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High For This

Can You Fix The Broken?

I was woken by a loud groan and when I turned to look in the direction where it came from my eyes fixed on Tony's. He stretched his arms behind his head and blinked his eyes a few times before saying good morning, I said it back and sat up, leaning against the bed's head-frame, Tony joined me and we sat there in a daze at the blank TV. There was a knock at the door and we both turned quickly to just stare at it but Tony stood up and walked to it, while he opened it I got to my feet but had to grab a hold of the bedside table since I nearly fell and Tony immediately was by my side.

"You okay?" Tony asked, I nodded and looked up to meet Mike's worried eyes, he cocked his eyebrow up at me and I stared confused.
"Did you two-"
"No." Tony quickly said, "I passed out here before she came in," He told Mike.
"Okay, sorry I just thought-"
"I'd never do that, Mike..." I said as I let go of Tony's grasp.
"I know but you were wasted last I saw you," Mike shrugged, "You never know..."

After that the three of us went quiet and Tony cleared his throat, Mike walked out of the room and we walked behind him. I sighed as we slowly walked down the stairs and wondered how I had managed to get upstairs in the state I was but my thoughts were cut short by Tony running his fingers through my hair, my eyes shifted up to him, once we got downstairs and he chuckled, "Your hair was a mess," He told me. I blushed in embarrassment and looked down as I mumbled a 'thanks.'

We followed Mike into the kitchen and there he handed me my phone, I looked down at the screen in hopes of seeing Vic's name on the screen but there was nothing. I sighed deeply and rested my head on my arms. I felt a hand rubbing circles on my back which caused me to look up, again, in hopes it was Vic but no, it was Tony. Tony gave me a sympathetic smile and continued comforting me as Mike made some toast.

"Where's everyone else? The place was packed last night?" I heard Tony ask Mike.
"It's nearly four, you guys slept in," Mike chuckled.
"Oh," Tony said, "That explains it than,"
"Yeah, how much did you guys drink last night?"
"A lot I guess..." Tony muttered.
"How do you not have a hangover?"
"Beats me," Tony shrugged and met my eyes when I looked up, "You?" He asked me.
"Kind of..." I sighed.
"Want an aspirin?" Mike nodded over to me.

Mike got to it quickly and before I knew it there was a large glass of water and two aspirin's in front of me. I gulped them down in the blink of an eye and drank the rest of the water sparingly. The three of us ate the food Mike had made and then went over to the couch, I sat in between Tony and Mike as we watched one of the Star Wars movies when there was suddenly a knock on the door and Mike stood up to answer it.

Tony and I stayed seated on the couch with our eyes glued to the TV but I quickly got distracted when I heard his voice. My eyes widened, it had been that long since the last time we had talked and my heart was pounding out of my chest it seemed, I even started feeling a little nauseous. My mind raced with thoughts of whether I should of gone to the door and talked to him, demand an answer for everything but before I could of acted upon my thoughts Mike closed the door and walked over to Tony and I. He gave me a sympathetic look, I shook my head almost angrily, my eyes locked on my sparkly Lolita's and I slowly stood.

"Why'd he come?"
"Wanted to talk about practice," Mike said.
"He'll talk to you eventually," Mike muttered.
"Everyone keeps telling me that..." I sighed and pushed past him.

I walked out the door without saying anything and staggered over to my car. When I got there my head began spinning and I had to hold myself up with the help of the door handle because I nearly fell to the ground. I groaned angrily, my hands formed into fists and I punch my cars metal roof hard.

"I doubt your car deserves to get abused because you're sad..." I heard Tony walk up behind me. I turned around and glared at him but then started chuckling. He was right.
"I need to let out my anger somehow," I shrugged when he approached me even more.
"Hmm, ever been shooting?"
"Yeah, you know, with a gun?" Tony chuckled.
"Yeah I know but-"
"Good way to let your anger out on something," I stared at Tony for a second and slowly nodded.
"Sure, okay," I smiled, "When?"
"Now okay?"
"Yeah but I ugh, need to get changed into something more... Casual," I laughed as I hinted at my dress and heels. Tony chuckled and nodded.
"Your place first than,"
"What about you?"
"I'm aight," He smiled and turned to his car, I watched as he walked towards it and smiled when he looked at me as he got in. His car roared to life and that was when I got in mine, I pulled out of the driveway and he followed me to my house.

