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High For This

Welcome To Las Vegas

I looked at myself in the mirror and made sure my outfit looked presentable. I grinned at the cat on my black shirt and headed to the door. I walked out the door and bumped into Tony's chest, my eyes flicked up to his and I felt myself forget all my sadness, as if it had just drowned out of me. My arms found their way around his torso and squeezed him tight, he did back and a smile played on my lips. When we pulled away I locked the door and we headed to his car.

"How'd you sleep?" Tony asked.
"Good," I lied.
"Uh, how about you?" I smiled up at him.
"Good," He smiled, "Wanna go to Vegas on Friday?"
"Vegas?" I asked a little shocked.
"Yeah, I don't know... It looks like you need a little fun," Tone shrugged.
"I do..." I muttered, "How about we go tonight and spend the week there? If... You don't have practice or anything?"
"Sure," He grinned and we went quiet for a short time before he spoke again, "So I guess that changes plans for today,"
"I guess so," I shrugged smiling.
"Is it cool if we go back to mine so I can pack?"
"Rad," I grinned.

As we drove to his house I kept thinking of all the fun I was going to have in Vegas. All the distractions available at just my fingertips and even better, Tony would be there to keep me company, keep me feeling well. I was really enjoying our friendship so far and I was glad he was willing to help. Maybe for his own benefit but still... He was there for me and Vic was not. Vic didn't even bother yet he was my boyfriend.

Soon we reached Tony's house and when we walked inside his house I admired his posters on the walls, the bottles of alcohol on one counter of the kitchen. The turtle push animals laying around on his couch and floor. His flat screen TV which on either side had a lightsaber. We turned a corner and headed into his room, it wasn't as cluttered as I'd imagined it to be but he still had Star Wars memorabilia almost everywhere my eyes landed on. His bed was simple though, white sheets and black duvet. One single pillow cased in a black fabric as well.

"Big nerd you are," I chuckled.
"Don't judge me," Tony turned to me and poked his tongue out at me. I laughed. 'How cute,' I thought.
"Fine, sorry," I smiled as my feet dragged over to his side, "Need any help, Jedi?"
"Sith," He corrected me, "And yes,"
"Sith, okay, I shall help," I said mockingly. Tony laughed and handed me a bag.

I helped him pick out some outfits, he wasn't clueless in that department but he asked for that favor so I helped as best I could. It reminded me how I'd always help Vic choose something for the day and to be honest, it made my mood slip down my core again. Tony looked at me suspiciously as if he knew what was wrong but he didn't bother to ask me about it, instead, he put both hands on my hips and pulled me into him. I didn't know what to do, it was all so sudden but my arms slowly found their way around his body and I crumbled into pieces on his chest. My tears would accelerate when his heart did, I wasn't sure why, it annoyed me somewhat so I turned my head away from his chest and pressed my chin on his shoulder.

Tony's hands glided softly from my hips up and around my back. He rubbed circles there but soon squeezed me tight as if for dear life when I gripped onto his black t-shirt and my body racked with sobs. He held me. He supported me. He was so great to me. I lifted my head and stared into his eyes, I wasn't sure what I was doing but in that moment I had the sudden urge to kiss him because he reminded me of Vic with his tenderness. Tony caressed my cheek with his thumb and before I could do anything I rationalized and pulled away. I wouldn't let myself do that and Tony would possibly never speak to me again if I had committed that mistake I was so close to making.

"You alright?" I turned to him and nodded. I continued packing his things for him and we were soon out the door and headed back to my place where he helped me out as well. We were doing just fine when he brought it up again, "Marina, if you need to talk to anyone just talk to me, okay?" I nodded once again. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to say anything. I just wanted to go to Vegas, get drunk off my ass and forget absolutely everything.

I wanted Vic to talk to me again.

I wanted my job back.

I even wanted my friends back who I hadn't heard from in so long. They had magically stopped talking to me one day all at once. I knew I was stupid for wanting them back, they tore me and one too many times tried to break Vic and I up, but I had no girl friends at all at that point. I needed someone other than a guy to talk to and I had nothing.

"Marina, I'm serious," Tony sighed, "If you need to talk don't even ask, just blurt everything out, I don't mind," I looked at him and smiled.
"Thanks, but I'll try very hard to not bug you with my shit,"
"You'd never bug me," He murmured as he walked up to me and embraced me in another hug.
"I'm sure I would," I sighed.
"Stop that," He groaned, pulling away.
"Fine," I sighed which caused him to smile a little, "And I promise to tell you..."
"That's m'girl," He laughed which caused me too as well.

Tony helped me carry the bag to his car and once we were both strapped in we headed off to one of the party capital's of the world. It was a long trip, we talked a little about what we planned on doing and then blasted some music and sang along with all our breath. Tony pulled over once for a bathroom, gas and food break and then we were back on the road almost immediately. My heart thumped out of my chest as we approached Vegas and the sign, "Welcome to Las Vegas" showed up in my eyesight.

As we passed buildings, casinos, strip clubs, fountains and many many tourists, Tony was busy searching for a hotel while I just looked out at the place I would call 'home' for the next week. The place I would break free from everything back home and forget enough about Vic that his isolation wouldn't seem much and time would fly which meant that if Vic was going to call, it wouldn't seem like such a long time from than.

"Ah, like this?" Tony brought me out of my thoughts and pointed out the windshield at a tall building. The entrance looked like those in the movies where only rich people could go into. I swallowed the lump in my throat at the beauty of it and nodded, "Good, it's my favourite," He smiled. We got out of the car, got our bags and walked inside the lobby.

"Wow..." I murmured, Tony chuckled beside me and pushed me along to the front desk where a man in a green tuxedo with a bow tie stood. A smile plastered on his face. "Is it okay if we get one room?" Tony asked me, I nodded. I didn't mind. If I were alone I was sure to break and I couldn't have that. I watched as Tony got us our suite for the next seven days and then followed behind him, up the elevator, onto the ninth floor and into our suite which had two separate beds.

I ran over to the one next to the window and looked out at the beautiful view. Lights twinkled and night had fallen quicker than expected. It had taken us a long time to get to Vegas but it was such a surprise. I stood overlooking the city when Tony suddenly walked up behind me, put his hands on my hips again and smiled when I turned to look at him.

"Wanna go dancing?" The smile that appeared on my face when he asked that caused him to back away, it was as if it frightened him but I was so happy to hear those words. Dancing meant fun, fun meant booze and booze meant forgetting everything. I grabbed my bag from the ground and dashed past Tony to the bathroom to get changed into some party clothes.

I wore a black dress with black tights and black lolitas with silver spikes on them. I had done my eye make-up really dark and left the rest of my face looking nearly naturally with a nice nude lip. I didn't bother to do my hair, I liked the messy look way too much as always so I let it out and then walked back out to where Tony was fixing his jacket on his broad shoulders.

"Ready turtle?" I tapped his shoulder as I walked around him and placed my bag on top of the bed I had chosen for me out of the two.
"Yeah," He smiled at me when I turned around, "Are you taking something to put over yourself or...?"
"A cardigan?" Tony nodded, "Nah, I feel alright," I grinned.

I lead the way down to the lobby this time and instead of taking his car Tony grabbed a hold of my hand and turned me around in the direction of a club with bright pink and blue fluro lights which he described. It was a couple of blocks away and there were plenty of people everywhere. Tony kept a good hold of my hand as we pushed past clusters of people. When we reached the club though, he let go and showed him both of our ID's then we were let in and the party started.

For once I was happy after an exhausting amount of sadness.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D