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High For This


I had woken up to find Vic nuzzled in his white, fluffy pillow next to me, a smile played on my lips and I pushed some hair away from his face. Vic opened his eyes and blinked at me a couple of times before grinning and pinning me down on the mattress, he hovered over my body and leaned down showering my face and neck in sweet butterfly kisses. I giggled up at him and scrunched my nose when he pecked my lips.

"Morning beautiful," Vic said. Our eyes were locked and I smiled cheerfully. I loved waking up to him in the mornings, I couldn't wait for it to be a 'for-the-rest-of-our-lives' type of deal and the thought gave me goosebumps. "Cold?" Vic chuckled when he noticed, I shook my head 'no', quickly arched my neck and pecked the tip of his nose then I pushed him off and got to my feet since I had to go to work.

My feet made their way to the bathroom where I took a shower like every morning and then brushed my teeth, put a towel around my body and carried my pajamas back into Vic's bedroom. He wasn't there so I threw the PJ's on his bed and started drying myself. I was nearly done when two hands cupped my breasts from behind and started nibbling at my neck. I moaned in satisfaction, he spun me around and smacked his lips against mine, we kissed passionately for a while and Vic touched me everywhere but I didn't let him take it any further. I was supposed to be at work in an hour and I wasn't going to be late, I really liked my job.

"Aw, you're no fun!" Vic pouted as I walked out of his room fully dressed and headed to the kitchen where I got out a small bottle of Sunny D and the sandwich I had made myself the previous night from the fridge, put them in my large bag and started walking to the door when Vic grabbed my arm, spun me around and kissed me as he muttered "Have a good day," I grinned.

"You too, Vic. I'll see you later,"
"And you're making up for what didn't happen up there," He smirked pointing up the stairs. I slumped my shoulders and sighed as I chuckled quietly.
"Fine. I love you, bye." I grinned. Vic hugged me and let me go.
I got to work and immediately one of my favorite customers walked in. He smiled at me and walked up to the counter. "Joseph Kim!" I mused happily at seeing him, he was a really nice person and every time he came to the store we would talk about everything going on in our lives. I guess you could say we were acquaintances or even good friends but neither of us held the other's number or were 'friends' on facebook at all. We just saw each other constantly when he came in to buy records.

"Marina!" He exclaimed pulling me into a hug.
"How have you been?" I smiled.
"Been good, I'm about to graduate in two weeks," He said happily. He had been taking an art class to better his skills as an artist to be able to be a tattooist.
"I'm proud of you!" I grinned and patted his arm.
"Ow!" He flinched.
"What did I do?"
"No, nothing just I got a tattoo there," He chuckled.
"Oh shit, I'm sorry Joe,"
"It's okay, it's gone now,"
"Still..." I laughed.

Joe and I talked for a while and I helped him find some new bands and records, after that he left and I was left there to work with my workmate, Sasha. She was really cool to talk to but spent most of her time chasing around attractive guys that came into the shop. I would laugh at her as I sipped my drink and texted Vic because I had nothing to do since she dragged them all away. I was glad though that she didn't dare talk to Joe because he was my favorite Korean in the world and he was one of the highlights of my job.

After a long day I headed back to Vic's place but when I walked in, Vic was nowhere in sight. I called out to him numerous times but there was no response. I sighed worriedly and walked to the kitchen to get a bite to eat and distract myself from over thinking things. I placed my bag on the counter and that's when I saw a yellow sticky note on it with Vic's messy script on it.
'I'm at my mom's. Dad had an accident, I'll be back soon, love you - Vic'
I began to worry now even more, not for him anymore but for his dad. It didn't seem like it was so bad though so I shook my thoughts away and opened the fridge door, I found a box of pizza there and grabbed it, then grabbed another bottle of Sunny D and walked over to the couch. I plopped my bottom down on the cushion of the grey couch and turned on the TV to the best greatest show of all time, Family Guy. My fingers fiddled with the lid of the pizza box and opened it up, when I was about to take a bite though the doorbell rang and thinking it was Vic I hurriedly got to my feet and ran to the door, when I swung it open I was a little disappoint to not see Vic but Tony, his band mate.

"Hey, is Vic here?" He asked looking past my shoulder into the living room.
"No, his dad had an accident so he went to his mom's place," I told Tony. His gaze moved to meet my eyes and he sighed.
"I really have to talk to him, is it okay if I wait here?"
"It's fine, come in," I smiled and he walked in.

Tony walked into the living room and sat on the side of the couch I was previously sitting at. After I closed the door I walked over to the couch and sat on the other side, put the pizza box in between us and smiled up at him, "Eat you must," I said which caused Tony to chuckle and grab a slice of pizza. "Yoda one who should eat," He winked after he took a bite. I laughed and grabbed a slice.

We ate the rest of the pizza Vic had left for me and then Vic walked in through the door. He smiled when he saw me and then turned to Tony with a confused expression. Tony stood up, towering over Vic and asked if he could talk to him about something which Vic agreed to almost instantly. I was sure it was something to with the band so I didn't pay much attention and just sank into the couch as they walked off somewhere else in the house and my eyes gazed at the weird looking alien on American Dad who was saying something hilarious yet totally inappropriate.

A few minutes passed and I started laughing like a complete retard when Vic and Tony appeared in front of me. I looked at them and went quiet instantly, they both laughed at me and I felt my cheeks go red. "See ya, Marina," Tony waved to me and turned on his heel to walk out the door, "Bye!" I called out. Vic said goodbye to Tony as well and then walked over to me where he took a seat and put his buff arm around my shoulders. I snuggled into him and rubbed his chest soothingly over his shirt with my hand.

"How's your dad?" I asked looking up at him.
"He's in hospital, he got into a car accident but the doctor's said that he'll be okay," He smiled halfheartedly.
"Oh, well I'm glad he's gonna be okay,"
"Me too, I was so scared," He sighed.
"Why didn't you call me?"
"I had no time, I grabbed my keys and left as quick as possible when mom called,"
"Oh okay, at first I was worried about you though," I admitted.
"You love me too much," He chuckled.
"Indeed I do," I smiled and kissed his cheek, "Anyways what did Tony want to talk to you about?"
"Curious ol' Marina," Vic mocked rubbing my upper arm. I pouted and giggled. "He had some new song ideas, they're pretty great and then he asked about dad,"
"I can't wait to hear these songs," I winked.
"Soon," Vic smiled.
"Better be soon or else I'll bite you," I joked.
"That reminds me..." Vic murmured and pushed me down on the couch.

My back was pressed there and he hovered over me, he began kissing my neck and before long our clothes were off and we were upstairs under his covers. I laid on his chest and listened to sound of his heartbeat while he rubbed circles on my back, I felt like he wanted to say something and after a while the words "I love you," slipped from his lips. I grinned and felt the same crazy butterflies I always got when he said those words erupt in my stomach. I moved my head up and rested my chin atop one of his pecks before saying the three little words back to him.


I love this story it's seriously the cutest!:D