When we got to my place I told Tony to make himself at home for a while until I was ready and ran up the stairs to my room. Once I got there I hurriedly took off my clothes and got changed into a comfortable outfit then I skipped down the stairs and saw Tony facing the lounge so I snuck up on him and jumped on his back. My nails dug into his shoulders as I pushed myself up and my legs clung tightly together around his waist, I started laughing and he grabbed my thighs, hoisting me up a little more. My arms locked around his neck, Tony shook his head while he chuckled and lead me to the couch where he dropped me and I sat staring up at him as a pout formed on my red lips.

"What was that for?" Tony chuckled.
"I don't know, just felt like jumping on you," I admitted as I chuckled along with him.
I laughed, "Okay, c'mon Turtle, take me to shoot some hoes," I said as I got up and slapped his arm playfully. I made my way to the door and he followed, we walked out and I locked the door securely before walking over to his car and getting in.
Tony pulled up in the parking lot of the place and we jumped out of his car. He pulled open the door to the main lobby in the building and let me walk in first. The cool from the air conditioning made me shiver just a little until I got used to it. Tony payed for our tickets and we were taken to the shooting room, this professional showed us a thing or two with a gun and we then replicated his exact movements.

The fun went away far too quickly though and just when I had really gotten the hang of holding a gun in my hands and pressing the trigger, without nearly getting knocked back, our time was up and we had to leave. I was a little disappointed, anger still coursed through my thick, blood filled veins like ecstasy and I couldn't shake it off. I had to do something, I needed far more distractions.

"Tony-" I paused as I looked out the window at the palm trees flowing past us as Tony drove.
"Can we do something else?" I turned to him.
"Like what?"
"I don't know, go get an ice-cream or something?" I smiled trying to persuade him.
"Okay," He smiled back and turned to the left.

I turned up the volume on my iPod and we both started singing along to a random song that came on until we reached the beach and saw an ice-cream shop nearby. Tony once again parked his car and we got out, we walked past people to get to the shop but once we had we ordered the best ice-creams to have ever been created.

"Mint," Tony nodded at me as we walked out of the shop and headed towards a seat facing the beach.
"Yep, de-li-cious!" I squealed happily, "You got plain ol'chocolate," I mocked.
"Better than mint,"
"Bullshit mate," I laughed.
"You have weird taste," Tony said in all seriousness and made an ugly face.
"You're basic," I grinned deviously.
"I see how it is-" He pursed his lips together. Stared at the horizon before turning to me and tickling my sides. I was laughing and trying not to drop my ice-cream but in all the chaos of trying to pry him off it fell to the ground and splattered a little on my tights and shoes.
"Tony!" I growled as I wiped off my tights.
"That was your fault," He held his hands up in defense.
"I agree but you made me do it, asshole," I sneered jokingly. Tony just laughed at me a little before bringing his thumb up to the corner of my mouth and wiping away a little bit of ice-cream. "Awkward..." I laughed.
"I had ice-cream on my lip... That's awkward and embarrassing," I laughed.
"Oh, right," He chuckled. I stuck my tongue out at him and we continued to make small talk.

After a while, Tony dropped me off home and went back to his place after we made plans to hang out the next day. I was glad to have someone to talk to and to distract me from everything going on. I had no job, my boyfriend I deeply cared about was ignoring me and I was worried about what I was going to do about money and paying rent. I had all this stress on my shoulders and it wouldn't leave as much as I tried, sure, a few hours with Tony made me forget but when I got home I crumbled down on my bed and cried for hours.

I couldn't wait for the morning to go out with Tony.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D