wasn't good.

I sat there for a while just puking until the feeling stopped and I wiped my mouth with some toilet paper, stood to my feet cautiously and flushed the toilet. Then my hands made their way to the sink and I washed my mouth out, my hands and face. I got rid of the layer of makeup around my eyes and some of the foundation on my face until I looked like myself. I stared at myself attentively in the mirror and a heartbreaking memory came to me in an instant.

"I love how you look without makeup," Vic said, "You're so beautiful," He smiled. I blushed and laid my head on his chest and listened to the beat of his heart. "I love you," He told me and that was when I realized that I loved him too. So very much. "I love you too, Victor," I smiled as I lifted my head and placed a sweet kiss on his lips.

My body began to shake, sobs escaped my mouth and tears started streaming down my face. My pounding headache made it so much worse too. The pain that coursed through my body was dreadful and I needed it to stop. I walked out of the bathroom and ran into Tony's arms. He was still sitting on my bed and was shocked at first but he didn't hesitate to comfort me.

Tony let me cry on his shoulder for what seemed like an eternity. My whole body was in pain and I was desperate to speak. I wanted to get the pain to ease somehow and I remembered what Tony had said before we went to Vegas. "Tell me anything." So that's what I did.

"I don't understand, Tony. Why would Vic ignore me just because his dad died? Why? I wanted to be there for him, to support him. He knows that I love him, he knows that I'd go through hell and back for him, Tony. Why'd he have to ignore me? Push me away?" I sobbed looking at my hands as I fidgeted with my fingers and sobbed, "Are we even together anymore? I don't know, and that's what hurts the most. I don't know," I cried. Tony put his arms around me tightly and held me close to him again. "I have nothing anymore, not even a job. I don't know how i'll pay rent, I don't know anything right now, I feel as if i'm drowning, Tony. I'm drowning." I said.

Tony rubbed my back, "I'm here for you, you'll be okay, I promise," He said. His words went straight to my heart and I believed him. "You're not drowning, if you need help paying rent just ask me-" He paused, "I don't mind." I smiled up at him and clung to his chest. Sobs still escaped from my mouth but it wasn't as bad as before.

He was so good to me.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D