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The Story In Me

A diamond bullet and a gun made of gold, she was covered in blood last seen in San Francisco.

"I can't believe we're in line to meet Pierce The Veil! Do you understand the magnitude of what we're about to do, Cori?!" My bestfriend, Callie, screeched from next to me in our noisy spot in the huge mob in front of one of the many merch tables lined up in a parking lot in San Fransisco.

"I do! I think we should back up though, maybe we'll get to spend more time with the boys?" I suggested hopefully.

"Fine, but if they cut out early, I'll murder you in your sleep!"

PTV was her favorite band, and we'd never made it to the meet 'n greets. Something always came up. Last time it was my serious neck injury by a crowd surfer who probably should have stayed on the ground. Now, our fifth Pierce The Veil concert, we are in line to meet the band. We made our way to the back by letting about twelve excited girls cut in front of us. Callie talking nonstop in my ear the entire time. Yes, I was excited to meet the band.

I've been in love with the guitarist, Tony, for as long as I've known about their amazing banc, and their even better music. Tony Perry's his name, and he likes turt;es, Star War's and he's covered in tattoos.

Why am I not squealing to meet the band, you might ask? Well. that would be because my tummy is filled to its brim with butterflies, and I feel nauseous. Maybe meeting them would be a bad idea.

'But how could meeting these boys possibly be a bad thing?' I thought.

"This is so awesome!" I whisper-screeched to myself.

"Oh my God, I know!" Callie said giddily.

"I think I'm gonna pass out, Callie. I don't know if I can do this."

"You'll be fine. But for the record if you do pass out, Tony will remember you for sure." Don't I know it.

Callie's long fingers gripped my arm, and I was sweating in the heat of the mid-afternoon sun beating down on us in the crowded group of young misfit teens seeking the solace of a music festival filled with their saviors. My long legs were shaking with anticipation as we wated.

We're almost to the front of the line, three more girls to go. I can see Vic. There's Mike, and Jaime. I scanned the table, no sign of Tony. I looked around the crowd, also no sign. My heart sank.

"Tony isn't even there, Callie." I mumbled sadly.

"Maybe he's on the bus resting, or going to the bathroom."

"Yeah. Maybe."

The girls in front of us left. Our turn. Vic looked at us and smiled brightly. Jaime's eyes wandered to my shirt.

"Hey! Nice tank!" Jaime burst.

"Thanks! I got it last year." I giggled.

"I love you guys!" Callie burst out. Her hand flew to her mouth. "Sorry."

"Thank you!" Vic high fived her.

"Thanks!" Mike and Jaime said together. Mike punched Jaime on the shoulder.

"I do too, just so you know."

"Tha's sweet. What're your names?" I noticed we were loitering at the table longer than the other girls, and that was fine with me.

"I'm Callie, and this is Cori." Callie said, giggling in excitement.

I smiled brighter. "If you don't mind, where's Tony?" I asked hesitantly.

"He's right here." A voice said to my right, and I looked over. My heart lurched. Tony Perry himself stood there, attempting to get behind the table despite the claws and screams of the surrounding fangirls.

"What's up?" He said smiling, when the crowd calmed down. He looked up at me. Callie and the rest of the guys were talking. Callie looked over and nudged me with her elbow.

"I-I I-I...." The light faded from the world and went back as I tried to talk to Tony Perry.


Thanks for reading.


love this already! :D
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